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Drug War Chronicle #760 - November 21, 2012

1. Law Enforcement Call on DOJ to Respect State Marijuana Laws [FEATURE]

Adding to the chorus calling for the Obama administration to "do the right thing" and let Colorado and Washington proceed with legalizing and regulating marijuana, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition delivered a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder on Tuesday.

2. Colorado US Representatives Move to Support Legal Marijuana

Colorado's congressional delegation is demonstrating that it heard the voice of the voters loudly and clearly on the topic of marijuana legalization. Letters are going out, bills are being filed.

3. Tax-Deductible Donations Support the Cause

We are approaching a new year, in a new time, with critical opportunities and critical work needed to be done. A tax-deductible donation as year's end approaches will make sure the word gets out in 2013 -- a non-deductible donation will help us advocate legislatively too.

4. New England Marijuana Legalization Bills Coming

Now that Colorado and Washington have blown open the door, legislators in New England are rushing to be the next to legalize marijuana.

5. New Polls Show Even Split on Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana legalization continues to hover on the cusp of majority support nationwide, according to two new national polls.

6. Medical Marijuana Update

It's been fairly quiet on the dispensary front, but action is beginning to heat up at state houses in preparation for the 2013 legislative season.

7. UN Drug Watchdog "Concerned" with Marijuana Legalization Votes

The International Narcotics Control Board predictably has "grave concerns" about the marijuana legalization victories in the US and urges the US government to ensure that it stays in compliance with international anti-drug treaties.

8. Uruguay Marijuana Legalization Bill Allows Home Grows and Sales

Uruguayan President Jose Mujica's bill to start state-operated or -regulated marijuana cultivation and distribution was presented to Congress Wednesday, and it includes home grow and "smoking club" cultivation provisions.

9. Singapore Eases Death Penalty in Some Drug Cases

Singapore has taken a first baby step in moving away from resorting to the death penalty for drug offenses.

10. Mexico Lawmaker Files Marijuana Legalization Bill

A Mexican lawmaker has just introduced a marijuana legalization bill. It's unlikely to pass, but will provide an opportunity for debate on drug policy and is yet another response to last week's legalization victories here in the US.

11. Another Trio of Drug War Deaths

We log three more drug war deaths, from Arizona, Georgia, and New Mexico.

12. This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

We have a trio of corrupt cops this week, including a former sheriff and a former police chief.
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