Drug Test Protestors Send Urine Sample to Florida Governor

A new political action group formed to protest Florida Gov. Rick Scott's (R) new drug testing policy for state employees is sending a jar full of urine to Tallahassee to save state officials the bother of traveling south to the Florida Keys.

There's plenty more where this came from, governor. (Image via Wikimedia)
Last month, Scott signed an executive order mandating random drug testing of state employees. The state legislature is also considering a bill that would require drug testing for welfare and food stamp recipients.

The newly formed Committee for the Positive Insistence on a Sane Society (PISS) said it was sending the urine sample to Scott to peacefully protest against his drug testing policy. It accused Scott of wasting tax dollars on unjustifiable intrusions into the privacy of state workers.

"In one breath our CEO professes to be focusing on cutting wasteful government spending and laying off tens of thousands of state employees, while at the same time he announces a program to drug test state employees without any legitimate basis for such an invasion of privacy," wrote attorney Robert Clinton in a PISS press release.

The sample will be "kept under lock and seal" until it can be transported to Tallahassee. "In this way, the committee will save the Florida taxpayers from the expense of paying for individual drug testing in Key West," according to the press release.

Florida Gov. Scott is not, of course, the only American politician calling for drug testing of various segments of the population. Bills calling for drug testing of welfare or unemployment recipients are active in a number of states this year. Perhaps other activists will emulate the example of PISS.

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Pee tests

I'm willing to bet my pee against their pee that the governor and other state lawmakers will be exempt from this testing.  Test them all first.  After that, we'll talk.


I have worked as a firefighter for years , took my lie detector test(passed) took many pees test past all. I wander if our Officials should not be held as the rest of the State /Federal(President) employees. Why the President is not checked as a nobody firefighter or teacher ?  He is the leader, getting paid, free health care retirement he should be screened every freakin day since our nation needs a leader.  Leave the normal employees alone and stop wasting my *&$##%^^ money on this nonsense Mr.Governor

R U Kidding?

Of course the executive order he wrote with out approval of the government in the State of Florida, Exempts the Governor, ALL Legislators, and ALL Judges.. 


People its time we ALL stand up and yell HELL NO.... Urine testing is Flawed, Inaccurate and shows nothing to indicate Impairment. Urine testing needs to go the way of the Lie Detector.. Into the trash.. Urine Testing is an Illegal Search and Siezure of Bodily Fluids and also makes one Testify against themselves.. 


How in the world did we a Free People ever get into a situation that allows this? There is only one answer. WE THE PEOPLE ALLOWED IT>>>> Too bad the horse is out of the barn and we will never be able to get it back in there... 

Brinna's picture

We don't have to put the horse back into the barn.

We just have to shoot it.

P test

It'll be interesting to see if anyone has the energy to appeal this to the Supreme Court. There isn't any justification for doing it to everybody EXCEPT judges. The exclusions show that it's about power, not impairment.

Brinna's picture

Thank you God

I am just waiting for PISS to go national. In fact, I'm ready to found a chapter right here in California.  It's so past time for folks to stand up and say NO to urine voodoo.

Response to P test

This has already been to the Supreme Court in the State of Florida 2 times in past years.  Both times it was ruled unconstitutional. 


This is why it is even more alarming the Rick Scott has chosen to go forward with this plan. He is showing total indifference to the Law as it has already failed twice. This Governor and every Politician of recent years cares nothing about the Constitution or our Freedoms. They want to Control, and Dictate our behavior with an attitude of knowing what is best for the citizens.. 

marijuana testing

Look at the length of time the drugs stay in your system.  Compare Marijuana, Cocaine, LSD, Alcohol and even Nicotine.  NO OTHER DRUG STAYS IN YOUR SYSTEM as LONG as THC.  I could smoke today and not be clean for a month.  Punishment a month later for what I done way back when is absolutely STUPID among other things it could be called.   So do all the other HARMFUL drugs and DON'T SMOKE MARIJUANA.   That way you can pass all the piss tests thrown your way and kill yourself in the meantime.  Is that actually what they want?  All I want is to smoke a joint today and not pay for it a month from now........

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