Drug War Chronicle #678 - April 7, 2011

1. California Corrections "Realignment" Not Nearly Enough [FEATURE]

California Gov. Jerry Brown has signed a bill "realigning" corrections in the state, but that's just the tiniest of baby steps toward fixing an out of control prison system. How about some real sentencing reform?

2. Chronicle Book Review: Hostage Nation

We review a book on Colombia and US drug policy seen through a lens focused on American contractors and Colombian politicians kidnapped by the FARC.

3. Montana Senate Votes for Medical Marijuana Repeal Bill

It may be up to Democratic Gov. Bryan Schweitzer to save medical marijuana in Montana. Only a procedural vote is left before the legislature repeals the voter-approved law.

4. Delaware Senate Passes Medical Marijuana Bill

Delaware has just moved a giant step closer toward becoming the next medical marijuana state.

5. Illinois House Kills Hemp Bill

The Illinois House has turned back a bid to permit farmers there to apply to grow hemp. Opponents cited the federal ban on hemp production and law enforcement's inability to tell the difference between hemp and weed.

6. Marijuana Legalization Bill Dies in Washington State

A move to legalize weed through the legislative process has died in Olympia, but some are acting to put a legalization initiative on the November ballot.

7. Maine Marijuana Decriminalization Bills Die

Bills that would have decriminalized up to five ounces of weed or six pot plants were killed in a Maine legislative committee last week.

8. Did You Know? Felon Loss of Voting Rights, on Procon.org

ProCon.org is a series of in-depth web sites presenting information and views on controversial issues, several of which relate to drug policy. The Chronicle is running a six-part series of info items from ProCon.org, and we encourage you to check it out.

9. Mexico Drug War Update

More bloody days in Ciudad Juarez, and violence flares in Veracruz as well.

10. This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

Missing drug money, meth-dealing sheriffs, cocaine-snorting crooked cops, cops turned robbers -- it's just another week on the corrupt cops beat.

11. Drug Test Protestors Send Urine Sample to Florida Governor

A Florida group formed to protest the governor's order that state employees be subjected to random drug testing has come up with an apt, if smelly, form of protest.

12. New Zealand to Regulate Rather Than Prohibit Synthetic Marijuana

New Zealand is responding to fake pot with regulation, not prohibition.

13. This Week in History

Events and quotes of note from this week's drug policy events of years past.
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