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Rising to the Challenge -- Seizing the Opportunity

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Dear Drug War Chronicle Reader:


Drug policy reform faces challenges and opportunities.

  • States continue to enact medical marijuana laws, most recently Delaware, the 16th medical marijuana state; Vermont, a new medical marijuana dispensary state; and Maryland, with a new necessity defense bill that will study medical marijuana dispensaries.
  • Nationwide support for legalizing marijuana is nearing 50 percent, and Congress will take up a legalization bill this year.
  • States including Georgia, Oklahoma, Florida, Kentucky, Delaware, Ohio and many others are reducing drug sentences or considering it.

But the forces of prohibition aren't sitting still.

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It is no exaggeration to say that the future depends on you. As Congressman Jared Polis told reformers at a recent gathering, this is an important battle to fight for the country, but victory is not a foregone conclusion: Which way things will go depends on the actions that you take today.

Thank you for supporting our organization and joining our call to end the failed and unjust drug war.


David Borden, Executive Director
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Re: Legalization Discriminates Against Dealers

Legalization Discriminates Against Dealers!

Join DALROD (Dealers Against Legal Regulation Of Drugs) - Oppose the repeal of prohibition – honest hard-working drug dealers will lose millions  of $/£/E !

KILL the LIES and WIN the WAR!

Make sure the public knows that marijuana DOES NOT cause dangerous driving or workplace accidents! Nothing was more exploited by the anti-marijuana crowd, when prop 19 was being voted on in CA, than the LIE claiming that legalizing marijuana was going to result in car accidents and workplace accidents.

It's NOT enough to try and calm ignorant voters by assuring them that working and driving under the influence of marijuana will not be allowed and in fact, that tactic is VERY harmful to legalization efforts. Their natural reaction is, "why should we legalize another dangerous drug like alcohol".

It's FAR more effective to completely crush the LIE using science and history to prove the truth. Car accidents have NOT gone up since CA allowed medical marijuana and science PROVES that marijuana DOES NOT cause accidents.

The Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, Hartford Hospital in Connecticut and the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine document that MARIJUANA DOES NOT CAUSE DANGEROUS DRIVING: (Read the article not just the link!) 

Google MARIJUANA DRIVING STUDY. You'll see 2 common findings:

1. Drivers under the influence of marijuana are VERY SLIGHTLY impaired.

2. Unlike those under the influence of alcohol, marijuana consumers are aware they are SLIGHTLY impaired and they CONSISTENTLY ADEQUATELY COMPENSATE by slowing down a little and being a little more cautious. That doesn’t mean they get in the fast lane on the interstate and drive 15 miles per hour. Marijuana makes you cautious, not crazy! Those Cheech and Chong movies were comedies, NOT documentaries!

"In the 1920s and 30s, Hearst's newspapers DELIBERATELY MANUFACTURED a new threat to America and a new yellow journalism campaign to have hemp outlawed. For example, a story of a car accident in which a marijuana cigarette was found would dominate the headlines for weeks, while alcohol-related car accidents (which outnumbered marijuana-connected accidents by more than 10,000 to 1) made only the back pages. This same theme of marijuana leading to car accidents was burned into the minds of Americans over and over again..."

Acting like marijuana causes accidents invites unnecessary roadside and workplace drug testing! If someone is too imapired to drive or work safely, that's already illegal or prohibited by employers, no matter what substance caused them to be unfit to drive or work safely. That's all the driving and working safety we need when it comes to drug use!

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