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Oklahoma Senate Passes Life Sentence for Hash Making

The Oklahoma Senate Wednesday passed a bill that would mandate a sentence of up to life in prison for making hashish out of marijuana. The House has already approved the measure, but it must go back to the lower chamber for a final vote.

Making this could get you life in prison in Oklahoma if a current bill becomes law (Image via
The measure sailed through the Senate with little debate, passing on a vote of 44-2. The House also approved the measure by a large margin, passing it on a vote of 75-18.

The bill, House Bill 1798, creates a new felony of converting marijuana into hash. A first conviction could garner a $50,000 fine and prison sentence of two years to life. And that's a mandatory minimum two years. Second or subsequent convictions would net doubled penalties.

Oklahoma legislative analysts said the bill would cost the state $56 per day, or more than $20,000 a year, for each day someone is imprisoned. At that rate, if Oklahoma imprisoned five hash makers for 10 years each, the bill to taxpayers would be one million dollars.

The bill was the brainchild of the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs (OBNDD), which says on its web site that its mission is "to serve the citizens of Oklahoma in the quest for a drug-free state."

According to the Tulsa World, OBNDD said there have been "few" cases of hash making in the Sooner State. But OBNDD spokesman Mark Woodward said the goal of the bill is to "send a message" that illegal drugs won't be tolerated in Oklahoma.

Neither, apparently, will common sense or a sense of proportionality.

Oklahoma City, OK
United States
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PissedOffPitBull  seriously YOUR THE EXACT REASON! people get the wrong info. Marijuana actually Has Never killed anyone so comparing it to be as hazardous as an assault rifle is by far the most idiotic comment ive heard not to mention untrue and in fact on the other end of the spectrum it literally saves peoples lives and ive seen that first hand. Now onto your comment about it being in the same class as amphetamines, yea ythis is true but this only matters when it comes to the law and how much trouble you get in, The similarities end there guy. Amphetamines are nothing like cannabis or THC The compounds are two entirely different structures. Cannabis and The 70 give or take a few compounds in it have proven to be actually beneficial to the body and its systems. it has huge medicinal value. Amphetamines destroy heart rhythm and blood systems. Theres huge ups and downs with amphetamines taking a huge toll on the users body and mind. Users Teeth fall out, anorexia occurs , loss of reality and character then ultimately death. Cannabis is the total opposite and is used in a variety of treatments from fibromyalgia to dealing with nausea patients get from radiation therapy. To this day there has not been a single death directly related to the use of marijuana



I think your sarcasm detector

I think your sarcasm detector might be broken.


Maybe you should re-read THE LAST LINE of PissedOFF's comment before you go making an ass of yourself.


My god, what in the hell is wrong with these people?  It's insanity, plain and simple.   These lunatics must be suffering from some sort of psychosis.   LIFE in prison, for harming no one?   Jesus fucking Christ.


My god, what in the hell is wrong with these people?  It's insanity, plain and simple.   These lunatics must be suffering from some sort of psychosis.   LIFE in prison, for harming no one?   Jesus fucking Christ.

Are there any queers in the

Are there any queers in the theatre tonight?

Get them up against the Wall!!

There's one in the spotlight he don't look right to me!

Get him up against the wall!!

That one looks Jewish!! And that one's a Coon!!

Tell me who let all this Riff Raff into the room?

There's one smoking a JOINT!!

And another with spots!!

If I had my way!!

I'd have all of them shot!!

"One Step Closer To A Military State and Genocide to Conform the masses"  

"Maybe not quite Nazi Germany, But America and States like Oklahoma are Close"

 A One World Government, its a scam, Fascists and actors run our Government.  

WW3 here we come.  Big Brother is definately watching!!  So Hide your kids, Hide your wives, Hide your Husbands, Cause they rapin everybody out here!!

Those are my all time

Those are my all time favorite lyrics from one of my all time favorite albums. Describes the situation perfectly. Tear down the wall!!


Simply, Horrifyingly, Absolutely and Profoundly Sobering. Enjoy it I Did.

Private Prisons?

Life for making hash!!? Adding the corn beef must get you the chair! WTF is wrong with those inbred's? Asked and answered. Is someone looking into the connection of these legislators to the private prison industry? The public needs to know what drives this insanity.

you got it absolutely correct!

INBREDS!!! having lived here on and off for the last 30 years, I can tell you that is exactly the problem... that and too much religion... MOST of the people here are great folks, easy going and not worried about what you are doing... but they're stuck on stupid! and can't do anything without consulting a bible.


I really don´t think a civilizised society should lock people up for life for using God´s gift to humanity.

Drew L.

Drew has been smoking too much weed. He read the first line of that guy's comment and went off on an extremely unnecessary tangent...haha, twas hilarious though...

Oh and OK is full of RAtards.

 I know what state i will

 I know what state i will never ever move to. as if oklahoma wasnt bad enough. now the retards on the senate are just finding ways to keep people out.

I was molested as a child by

I was molested as a child by a family member. But it was more than that, it was an attack on my body, something that I am very fortunate didn't physically scar me for life and negatively impact my sexual function.


How long do you think that bitch stayed in jail?


The answer is, she didn't. She got a year's probation.


So let me get this straight. Violate a child, assault her sexuality, risk her normal function, NO JAIL. Make a drug that doesn't result in, from what I know, ANY health consequences let alone fatal, and it's A LIFE SENTENCE?


There's something wrong with this picture, correct?

something very wrong. i am

something very wrong. i am very sorry to hear about your childhood. you are totally right!

I was molested as a child by

I was molested as a child by a family member. But it was more than that, it was an attack on my body, something that I am very fortunate didn't physically scar me for life and negatively impact my sexual function.


How long do you think that bitch stayed in jail?


The answer is, she didn't. She got a year's probation.


So let me get this straight. Violate a child, assault her sexuality, risk her normal function, NO JAIL. Make a drug that doesn't result in, from what I know, ANY health consequences let alone fatal, and it's A LIFE SENTENCE?


There's something wrong with this picture, correct?

Sick, sick, sick.. I've lived

Sick, sick, sick.. I've lived in Oklahoma my whole life, and it seems that the drug laws are only getting more and more strict. Sending someone to prison for life for making hash is shameful. I see so many people walking around tweaking or high on pills...we need to focus on meth labs and prescription pill abuse. Those two will kill you, not marijuana.

I know what you mean.

I know what you mean.



WOW!!!!  Which idiot

WOW!!!!  Which idiot republican asshole suggested that this be passed or brought up at all? 

Life in prison for making hash, when you have corporations raping the country and you wont give them a life in prison. You also have companies leeching all sorts of chemicals into the environment but you wont give them a life in prison. There are companies mining on native land and not paying attention to the sovereignty they received in the 1800's and basically raping their land. There are charity organizations giving immunizations full of mercury to people who need help and yet there is no life in prison for these people. White folks beating their kids and men killing their wives and getting a few years in prison. 

Im from vermont and let me tell you where most of our people of color are, in prison. for what? marijuana use. But in this state the largest user of drugs are whites. Systematic, institutionalized, structuralized  racism. Its a way of controlling a certain group of people whether it be the poor, the natives, mexican, puerto rican, cuban, arab, brown, yellow, black, or disadvantaged or disempowered. 


Marijuana is one of the least addictive drugs in the world, caffeine is more addictive than marijuana. This country is fucked in so many ways. Its my job to do anything and everything to make peoples lives better.

it was an old fart of a lady

it was an old fart of a lady suprised she could even stand FOR REAL THOUGH

you see how old most of the

you see how old most of the people are in the senate and all that? they  need to have a limit how long those old farts terms are. i live in oklahoma and if i had some money i'd leave in a heartbeat!! i dont even smoke hash but i would lol but seriously that is the dumbest shit i've ever heard!! i wish THE PEOPLE had a voice in this state instead of the OLD FARTS in the senate

If you really live in Oklahoma...

If you really live in Oklahoma, you should really bother to learn the laws.  We do have term limits on our legislature.


Dangerous drug?!! Whaaa?!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha..........sorry I can't do anything but laugh after I ve smoked










































































































































































HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH...........Sorry, I can't do anything but laugh after I've smoked.....Yeah I'm dangerous....


accept its not funny! there are real people being put in jail for this trash!  


this is absolutely crazy!  and it makes me ashamed to be an American.


i think the people running the government should get life in prison and mental help.


i say to all the pot smokers.... you have every right to protect your freedom! shoot to kill anyone who trys to take it away for smoking a stupid joint


"Inmates are getting locked up longer. They're getting older. And when they get older, they cost more."

by senator Richard Lerblance

 DIRECT quote from the website

about decreasing the prison numbers in OK. Because we want the dangerous hash makers in prison for life! They are the real problem in OK. What the f*&$% is wrong with this state? I was considering moving there but I will not because the government has some real issues. Whether or not it is about drug, I see way too many horrible crimes committed with no prison sentence. Here is an idea since hash is not THAT profitable how bout starting up a ton of METH labs! That would really be better for everyone and the economy, dont cha think!!???

Native American Relegion Outlawed in the '60's

In the most blatant form of hypocrisy, In the early 1960's the United States of america passed a law that the Peyotist Religion of the Native American's southwestern US was to be considered ILLEGAL, because the Indians would eat peyote cactus and smoke marijuana in a religious ceremony that lasted all night long - I read about it 40 years ago, and I have never heard anyone challenge the law yet. This law violated the first amendment. GOVERNMENTS ARE BREAKING THEIR OWN LAWS for their own purposes and creating human slavery for their own purposes. I THOUGHT LINCOLN FREED THE SLAVES. This is 2011, wake up!  

Well time to pack

If oklahoma seriously thinks this is justice, then they have another thing coming, there will be protections against this Im sure this wont pass if it does, then I think US in general needs to have a sit down over what harm hash really does? 

What the fuck

this law is straight fucked up.....LIFE for making hash??? i think we should stop wasting out fucking tax dollars on marijuana "laws" legalize the shit, tax it, and make some tax dollars that we can in turn use to stop the real drug trafficing that is coming from not the us such as cocaine and meth...its not the pot heads that cause problems its the drug addicts. Oklahoma clearly has yet to realize that we are living in 2011 not the 1980s

Die already

We just need to wait for these old, primitive, simple minded phuckers to die out already so our generation can move forward and actually make some progress with this country.  Or perhaps we can start taking them out now?  Anyone up for starting a Project Mayhem?.

Who are these People

I would like to know just who these people are making laws like that.    They are out of their minds and have not given any thought to what they have ruled in.    I think these people are just wanting to have control authority over others.   One thing about it these law makers have to live in the same state as the people.   Will be nice when people start letting the law makers know how they feel in person at the local grocer store.....  Fight Back I say to the people of Oklahoma!   Take your state back.   There are over 16 states now that have legalized for Medical Marijuana use and more to come.   Oklahoma law makers need to move their greedy ass right on out or make the right decisions for the people!


It will be interesting to see if this sentencing holds up under scrutiny of the Eighth Amendment for cruel and unusual punishment.  I agree that if someone who commits rape or homicide gets a lesser sentence that this seems a bit over-zealous and short-sighted.

Even with the balance of power in the US Supreme Court the way it is now, it still seems unlikely that even they could justify allowing this to stand, especially if there are currently people serving lighter sentences for cooking crack, which amounts to the same thing only with a different drug.  It is very narrow minded to think that having a law like this in the first place might be the deterrent or even the incarceration for a number of years if the current laws do not have the same effect.  Two years for the first sentence?  What are the current sentencing guidelines?  If they are already two years or more, having the "or life" added to this new legislation becomes a joke.  The answer is clearly not in the changing of words.

It seems that a better use of the money would be spent with mandatory rehab for convicted felons, counseling/therapy, or better education of non-users.  Consider how much more effective a seminar in high school or college might be if the one conducting it was a rehab coke or mary jane user.  Spending more money for education of younger children and their parents and researching newer, out-of-the-box methods also seems like a better use instead of the money that is already wasted in the writing / debate / passing of this law, its cost to the state trying to enforce it, and the most probably money spent trying to defend it.

State of OK obviously ruled by prison lobbyists!

Idiots. Prison lobby is in control.

Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs

Dangerous drugs?????? LOL

How about Oxycontin? It's a MAJOR problem in your state. Oh wait, we don't want to offend the drug companies... They're probably friends with the prison lobby to make sure "prescription" drug offenders stay out of the spotlight.

Oh, what about ALCOHOL? Lot's of drunks killing people on the roads of OK... Eh, so what...

How many people die because of "hash?" NONE

This bill is the most ridiculous thing I've heard.

If you pick some cannabis flowers, let them dry then shake them in a bag, guess what's in the bottom of the bag? HASH, that's what.

Guess what will happen to you if you smoke it, vaporize it or eat some hash cookies? Well you'll probably be smiling, feeling happy, kinda hungry and either sleepy or motivated, depending on the strain. Guess how you'll feel the next day? JUST FINE! Guess what what will happen if you take too much? NOTHING, oh, you might get a really good nights sleep.

OBNDD = Shill for the Prison system.

Red Neck Cops

F'en RED NECKS  why don't they pass a law , if you are a cop and get drunk and beat your wife , you go to jail for life after the second time. won't see that because they are above the law . The war on drugs is a joke , they won't end it , to many cops would be out of a job, then they would end up on welfare and food stamps , I really wonder how some of them passed the test, they must ask one thing on the test , Do you like DRUGS , GEE GALLY NO WAY , Good your hired .


I grew up in Oklahoma. What a dreadful place it has become. If you want to see what our entire country would be like under Republican domination then visit there. Guns? Everywhere. It's rated as The eighth most violent state to live in. Plies, as a rule are haters.


this is another reason that the whole world has grown tired of republicans. they cant even hold a rally without getting the big boo. that is what we tell our dogs when they do bad. isolate and outlaw the republican party and we can be a blessed nation again

Oklahoma Sucks!!!

The lawmakers in Oklahoma make me feel shame to call myself an American. Oklahoma sucks, at least the idiots passing the laws in Oklahoma suck!

Legalize it all

As usual the idiots are in gear trying to save people from victimless crimes. The problem is that these things (marijuana, cocoa plants and the poppies that are turned into heroin) are way better than the synthetic crap that the government at the behest of the large "drug" manufactures for profits can't duplicate.


i mean, seriously!!! hash is sold in medical stores. and is just another form of the great plant. wtf crawled up their ass. life sentence for this BS! holly shit!! this country is going to SHIT

Does anyone see the irony of

Does anyone see the irony of the hash on top of a cigarette box?...

OOOOk-lahoma, where the

OOOOk-lahoma, where the common sense comes sweepin' down the plain...

OOOOk-lahoma, where the

OOOOk-lahoma, where the common sense comes sweepin' down the plain...

Another giant leap back into the dark ages.

These legislators are all obviously related from the in-breeding of direct descendants of puritanical witch hunters.

Enacting such a law by an overwelming majority in the house and senate is indeed the definition of insanity.

Just noting that the ones who

Just noting that the ones who voted against it were probably the only ones who read it and actually knew what they were voting on.   Do you have any idea how much text is in each 'proposition' that gets brought in our government..  Even with a slew of assistants, these people really only understand 2 things-


the laws they are working on writing themselves

what the public screams in their face.


the national government is even worse.  plus, these officials are all probably high on prescription pills, or alchohol... and could never see themselves or their immediate family making hash, so the law will never 'directly' effect the people enacting it.  And above that, they face absolutely no repercussions for passing unjust laws.  What reason do they have to pay attention..  They get paid just to show up and raise their hand.  if everyone else is, why the fk not?



and PLEASE FOLKS, I beg you, stop reffering to it as 'victimless crimes'..  as they aren't.. They are 'victimless actions' or 'activities'.  just like smoking a cig, just like growing your own tobbacco, or brewing your own beer...  I don't see a difference.

"could never see themselves or their immediate family..."

Before I read your comment I actually checked to see how one particular representative voted because his parents were arrested for cultivating.  The arrest made statewide news.  His vote was for the bill.  Rep. Jackson had to have known if he has ever visited his parents.  It is surprising that he would vote in favor of it.

whipping boys

our laws only punish the small portion who get caught.    Though everyone in the business knows that there are risks, it effects relatively few of them..  We have to stop thinking we can punish everyone who doesn't do as 'we' say.


we have to stop thinking that punishing one person is going to effect the others.


if your doctor told you, on your next visit, that he can no longer prescribe to you the ONLY medication that's ever come close to working for you cause 'some asshole in congress testified that he "turned into a bat and flew around the room" ' - harry j Anslinger,    You'd think he was joking.    and then you'd find another way to get your meds.


Pot doesn't destroy lives, pot policy destroys lives.  all of the Con's of Marijuana are direct results of prohibition.

Cannabis Seeds

hello...the Bible also speaks of "Cannabis Seeds popping on the atlar along with the Cannabis oil for annoiting

OK proves they are idiots

No other way to explain this.


Reefer Madness run amok.

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