Drug War Chronicle #758 - November 8, 2012


1. Colorado, Washington Legalize Marijuana! [FEATURE]

Not one, but two states voted Tuesday to end marijuana prohibition. Initiatives passed in Colorado and Washington, but came up short in Oregon.

2. More Drug-Related Election Results, Good and Bad [FEATURE]

Here's the lowdown on a mixed bag of election results for drug-related state and local initiatives and public policy questions.

3. Help Us Take The Next Steps

There have been victories before in drug policy reform, but what happened this week is different.

4. Chronicle Book Review Essay: Two Faces of the Drug War

What do pot-growing Kentucky good ol' boys and crack-slinging South Central LA hustlers have in common? We review a pair of new books and make the connections.

5. Medical Marijuana Wins in Massachusetts

The results were still coming in Tuesday night, but by a couple of hours after the polls had closed, medical marijuana was cruising to victory in Massachusetts. It will become the 18th medical marijuana state.

6. Medical Marijuana Update

There was medical marijuana-related election news -- see our Chronicle coverage this week -- but the ongoing battles over medical marijuana also continued.

7. Supreme Court Hears Drug Dog Cases

The Supreme Court wrestled with two drug dog questions Wednesday: Is a drug dog sniff of a house without a warrant a search under the Fourth Amendment, and are drug dogs reliable?

8. British Columbia Public Supports Marijuana Legalization

Three out of four BC residents in a new poll want to legalize marijuana, and there's more support for full-blown legalization than for the half-measure of decriminalization.

9. Utah Undercover Cops Kill Woman Heroin User

A young woman reportedly struggling with heroin addiction was shot and killed by undercover police under murky circumstances in West Valley, Utah, Friday afternoon. Her friends and family have questions.

10. This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

Week after week, the beat goes on. Here's the latest on the bad cop front.
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