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Drug War Chronicle

Comprehensive coverage of the War on Drugs since 1997

  • Miami Beach -- sun, sand... and sinsemilla? (image via
    Miami Beach -- sun, sand... and sinsemilla? (image via

    Miami Beach Likely to Vote on Marijuana Decrim

    Miami Beach could become the first city in Florida to decriminalize pot possession after campaigners handed in more than double the number of voter signatures they needed to put a measure on the ballot.
  • Cash and guns Mexico_13.jpg
    Cash and guns Mexico_13.jpg

    Mexico Drug War Update

    At an absolute minimum, at least 74 people were killed in prohibition-related violence in Mexico in the last week. Sad to say, there's nothing unusual about the death toll.
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    This Week in History

    Events and quotes of note from this week's drug policy events of years past.
  • pile-of-cash_25.jpg

    This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

    A former Border Patrol agent goes to prison, a former deputy police chief cops a plea, a sticky-fingered former cop gets sent away, too, and a deputy and three jail guards get busted.