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Drug War Chronicle #803 - October 3, 2013

1. "Defelonization"--The Next Step in Winding Down the Drug War [FEATURE]

Defelonization of drug possession is starting to take hold across the country. California looks set to join the list of states easing up, and Washington state could be next.

2. Drug War Chronicle Needs Your Support!

Now more than ever, needs your financial support to continue to provide this crucial informational tool that builds and empowers the movement. We have a special new offer for those donating $50 or more, which this post provides some updated information about.

3. Latin American Leaders Talk Drug Reform at UN

The UN General Assembly this week got an earful from Latin American leaders tired of the deadly same old same old when it comes to drug policy.

4. Reps Urge New Direction with Drug Czar Pick

Five Democratic congressmen are calling on the White House to nominate a new drug czar who is not a cop but a scientist and who will set policy based on science, evidence, and fact.

5. Majority Favor Marijuana Legalization in California, Poll Finds

The respected Public Policy Institute of California has just released a poll showing majority support for legalization in the state -- the first time PPIC has reported a majority on the issue. The poll results are likely to encourage efforts to get an initiative on the ballot next year.

6. Medical Marijuana Update

California localities continue to grapple with medical marijuana issues. Meanwhile, officials in three states are moving forward with implementing medical marijuana laws, and a key Kentucky politician says nice things about it.

7. Marijuana Initiatives Coming to Wyoming

Marijuana law reform in Wyoming? State activists are working to make it so with two different initiative campaigns, one for legalization and one for medical marijuana.

8. Peru Retakes Spot as World's #1 Coca Producer

Repress it in one place, it pops up in another. Peru has regained its place as the world's leading coca producer as a decade of eradication and fumigation takes its toll on the Colombian crop.

9. Armed Drug Suspect Killed in Houston SWAT Raid

A Houston SWAT team's dawn drug raid ends with an armed homeowner shot dead.

10. Two More Drug War Deaths

A Texas marijuana grower and a California man who might have been a drug dealer are the year's 31st and 32nd drug war fatalities.

11. This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

Cops peddling pot, cops gobbling steroids, cops with sticky fingers, and, of course, a crooked prison guard. Just another week on the drug war corruption beat.
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