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Oklahoma Senate Passes Life Sentence for Hash Making

The Oklahoma Senate Wednesday passed a bill that would mandate a sentence of up to life in prison for making hashish out of marijuana. The House has already approved the measure, but it must go back to the lower chamber for a final vote.

Making this could get you life in prison in Oklahoma if a current bill becomes law (Image via
The measure sailed through the Senate with little debate, passing on a vote of 44-2. The House also approved the measure by a large margin, passing it on a vote of 75-18.

The bill, House Bill 1798, creates a new felony of converting marijuana into hash. A first conviction could garner a $50,000 fine and prison sentence of two years to life. And that's a mandatory minimum two years. Second or subsequent convictions would net doubled penalties.

Oklahoma legislative analysts said the bill would cost the state $56 per day, or more than $20,000 a year, for each day someone is imprisoned. At that rate, if Oklahoma imprisoned five hash makers for 10 years each, the bill to taxpayers would be one million dollars.

The bill was the brainchild of the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs (OBNDD), which says on its web site that its mission is "to serve the citizens of Oklahoma in the quest for a drug-free state."

According to the Tulsa World, OBNDD said there have been "few" cases of hash making in the Sooner State. But OBNDD spokesman Mark Woodward said the goal of the bill is to "send a message" that illegal drugs won't be tolerated in Oklahoma.

Neither, apparently, will common sense or a sense of proportionality.

Oklahoma City, OK
United States
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what a bunch of animals they are

They like to call themselves the buckle of the Bible Belt, but Jesus hated hypocrisy and they wallow in it. Keep pretending alcohol isn't way more dangerous than cannabis, Oklahoma. Enjoy the alcohol related and prohibition related violence that you create with your despicable bigotry.

I wonder if the "hollier than

I wonder if the "hollier than thou"   crew in OK knows about what the BIBLE says concerning Cannnabis.  

Then God said, "I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.     I'm pretty sure HASH comes from a seed bearing plant, although we rather it not lol....    Its quite nice to know me n a buddy could been sent to prison for that amount of time for just fooling around

Jesus goto jail

There's credible Biblical scholars who believe the "Anointing Oil" included hashish oil.  And in Jerusalem, the traditional recipe includes hashish oil.

just ignorent

I agree that they are misled but I think that they are ignorent, most people pushing a ban on all drugs are older citizens who were brainwashed at an earlier age (unlike us) and tend to hold to their convictions stronger (or just plain stubborn) that along with earlier propaganda creates our biggest enemy. they are slowly dieing off tho, and support for legalization has grown as a younger more educated group has come into our own. I dont expect weed and hash being illegal for more than another 4 years if even

I am an Oklahoma by birth,

I am an Oklahoma by birth, and I am completely saddened by this news, I do not live in that state now and after this ruling I will never move back there! It's a sad day for Liberty in that messed up state! Good luck to all you Oklahomans that have to put up with these crooks! I WILL NEVER MOVE BACK TO OKLAHOMA!


I am sad to see this is going on, I am an Oklahoman by birth, but I do not live there anymore and after this ruling I will not be going back! I am sorry to hear that more and more Oklahomans are facing the possibilty of life in prison for simply making a pure form of THC! This is beyond insane and just shows you what kinda crazy morons they have as their so called leaders! I'm very sorry to see this happening and my heart goes out to anyone who is caught up in this b/s law! THANK YOU OKLAHOMA FOR HELPING ME MAKE UP MY MIND ABOUT NOT MOVING BACK TO THAT MESSED UP STATE! I will never return there again!

I live in Oklahoma now, and I

I live in Oklahoma now, and I can tell you that most of these people are so close-minded.  We need more education in Oklahoma.  Please send help.


lisy4choice's picture


Good Luck to you all. Google Endocannabiniods and Spread the word, and your seeds!!! Marijuana is a Medicene the cures Cancer, Google it! Hemp-Oil Cures! Please Overgrow the Government, We meet again in DC in September of 2011 watch for us on Lisa

I live in Tulsa

I second this , I've lived here all my life.. I seem to be a thorn in our culture.. wearing my DOOM hoodie..I ALWAYS take to help people when I'm places here esp at the QT's in broken arrow.. the people here are generally nice.. but stuck in an older way of life.. I get allot of shit here for having red eyes 24/7 (it's because of blepharitis) and people always ask me if im stoned with such awful looks on thier faces.. I've started telling them it's because I'm pure evil and the blood of Satanus(that's Latin for Satan) runs through my veins XD I hate our laws but waiting for the day where I can legally enjoy a 6 point blue moon or a coors on my porch with an earthy grown bud will make it all that much sweeter.

I live in Tulsa

I second this , I've lived here all my life.. I seem to be a thorn in our culture.. wearing my DOOM hoodie..I ALWAYS take to help people when I'm places here esp at the QT's in broken arrow.. the people here are generally nice.. but stuck in an older way of life.. I get allot of shit here for having red eyes 24/7 (it's because of blepharitis) and people always ask me if im stoned with such awful looks on thier faces.. I've started telling them it's because I'm pure evil and the blood of Satanus(that's Latin for Satan) runs through my veins XD I hate our laws but waiting for the day where I can legally enjoy a 6 point blue moon or a coors on my porch with an earthy grown bud will make it all that much sweeter.


This makes me sick, life in prison for making hash, I seriously don't understand how they can justify this, a quest for a drug free state? what about prescription drugs, alcohol, and tobacco, you will never have a drug free state, NEVER.

The same exact day Oklahoma

The same exact day Oklahoma lawmakers approved a plan for reducing uncontrollable prison overcrowding.

The hypocrisy is disgusting. 

The idiocy is stunning!

The idiocy is stunning!

*Sigh* Looks like I'm

*Sigh* Looks like I'm startin' the meth lab back up

its amazing how oklahoma will

its amazing how oklahoma will use tax dollars to incarcerate someone but not feed the hungry

Yeah, and prisoners don't

Yeah, and prisoners don't count. ha

Not to mention all the

Not to mention all the prostitution that is seen on "The Video Vigilante" in Oklahoma City.  This seems to be condoned by the state, nobody does anything about this or the alcohol that flows so freely right after church lets out!!

wrong info

Oklahoma hands out millions in Food Stamps and we support numerous homeless shelters, day shelters, etc.  Your information about not feeding the hungry is false.

Wow just wow Oklahoma

Okay so you would get more prison time for making hash then rape, child molestation, or even murder cases???? Something seriously is wrong with this.... As well as costing their tax payers money that is not needed. Wow Oklahoma you have your priorities backwards.

They can shoot anyone that

They can shoot anyone that tries to arrest them, what the hell their getting life anyway.

Not quite

Milo, it's 2 years to life, not automatically life.  I assume shooting an arresting officer is a lot more likely to get a life sentence than merely manufacturing.

Too true and way too sad

Too true and way too sad

Your information is Flat Out Untrue

It's not that you WOULD get more time for this offense, but it would be possible.  There are a multitude of factors that would be taken into account.  It says you COULD get 2-Life, not that you WOULD.  Rape, Child Molestation, Manslaughter, and Murder ALL carry the possibility of LIFE, as well.

hit the phone lines and tell your neighbors

time to lite up ur representatives phone lines OK's ... got to call and email your reps DAILY and encourage others to do the same. and dont forget ron paul in 2012!

Um, not quite correct

"time to lite up ur representatives phone lines OK's ... got to call and email your reps DAILY and encourage others to do the same. and dont forget ron paul (well, strike through isn't functioning) Gary Johnson in 2012!"  It is better for us if Ron Paul remains in the House of Representatives and his son, Rand, in the Senate (and his other son, Robert, in congress, too if he runs and wins).

its amazing oklahoma will pay

its amazing oklahoma will pay to incarcerate people for drugs but not for dui's espeacially people that have 3 and 4 they would rather have people driving killing people than someone setting in their house staying out of everybody's buisness that being said maybe the oklahoma legislatives should smoke a joint .

Manslaugher gets less time

My aunt was murdered in OKlahoma while driving to a graduation ceremony at OU, killed by some idiot who didnt want to wait on a light, instead he drove 55mph in a 25mph,. IN THE WRONG DIRECTION AND RAN A RED LIGHT AND KILLED HER AND HE ONLY GOT 1 YEAR!!


yet hash is punishable up to life, the people running the state of oklahoma are


1. Puritans

2. Religious Hypocrits

3 Statist Twats

4 Loyalists/Nationalists

5. Nazis



find ur rep

tell them this is NOT "OK" ... today, and tomorrow!


Drew B's picture

Wearing it on their arms

Just look at the badge on their webpage.  It's a calumet!  What a bunch of ignoramuses.

"We will kill you for Jesus! God demands we torture you.  No expense is too much to make your lives a living hell, as well as everyone else who has to pay for it! And if they don't like the fact we're robbing them to imprison you, then we'll accuse them of being druggies too!

"God only demands people feel suffering all the time.  God hates it when people feel good.  Why else would he send Jesus to suffer and tell us to deny ourselves!?  We are agents of God and do his will by making you suffer!"


As we all know, marijuana is as hazardous as an assault rifle, so naturally hash, the collected and compressed resins, which produce less burning vegetable matter than your standard means of smoking, and less carcinogens to inhale, is obviously nefariously worse and is in the same class as methamphetamine and deserves even more harsh regulation for manufacturing that the previously mentioned synthetic. I am, have been, and always will be an Oklahoma native, but damn, this is really stupid

Pitbull, you suck

Moron. End of story...

Not even for selling, but

Not even for selling, but just MAKING it for PERSONAL USE!!! How the hell is that worse than rape and murder?


PRISONS: the Republican version of government-subsidized housing.

Uh, you need to get rid of that blind partisan streak

The Democrats are just as bad as the Republicans when it comes to making more laws to incarcerate more people.  Don't believe me?  Biden wrote the law that created the ONDCP and the office of "drug czar", including its mandate to lie to the American people and fight any attempts at legalization.  Look up the actions Democrats have taken over the years that not only amped up the war on drugs, but restricted your unalienable freedoms in many other ways.  Neither party is the friend of freedom or drug law reform.

just as bad as Republicans???

You are talking what Biden did more than two decades ago.  The times were a hell of alot different then.  If we are going to flashback to the 80's, what did drug policy reformer Eric Sterling do while Biden was creating ONDCP or many of the current LEAP members?  Well Biden didn't bitch about Pres. Obama demoting ONDCP from a cabinet level status, holding forums on 4/20, and answering questions about marijuana legalization.  That's a change.

Sure there are small number of Republican reformers, such as Gary Johnson and Ron Paul.  But that ain't the rule.  The fact is that Democrats are far more supportive of marijuana legalization than Republicans and polls prove it.  Just look at how marijuana policy reform progresses in the Democratic dominated Western/New England states compared Republican dominated states in the Midwest/Deep South, which were also the last states to end alcohol prohibition.  You would have to be blind not to notice this.

Very true, but are just as

Very true, but are just as EVIL as repubs....   basically EVERYONE in the country needs to take a non-partisian stand.  instead of saying well im a democrat I vote for so & so.   say I vote for so & so because of what they stand for or what they stand against.  and same for repb too.   all this party bullshit needs to fucking go,  thats why were so fucked up.

Just as bad as repeublicans?

This is not, and was not a left vs. right, or republican vs. democrat issue. The senate passed this with a majority (overwhelming majority) from both sides, same with the House. We should not let party loyalty divide us, they are two sides of the same coin and their are good and mostly bad in all parties. I believe we need to break away from legalization and start pushing for a complete repeal of cannabis prohibition altogether. One things for sure we have a lot of work to do on all sides here in Oklahoma. If you live in Oklahoma please join Oklahoma For Cannabis at: we are leading the way for real reform through ending cannabis prohibition once and for all!

Biden wrote the patriot act

Biden wrote the patriot act in like 02 or 03 and created the drug czar in 04. Way less than 20 years ago.....

Hey I never thought about it

Hey I never thought about it that way! You're right. We don't have much in the way of "projects" here, but we have prisons up the ying/yang! The stupid part is that we don't have any more beds. Officially we are 99% full. But if you count the ones that are riding around in vans to keep them from being counted, we are way over full! If the Feds ever find out how many people we have riding around in vans they will come and take over our prison system!

These legislators are

These legislators are grandstanding. Two incidents of hash making in their entire history and they want to make it a life sentence? They are doing it just to look like they are 'tough on crime', and just to look like they are doing something. The problem is that some actual person somewhere in OK. will DO that time, eventually. Instead of 'tough on crime' this is stupidity.

My cousin and her family just

My cousin and her family just moved here from Oklahoma. She said they couldn't deal with the types of people anymore so they left. Having never been to OK myself, I didn't really understand what she meant when she said it, but now I see.

"...Mark Woodward said the

"...Mark Woodward said the goal of the bill is to "send a message" that illegal drugs won't be tolerated in Oklahoma."

I guess economic growth will also not be tolerated in Oklahoma either?  How is it that these 'slave' states think they can maintain and expand their marijuana police states, when there are states that are allowing for marijuana freedom?  Why would anybody live in a marijuana police state when their are alternatives?  I can hear the loud sucking sound already....

Good luck OK.  I think you are doomed in the future with laws like this.


I've lived on the west coast, east coast, north and south, and I can say Oklahoma is an amazing state. It is an amazing state in it's CITIZENS, NOT it's GOVERNMENT. I've never been to such a place where almost all citizens use basic common sense, but when it comes to the government here, they use none.

Did you know that Sooner Ride (the medical ride for people on medicaid who are disabled and can't get around) won't take any clients to say a methadone program? That goes to show how fucked up the gov't is in this state.

I love the great people of this state, but I despise our government. Even if it's 10 years or 100 years from now, the gov't of Oklahoma will be run down, and forced to change. The economy here is great, a 6% unemployment rate, thriving business and new business' always coming here. But when it comes to drug policy and the government here, it's horrific. Amazing state if the governemtn wasn't the way they are.

.... all [Oklahomans] use basic common sense

"I've never been to such a place where almost all citizens use basic common sense..."

What else do poorly educated people have to rely on?  You get the govt you vote for.

Oklahoma sucks BIGTIME

Actually Oklahoma is not that amazing, the scenerie is drab and dull, everyone there has weeds for a lawn that turns yellow in the winter, the summers are swam ass humid and uncomfortable, the police, in large, are jack booted thugs with no conscience, its a terrible place to be.

You apparently have not travelled around Oklahoma

There are 5 distinct geographical areas in Oklahoma and they are far from drab and dull.  You are obviously not from here and have not visited here, either.  Oklahoma is a great place to live.

Oklahoma is an Embarrassment to Itself—Typical

3.7-million  inhabitants.  Where tornado alley meets the Bible belt.  Also known as ‘heart attack alley’ by the medical profession because Bible belters’ sanctimonious refusal to drink alcohol creates heart problems for a lot of fat white people of Ulster-Scots descent.

The Oklahoma government’s problem with hash is it has funny sounding names in front of it, like Nepalese, Afghani, Moroccan.  And we know how those down-home-boys hate them foreigners!  Or foreign symbols, if they can’t get their hands on an actual, living victim.

The xenophobia is so bad in the OK state that if you display out-of-state plates on your car, and you tow a trailer loaded with stuff through Oklahoma, you will be tailed by some Nazi, outback police car all the way across the state.  Unless you stop somewhere and wait for the road cop to get bored and drive away.

So it can’t be a big surprise when a cannabis product with less vegetable matter in it scares the bejeezus out of some of the good white Christian leaders.  Science says the fear centers in their brains are much bigger than most people’s.  That’s lifestyle fear.  Which is a really screwed-up way to live. 

When dealing with Oklahoma officials, it’s best to counter fear with fear.  Give the cigar-chomping back room guys something new to be afraid of besides hash and hippies, like bedbugs.  Bigfoot or extraterrestrials might work.  Or federal lawsuits up the yin-yang that expose the State’s legislative hysteria and stupidity. 

The state’s leaders are insular and arrogant enough to believe they’re invulnerable to criticism and legal assaults by both insiders and outsiders.  It’s easy and sometimes profitable to prove them wrong. 


You are an idiot.

You are an idiot.

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