Heroin Drought Causing Problems in England

A scarcity of heroin in England is leading to a growing number of drug overdoses and poisonings as users ingest dope cut with other substances by dealers trying to stretch supplies, The Guardian reported this week. Scene watchers there are calling it the worst drought in years.

Are you sure that's heroin? Be careful out there, especially in England
The drought is being blamed not on seizures by law enforcement agencies, but on a fungus that has blighted the Afghan opium poppy crop, reducing the size of this year's poppy crop by half. Afghanistan accounts for more than 90% of the world's opium production and likely 100% of the British heroin supply.

"There is a very significant heroin shortage across the UK at the moment," said Gary Cross, head of drug policy for the non-profit group Release.  "It has been going on for some time now, but the last two months have seen stockpiles exhausted."

"I've never known anything like it in 30 years," wrote one long-time heroin user on an on-line forum discussing the shortage.

As dealers and users scramble to grapple with the shortage, users are turning up at hospitals after ingesting adulterated heroin or, in some cases, fake heroin consisting of a powerful sedative, caffeine, and paracetamol, a bulking agent. Some have passed out after smoking or ingesting, while others have reported vomiting, amnesia, and flu-like symptoms.

"This 'heroin drought' appears to be serious and geographically widespread," said Neil Hunt, director of research at KCA, a nationwide community drug treatment service. "Street heroin is in a complete and utter muddle at the moment, and users are collapsing unexpectedly. We need to standardize information about what's out there.

"If people use this intravenously, perhaps on top of alcohol and methadone [the prescribed substitute drug for heroin], it is extremely risky," said Dr. John Ramsey, who runs a drug database at St. George's Medical School in London. "We have had many reports of people overdosing. It's really important that accident and emergency departments understand that they may not be dealing with a 'normal' heroin overdose when people are brought in," he said.

Harm reduction drug agencies are aware of the problem and working to address it. Several of them held an urgent meeting last week to discuss setting up an online warning system to give users notice about contaminated or adulterated drugs.

United Kingdom
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Cheers for the wishes anon,

I have family in Victoria but they are GOD loving folk so no good to me ! At least we have retained the ashes , which is some comfort to me in these dreadful times.

Still no good in the west mids, bits & pieces about but nothing constant ( of any quality ). One man is in hospital over brum with phnumoni... er a cold! He has never had so many well wishers who ironically dont look well themselves! lol

I have all but given up now been in a meth sleep for 2 days, roll on the 4th of Jan, back to work ! ( how sad )

All the best Shirley******

Any news yet??

Hi any news on when this H drought is gonna let up?I live about 20miles away from notts/derby n things still no better round here!Managed to get some decent xmas eve tho but that i think was down to someone keeping a bit back so some of us got a decent christmas amd i was one of the lucky few that managed to get my hands on some!im not on a script,i've had some juice put by for emergencies but nearly out of that now n no one selling any and if they are its doubled in price!!If anyone can point in direction of something good would be much appreciated.Have got transport so able to travel easily if means a chance of something decent!hope ur christmas was best it could be and hope we get some good thru soon!!

Gettn betta in w London

More gear in london now 9/10 but xpensive


where in west london?it still very much dry  for 3months cant believe it took longer than i expected!

I've had proper for past 2

I've had proper for past 2 weeks in bristol.

not everyone has got proper but my man has. 

i've been lucky during drought, only 1 week i couldnt get and the price and deals have stayed the same throughout

Lucky Gooderish !

Lucky you Gooderish, nah i'm glad for you mate. Well it's 21:20 on new years eve & i've just had a few of nan's ipans !  Cant get nothing decent, well to tell you the truth i stopped trying after call num 10 !

All the best ev1 for the new year .


All the best for 2011 !!

To all i've spoke to on hear Zara, Sue, Michael, DJKEV, Steve, Ka88aby, Gooderish & ev1 else all the best for 2011 hope you,sorry we have more luck for next year !

Shirley ( Glenn )

At last!!!!had some good food

At last!!!!had some good food this morning,sizes not great but nice to have something with some H in after about two nearly three month.hope everyone else ok n having a good start to year.Hope its a constant thing now.

ok in milton keynes 4 food

hi every one it has been good food again here in milton keynes for the last 3-4 weeks now u get a nod off it which is good sizes still aint great tho but at least its gear now.. so good luck 2 all out there!!!



I've been getting good gear for the past 2 weeks now in walsall...been real bad prior to now but really does look like things are getting better!!!

Alright jm lad, where abouts

Alright jm lad, where abouts in walsall you from ? I'm from north walsall & cant get anything decent, it aint that white sh** but it aint all that either. Word is my man is coming good tomorrow but we'll see what that brings!

Cheers jm


im from caldmore mate...i

im from caldmore mate...i been checking this place for updates throughout the drought but obviously it was the same everywhere but i can get the propa things again now. Bags aren't massive but at least it's gear! I got 3 good links all with good things. And lol at white trash haha i collect the bins round coalpool and blakenall so i know how scummy some are.

I got no problems giving you numbers if theres a way without showing them publicly on here...obviously you wont trust a randomer on the internet but i'm just the same as you bud so hit me back if your still stuck! Or you could just go into caldmore and ask around i'm sure plenty of people can score if i can too. It's been a long painfull couple of months and i've had my heart set on things returning to normal by the end of jan but i got the feeling people will take advantage and continue selling .1's for a tenner! Hope not!


A regular supplier in s liverpool which some folk have used for over a decade with no interruptions turned their phone off, with due warning, a couple of weeks ago. Said phone will be off for the foreseeable until situ improves and didnt know when that would be. Alternative not as reliable altho good quality and price raises from last month or so remain. Worry is that this is all still pre drought stock.

Hi Andy

Happy new yr!  ty for da stats, guess will c wot haps. How r u tings ure end?



HAPPY NEW YR! Stil got spam probs ugh  :/ how is every1?

Peace and poppy light



no problemo buddy, its still crappy here. i was told it wont be over till sept!! omg i think i cant wait that too long so i might as well out of game for good! i hear thing are going good in portsmouth london and wolves!any1 confirm that?


things r good here man, all my guys r on, deals r £££ cheapest is still £50 a g, up to £80, gear is good i be spending alot of cash shit,,, neway thats a confirmation, and btw if u can  get out, fuken man go fo it,, tis always the same shit with gear, u kno how it is.. well not complaining, but hey ho,, neway till l8r.

dont know about anywhere else

dont know about anywhere else but derby/notts seems to be ok again if that's any help to anyone??tis more money but defo proper food.hope everyone else managing to get some ok.

do u know anyone in derby

do u know anyone in derby notts shirley?if so try there like i say managed to get ok,hope thats some use!

Do you know anyone in Derby

Alright djpj,

do i know anyone from Derby? yes mate Nigel Clough but i dont suppose he can help me can he ?

Seriously , i dont son, i wish i did. My man still aint come through with the pucka yet, i've only been waiting 2 weeks!

At least i'm not spending ££ on all the crap going about, like loads of peep's in this town.

All the best Shirley******

wish could help u but only

wish could help u but only getting shots even tho it good,first bit was ok when my lot came back n it been improving ever since. I didnt bother for weeks,just thought with you living not that far from here you may have known someone you could ask to help. Hope things come good for u soon.

Cheers dj, hopefully things

Cheers dj, hopefully things will improve soon.

All the best Shirley*****

Good to hear u can get

Good to hear u can get though. That's what its like round here as well,good food but sizes pt 2 4 15. I know its crap but hey least we getting real again now!! dont seem to be half as many posting on here now so surely that's a good sign. Will let you know if it changes again or if it stays good now as someone else came on again tonight after a while so another avenue to try also!


am derby notts guy bruv and a got henry other day from notts n it not gud at all its been like it sincei got outta lincoln in oct

i wrote you a nice reply but

i wrote you a nice reply but wouldnt let me post it. Im in caldmore mate and things seem to be lookin up. If you can someway get in touch without it being public il happily give you my 3 links numbers. Been a long couple of months...i collect the bins round coalpool and blakenall etc so probably empty yours too lol!

 its a small world my old man

 its a small world my old man was a bin man for 40 years! just retired had a heart attack last year. ( any clues) I'm getting a little bit of good gear but £15 a 0.1 ! it's a joke mate.

All the best Shirley ( Smith )

Getting the spam thing again.

Getting the spam thing again. If you use msn my addy is [email protected] and i'll sort you a few numbers. The one is a top lad the other 2 are a couple of paki's i know but theyre well sound and gear is easily 9/10. Probably weighin 0.15. This drought has done my finaces some good too tho i must say haha

By the way your man isnt jeff

By the way your man isnt jeff is it? Lol everyone knows jeff...havent rang him in months myself.

DEFnot jeff!!!

Nah mate i wont give them my  ££££, I normally go over brum for weights, very rare i score in Walsall. Thats been my problem ive lost all my contacts in this town. I dont use msn but i'll find out how mate & we will link up. We might even know each other!

All the best & Nice 1 for the replies jm.


Sound well you have my email

Sound well you have my email adress now just drop me an email and il send you my number too. Don't really like the idea of posting thing on here to be fair. But ye propa small world...i kept reading your posts and assumed you were female lol soz!  I usually get 2 for 15, 3 for 20, 4 for 25 on whites and b's from willenhall but he's not on either. 50 quid on a weekend and i used to get 5 b's and 3 whites, been trying his phone in vane everyday but no joy straight tenners for now.

Sent you e-mail

Have sent you an e-mail mate, stop the drug war . [email protected]. need contact asap


Sorry its [email protected] . I forgot the little - .


Good to get.

Cheers Dj,

Yeh it's good to get but cant wait till things get somewhere nr normality. Been lurkin on blue-light & reports comin in from all over about good things! @ normal prices, so hopefully not long now mate.

Cheers Shirley.

things av picked up here in milton keynes

things r back 2 normaly here again in milton keynes size's r just abit under than they were.. so its good time here...


Well went to get this morning

Well went to get this morning n have to say its not as good as has been,tried another avenue n that turned out to be ok so not too bad. Was still pissed that i wasted a tenner,Thing seem to be ok still but cant wait until the day comes where u have a crank n you get the pins n needles n your eyes are shutting almost straight away!!hows things your way mate,any improvements? Will things ever be the same now??

milton keynes

we av a guy hear thats doing p1,5 which he is doing 2 ov them at £15 so thats not 2 bad ehh!!!



what the stuff like??? and what part in uk? man, how long will this keep going on???? i know it wont end till may because of the harvest season! im sooo sick of this.

@andy reply

its good stuff the other day was on face book and couldnt keep my eyes open 4 near enought the whole hour milton keynes is in south east england 45mins from london an about a hour the other way 2 birmingham m8 on the m1...djkev76

have used this drought to get

have used this drought to get clean, am now on 55ml of meth and am vry thankful to the drought now :)

meth is ten times worse than

meth is ten times worse than street b to come off!!

Hey all,Shirley hows things??

Hey all,Shirley hows things?? Well thought things were going to go a bit Pete Tong the other day,well one source has been a bit iffy. Well today decided to go out of town to see what was happening and we ended up seeing a lad about half hour from where i am & let me tell you its the best i've had since October. I cant even keep my head up n eyes open long to write this n i've been at it for an hour!! Has everyone else managed to get good? I just cant believe we've stumbled on this & this is defo 8-9 out of ten!!!hope everyone ok,well who ever still comes on as there aint many now!!

How's things DjPj?

Alright son, well aint you a lucky so & so...... are you getting weights of that FIRE? as all we can get round ere is Gramms at best & thats only now & again! Its still good gear though, but fed up of buying in points. All i wanna do is scoop my own amount on as pre-D . I dont post much on ere no more mate as in the end i was talkin to my self more than anyone else....

All the best son Shirley....

P.S. if your on bluelight i'm louie the 16th.


well im from derbyshire,  notts, i got outta lincoln nick last oct and we had it gud till mid nov since then and still now it crap am mad u got any gud news 4 me round ere

Hey hows things going?well as

Hey hows things going?well as i said before i got hold of that pukka but now the lad who gets it has had a fall out with the source n wont sort him out so he's fucked things up where that's concerned! still have managed to get some other n thats fine but now i've tasted the other,all else pale's in comparison!can get weights of alright stuff but trying to get hold of the other as well worth it,will let you know the outcome.Yes i am on bluelight but cant find password to get in but have noted your name n will have a look.hope all ok.dj.

reading your posts and they made me laugh

Hi read some of your posts very funny esp the one in the loo. First and last time i tried smoking in a loo while at work  i set fire to a very large roll of loo paper but didn't realise at first cause the smell of the h over powered the smell of burning paper fortunately I was near a large window, picked the cubical for that reason. Never tried that again except after everyone else had gone home though you often hear of work places having cameras incase of people robbing them so that always worried me plus I've tendency for pananoia and voyerism so can see the appeal of watching your workers. I'm sure I'd do that if I was in the position of employer mainly for interest rather than anything else. Anyway i'm in east london and there is nowt here, keep getting dealers calling and texting saying they have 10 out of 10 but I just gave up even trying as it is pissing me off buying shit from liars. I cant stand the fact that the shitbags still dealing are selling crap to desperate people and making money out of people for giving them nothing. Here the drug clinic hasn't tested anyone positive for h in weeks this was told to me about 3 days ago. I dont know if anyone knows any thing different in this area but there seems to be nothing around and if it isn't better by March then I reckon it is over for at least a year maybe more. Anyone any news?

Story In Ireland.

Hey Everyone,

Well situation here in Eire for me is: For the past 4 weeks I've only been able to get this really pale gear that seizes in the works. The way most sort this is by having a cup of boiling water to sit the hypo in to keep it liquid, the shooting it alla hot shot. Most likely they've cut the gear with crushed up opiate based pain killers that have are time-release. Its the plastic that they put in those pills that seizing in the works.  

Its alright stuff to smoke though. Quite more'ish. but isn't it always.

Totally agree with Shirley regarding getting weight again, Having small amounts of stuff,even bad stuff, that's constantly running out seems hardly worth it. I'm buying a 1'er one week then 2x1'er's the next as that's all i can stretch to. Im on phi programme so having that allows me to go without for however long it takes till i can afford more.

About a month before this drought began I was off gear at least 6months and had reduced methadone until eventually I'd also stopped taking it. But the freedom from doctor's and screening led me to relapse. One thing is though, is now I find I only need 10-15mls per day. Now I'm hooked back on gear and this drought has made me crave it even more.

I hope everyone one who's blogged on here keeps it going. Its good to know what going on on the British Isles.

Check back with yalls later.



Derek Ireland

Morning Derek

Hope your well mate, sorry to hear about yr situation but from what i'm reading on blue-light it seems the whole of Ireland has been suffering for a good 3 months now! I know what you mean when you say about craving it more when you cant get it , well done you though mate for stopping the done at least you know you can do it ! . Dont you have any relatives over in B'HAM as there is good over here in a few places. I know its easier said than done but try & stick to your 10-15ml of meth & just hang in there son F**k buying that S**T gear as the dealers will never bring the proper out, or if they do they will stamp all over it out of pure greed!!!

All the best Derek hope you get that nod again soon my friend .


nothing in east London.

Last time I got anything was a few weeks ago managed to get fairly good stuff up till Xmas cost though and it was impossible to find any amounts. Since then there has been nothing but odd bits around but not great before all this happened I'd have binned the stuff I had a few weeks ago calling it crap. Usually round here it is good and not cut too much to death. I guess one thing is I'm saving my money like most of us and look a bit better but i'm getting fat now. Has anyone tested the stuff on the streets at the mo to c how much gear is in it. If I do I'll post it here but I've been so desperate to get some gear in me I never managed to keep any of the rubbish that's about but
i reckon it may have .1% h if that. I think u may nod out cause its cut to death with really strong sedatives,
can't remember the name right now. Any chemists out there that know more?

hi there friend

wow 1%,, fuk dude thats shocking,, i gota say i been lucky i got sum crap once and they guy gave my cash back rite away, im up in north east london,  tings r good ere man, all the guys r on and apart from annoyin prices the gear is good as to be expected, still sum cut but tis easy to remove, rush on it good, neway im sure u wil get good if u aint already.. good luck! :)

Anyone in Plymouth or south

Anyone in Plymouth or south west had any good food? I aint got the last few weeks as it all shit. Got a henry today wish i had not bothered as its pale and leaves loads of bits in your mouth. I keep hearing its all down to the cia not sure personally. Hope everyone is ok and things get better. But just think now the dealers have been able to get away with giving us shit, i have a feeling things may never get back to how they were.

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