This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

A Wisconsin narc crosses the line, and cops in Houston and Philadelphia pay for getting too greedy. Let's get to it:

Denise Markham
In Madison, Wisconsin, a Madison Police officer has resigned in a negotiated settlement as she was being investigated for alleged misconduct. Denise Markham, a 22-year veteran of the department, was assigned to the Dane County Narcotics and Gang Task Force, but had been on paid leave since June 2009, when an investigation into her activities commenced. The investigators found no evidence of illegal conduct, but found that she violated departmental policies by filing inaccurate reports, conducting improper searches, conducting improper seizures of private property, improperly handling seized drugs, and engaging in "overbearing, oppressive or tyrannical conduct." In other words, illegal conduct.

In Philadelphia, two former Philadelphia police officers pleaded guilty Monday to plotting to rip-off a suspected heroin dealer. Robert Snyder and James Venziale plotted with another former officer, Mark Williams, to stage a traffic stop as a pretext for stealing heroin from a supplier. Williams has pleaded not guilty. Venziale cooperated with prosecutors and faces a five year mandatory minimum sentence, while Snyder, who did not cooperate with prosecutors, faces a mandatory minimum 10 years on gun and drug charges. Sentencing is in May.

In Houston, a former Harris County Sheriff's deputy pleaded guilty Monday to stopping drug dealers and ripping-off their loads. Richard Bryan Nutt Jr., 43, pleaded to one federal count of extortion after getting caught in a Houston police sting operation. While in uniform, Nutt stopped a vehicle supposedly carrying drugs, and one of his co-conspirators entered the vehicle and retrieved a package containing two pounds of fake cocaine. The sting was set up after Houston police received information that someone was ripping off drug couriers. Nutt is free on bond pending sentencing in June. He's looking at up to 20 years in federal prison.

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Whats missing??

In regards to the Houston story.. Pleaded guilty to ONE COUNT OF EXTORTION.

Where are the Feds? isnt it normal to play the old game of "tag" or we will bury you in hard prison time? .. we ever even hear of a cop rolling over on other cops? (yeah but that was back in the 70's, once) and why is it that these investigations NEVER seem to go any further?, we give Mexican nationals immunity from prosecution for all illegal acts, and even pay them to come to court and talk about Border Patrol officers who shot him in the ass, why is the same quarter no given here? No one seems to be asking the simple questions, like who were they selling the drugs too that they stole? who has got those drugs now? where is the money they made from doing this? who has the money, what was bought with it? what was it used to make payments for? where is it? why are their homes as well as, both, real and personal property not being seized? is that too normal for drug arrests is it not?. Investigations into corrupt cops normally STOP once the cop admits guilt.. why are these guys not getting squeezed about all the illegal actives that everyone else gets hit with?.. Questions need to be pressed specifically about who are the drug dealers they sold their stolen drugs too? what about the users they sold too? where are all the drugs they had been ripping off prior?.

There are people who have had every single thing they owned getting seized for less than 1/2 pound of Marijuana, people as a matter of routine lose their cars for one joint.. we all know the gig.. profit, property and freedom are normally taken from everyone outside the "system" of Law Enforcement.. why is it not the same here? if anything, should those who enforce the laws be held to a MUCH MUCH higher standard and much stricter sentencing should they not? not to mention he was in possession of a firearm, (more than likely several firearms) in the commission of a Felony every single time he ripped off someone, he more than likely was possession of a firearm when he was selling these ripped off drugs, and he was also in possession firearm when he transported the drugs.. anyone seen any unarmed off duty cops? that isnt to many of them, most Depts. require their officers to always be armed.

Why does this never happen with corrupt cops? why does it always STOP with just the officer who was caught? and, if this officer is this corrupt, should we not also be looking at people he helped send to prison, should not all of those cases be IMMEDIATELY REVIEWED? ..

in agreement

I am totally in agreement with 'what's missing's ' take on corrupt law enforcement ..and it seems to stretch long and deep.  what amazes me is that in rural communities through-out, the obviousness of the corruption is just that...OBVIOUS, yet the general population just let it ride and that means unjustified but prosecuted drug users and if the demand is there, drug sellers.  The longer I reside on this planet the less sense human continue to make.  It's a shit-storm that continues to assault those most vulnerable.      

dirty dea exposed and notice by dea served to defendant on case.

please look into Tangipahoa Parish DEA task force including special agent Chad Allen Scott et al for more info search Pacer U.S. v. Nicanor Gonzales U.S.D.C.  eastern district Louisiana case No. 2:15-cr-00068 and specifically doc 616 attached letter from DOJ notifying the defendant of the investigation.

good stuff.


I would like to speak to someone about this case please email me back thank you

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