Drug War Chronicle #805 - October 17, 2013

1. Jerry Brown Vetoes California "Defelonization" Bill [FEATURE]

In a move that cuts against more than a decade of sentencing reform efforts in California, Gov. Jerry Brown has vetoed a bill that would allow some people caught with small amounts of drugs to face misdemeanor charges instead of felonies.

2. Marijuana Reform Could Earn UK Billions a Year, Studies Say

Marijuana legalization could bring billions to the British government, two studies show. But there is little political will to move in that direction.

3. Chronicle Writer/Editor Phillip Smith to Receive Award

Our writer Phil Smith will be honored for his work on this newsletter in Denver next week.

4. Drug War Chronicle Needs Your Support!

Now more than ever, StoptheDrugWar.org needs your financial support to continue to provide this crucial informational tool that builds and empowers the movement. We have a special new offer for those donating $50 or more, which this post provides some updated information about.

5. Washington State Approves Legal Marijuana Rules

Washington state's rules for legal marijuana commerce are now set. Look for some 300+ stores to open starting around the middle of next year.

6. UN Drug Chief Warns of Afghanistan "Narco-State"

The looming pullout of Western forces from Afghanistan could lead to an economic collapse and the strengthening of the country's opium economy, the UN anti-drug chief warned Wednesday.

7. Medical Marijuana Update

An LA dispensary crackdown gets underway, an Arizona judge throws out a restrictive dispensary ordinance, the Michigan Supreme Court hears a dispensary ban case, and much, much more.

8. Florida Attorney General Bans "Crazy Clown" Drug

A new set of synthetic cannabinoid drugs are emerging, and the knee-jerk prohibitionist reponse -- Ban them! -- is kicking in.

9. Jamaica Debates Marijuana Decriminalization

The hemispheric winds of change around marijuana law reform are blowing on the Caribbean island nation of Jamaica, too. Lawmakers debated decriminalization there Tuesday.

10. Second 2014 California Marijuana Legalization Initiative Filed

While the conventional wisdom is to wait for 2016 for a California marijuana legalization initiative, some Californians aren't waiting. Now, a second legalization initiative has been filed.

11. Tennessee Cops Kill Man in Meth Lab Raid

A Tennessee meth lab raid leaves one man dead after attempting to flee in his vehicle.

12. This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

A hard-partying Colorado cop calls it a career, a DC cop launders a bit of drug money, a North Carolina narc gets caught with her fingers in the jar, and a retired cop uses his old badge and cop plates to sling dope.
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