Drug War Chronicle #670 - February 10, 2011

1. American Facing Death Penalty in Egypt for Hemp Oil [FEATURE]

Lost in Translation: Mostafa Soliman's trials and tribulations before and after the protests began, for importing hemp oil into Egypt border on the surreal. But there's nothing funny about the possible death sentence he's looking at.

2. The Prospects for Drug Reform: California [FEATURE]

California has a well-deserved reputation for being on the cutting edge of social change. What are the prospects for drug reform there now?

3. Two Florida Brothers Killed in Drug Operation

A pair of South Florida brothers have become the fourth and fifth people to be killed during drug law enforcement operations in the US this year.

4. West Virginia Police Kill Man Trying to Escape Drug Bust

This year's sixth drug law enforcement killing took place Friday afternoon in Charleston, West Virginia.

5. Mexico Drug War Update

Two El Paso teenagers were among the victims of prohibition-related violence in Mexico this past week. The death toll since Calderon took office is now at more than 35,000.

6. This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

A Wisconsin narc crosses the line, and cops in Houston and Philadelphia pay for getting too greedy.

7. Did You Know? Nations Allowing Farmers to Grow Hemp, on DrugWarFacts.org

DrugWarFacts.org is an in-depth compilation of key facts, stats and quotes on the full range of drug policy issues, excerpted from expert publications. The Chronicle is running a series of info items from DrugWarFacts.org, and we encourage you to check it out.

8. Virginia Legislature Passes Fake Marijuana Bills

The Virginia legislature has taken a couple of giant steps toward banning fake pot. Bills have unanimously passed both the House and Senate and now need only to be reconciled before heading to the governor.

9. Marijuana Decriminalization Bill Advances in Hawaii

Pot decriminalization is moving in the Hawaii Senate, but not so much in the House.

10. Hemispheric Think Tank Says Time for Drug Policy Rethink

Add the Inter-American Dialogue to the ever-growing list of drug war critics. The group has just issued a new report calling for a fundamental rethinking of US drug policy.

11. Iran Declares War on Meth

The Islamic Republic is resorting to the same old hard-line tactics as it confronts a new -- to Iran -- drug threat.

12. This Week in History

Events and quotes of note from this week's drug policy events of years past.
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