Heroin Drought Causing Problems in England

A scarcity of heroin in England is leading to a growing number of drug overdoses and poisonings as users ingest dope cut with other substances by dealers trying to stretch supplies, The Guardian reported this week. Scene watchers there are calling it the worst drought in years.

Are you sure that's heroin? Be careful out there, especially in England
The drought is being blamed not on seizures by law enforcement agencies, but on a fungus that has blighted the Afghan opium poppy crop, reducing the size of this year's poppy crop by half. Afghanistan accounts for more than 90% of the world's opium production and likely 100% of the British heroin supply.

"There is a very significant heroin shortage across the UK at the moment," said Gary Cross, head of drug policy for the non-profit group Release.  "It has been going on for some time now, but the last two months have seen stockpiles exhausted."

"I've never known anything like it in 30 years," wrote one long-time heroin user on an on-line forum discussing the shortage.

As dealers and users scramble to grapple with the shortage, users are turning up at hospitals after ingesting adulterated heroin or, in some cases, fake heroin consisting of a powerful sedative, caffeine, and paracetamol, a bulking agent. Some have passed out after smoking or ingesting, while others have reported vomiting, amnesia, and flu-like symptoms.

"This 'heroin drought' appears to be serious and geographically widespread," said Neil Hunt, director of research at KCA, a nationwide community drug treatment service. "Street heroin is in a complete and utter muddle at the moment, and users are collapsing unexpectedly. We need to standardize information about what's out there.

"If people use this intravenously, perhaps on top of alcohol and methadone [the prescribed substitute drug for heroin], it is extremely risky," said Dr. John Ramsey, who runs a drug database at St. George's Medical School in London. "We have had many reports of people overdosing. It's really important that accident and emergency departments understand that they may not be dealing with a 'normal' heroin overdose when people are brought in," he said.

Harm reduction drug agencies are aware of the problem and working to address it. Several of them held an urgent meeting last week to discuss setting up an online warning system to give users notice about contaminated or adulterated drugs.

United Kingdom
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just out of curiousity, is it ( djkev76 ) because you were born in 76, & a DJ back in the old skool raving days! as thats when i was born! yeh i know, got 2 bags last night, pupils didnt budge in the slightest, and was up most of the night ( AGAIN !) so a complete wind up knowing i dont know the guy who's got proper stuff in it, but cause my friend used my phone to call him, i saved his phone number n name, n know exactly where he lives, but dont know him ! Its like its been sat on for a while or something like that as it is the real deal.. had that warm, flooding rush, then boom head in lap like a nodding dog lol... So got a bit desperate last night, n called the guy who got it, as thought, aha! i can snort it, maybe that way would do it, as i can promise you we went 3 ways on 1 bag 3 days ago, n its been a very long time since ive had proper food!!, n never in 2 months have i seen my pupils return to dots for about 15 hours ! Thing is,, im poorly now, n the guy who got it for me, said big guy aint up yet, ( im not scipted ) so cannot wait much longer, n just had a heads up that the big man with PROPER food, does do weights to somebody i used to go to just down the road, so my mate has just popped down to see if she still gets from him, the big wind up is the guy who got this stuff for me, said he would try n arrange an introduction today, but his phone is off at the mo...

Hope ya all doing ok, my legs are hurting bad now, so goin for a lay down! see what hapens in a mo.. i'll keep ya posted,

Zara xx

iv sinned, sinned u may ask?

iv sinned, sinned u may ask? yes sinned.  stealing? no, using the lords name in vain? no, idolatry? no, murder? yes murder i have murdered an evil wicked but beautiful foreigner with dark brown silky hair legs that can run and run and beautiful so what familiar sweet perfume that makes me run to her like the lynx girls hmmm. 

was introduced to her by a scouser nice chap took 80 bucks off me tho but she is only 12.0 .....stone i say only but in todays climate i guess she is avg weight.  not complaining shes a fkin stunner one look at her and u cant take ur eyes of her literaly 5-6 hrs not moving she day dreaming.

so will my missis get suspicious and think i seeing someone else? will she ask where all my crimbo funds are going? will she go back to masterbaiting as i aint in the mood tonight?n question we all know the answer 2 unless i pull my finger out and decide.  that was a lovely blow out time to go back to normality.

watch this space.

iv sinned, sinned u may ask?

iv sinned, sinned u may ask? yes sinned.  stealing? no, using the lords name in vain? no, idolatry? no, murder? yes murder i have murdered an evil wicked but beautiful foreigner with dark brown silky hair legs that can run and run and beautiful so what familiar sweet perfume that makes me run to her like the lynx girls hmmm. 

was introduced to her by a scouser nice chap took 80 bucks off me tho but she is only 12.0 .....stone i say only but in todays climate i guess she is avg weight.  not complaining shes a fkin stunner one look at her and u cant take ur eyes of her literaly 5-6 hrs not moving she day dreaming.

so will my missis get suspicious and think i seeing someone else? will she ask where all my crimbo funds are going? will she go back to masterbaiting as i aint in the mood tonight?n question we all know the answer 2 unless i pull my finger out and decide.  that was a lovely blow out time to go back to normality.

watch this space.

#whos getting mangled in the mor - ning#

right my main fella turned his phone on this morning for the first time since all this madness began


'its good' he says 'stinks of fish - but bags are smaller than usual'


ususal tho prices 10 for 1, 15 for 2, 20 for 3 and 25 pound for 4 items respectively


will reserve judgement until i have a taste, which all things being equal will before first thing in the morning as after I`ve secured the sponsership fee


most progress I`ve made in 6 weeks tho


well it wa end of nov wen it went tits up round notts n derbys n still crap now i got out of lincioln nik oct to this i cant beileve it am so upset wat u lot sayin 4 my area

safe killa.....


well it wa end of nov wen it went tits up round notts n derbys n still crap now i got out of lincioln nik oct to this i cant beileve it am so upset wat u lot sayin 4 my area

safe killa.....

Now is the time.

Just quit the shit, I've been on the gear years man and have found it really hard to come of it until now. I'm from east London . Just knock your meth back and you'll be alright. come on people you must be happy in some ways that you're not taking gear,like saving money or shoplifting or whatever you do to make money.


as we all know H is a physical addiction so in times of drought we can all get clean, however as with all addictions it is also a mental addiction so, and i quote from Taz last post, "just quit the shit" is not that simple.  if u have been forced to quit gear then chances r u will be praying some gear lands soon as mentally u r not prepared to quit.  u gotta wanna quit first and foremost otherwise despite all ur good intentions of staying clean, U WILL NOT.  #

My advise to anyone wanting to quit is to not do it alone.  seek out other recovering addicts as there is nothing better than relating to other peoples experiences. 

i have lots of advice i could give on this subject and if u r interested in hearing it then email me.  [email protected].  giving advise will also help me to remember why i quit 12yrs ago.  i have now relapsed and 11 months in to my second using phase and still enjoying my using. 

not trying to teach people to suck eggs or nothin, just think its good to share the knowledge as not everyone will know whats what.

the verdict

managed to score for the first time to today.1 bags got 7 of them and a white for 50 quid


At least it was gear. But thats about the best thing I have to say about it.I`ve had a reasonably pleasant afternoon, eyes pinned, very itchy, pronounced opiate 'glow', but still didnt quite get a nod on, which is pathetic after 7 of the bastards


So, not an entirely unsuccessful day but no where near satisfying either. I think ill be leaving it untill the new year now before i risk any more of my cash. hopefully things will be getting back to normal by then


ps the white was a right load of bollocks as well

Not Over Yet But....

Its not over yet but scored 7/10 quality & the 1'er's were half usual size mind. Well pleased but well skint.

Was told that the drought is not over but there is 'bits and pieces' about, and it will be after the new year before regular price weight is happening.

Still though there is lots of shite still being sold, and it seems they're still getting away with it. Everyone wants what they cant have. Yesterday i saw a chap sell a queue of people hundreds of Euro of dirt and no one came back and gutted him for it ?? As several people from the previous posts on here have already said.. 'buying dirt will just perpetuate the drought...' We're now almost 2 month into this and Im guilty of going back for seconds of shit gear myself but after a taste of reasonably good stuff its such a waste of hard come by cash. When you get the chance to buy decent it makes you regret every cent you wasted.

Feel for all those still out there 'looking' and are unscripted. I've been on gear for 6years now and i remember that a good few Xmas' where it was pretty dry gear wise maybe this is just all part of that pattern. Cash and supply is the scourge of a junkie's life its nothing new, but most will agree this has been on long dry spell. 

Check back later


av u any contacts in newry are belfast des mate?its des ov dublin but im away in belfast still aint managed to get out yet pal?email me at [email protected] are mess me on this site good to here u got sorted pal?


Please let it be over soon, not on no script wasted so much £ cause family don't know. I can't afford to be ill at Xmas but recently been getting stuff that has more strength and holds me. Good luck to everyone else out there with no script but if u get a call saying 10/10 ask 4 sample b4 buying cause the wankers r just trying to get rid of shit they have.


Please let it be over soon, not on no script wasted so much £ cause family don't know. I can't afford to be ill at Xmas but recently been getting stuff that has more strength and holds me. Good luck to everyone else out there with no script but if u get a call saying 10/10 ask 4 sample b4 buying cause the wankers r just trying to get rid of shit they have.


Please let it be over soon, not on no script wasted so much £ cause family don't know. I can't afford to be ill at Xmas but recently been getting stuff that has more strength and holds me. Good luck to everyone else out there with no script but if u get a call saying 10/10 ask 4 sample b4 buying cause the wankers r just trying to get rid of shit they have.

it's foundation in mk!!


ive been told by a cpl of users as im trying stay clean that a cpl dealers round hear a palm'ing off ladie'e foundation as bag's now that is f**king bad that will clog ur viens up. so glad i stopped and doing my subbies on my own now

and zara u r rite was born that year and was a massive raver coz we had the sanctuary in r home town dreamscape, helter skelter i was dj'ing untill ive sold all me decks ive ever had. so woluld still be mixing if it werent 4 the sexy brown that is. seelin things 4 it i really regret  my ipod now im using a walkman at the mo but at least i get 2 listen 2 old drum&bass tapes near enough always DJ HYPE. so im going 2 go now and roll a fat bhudda at this time of morning 8:45 that is.

p.s ill let anyone know if it gets good here again....


how you doin zara?

hi zara ive been worried about you,in your last post to djkev you said you hadnt had any real gear for 15 hours and were starting to really rattle. but you were hopefully waiting for some good gear so im hoping that you havnt posted anything cuz you cant get your head out of your lap!! :)  let me know how you are.                       To djkev fukin foundation!! oh my god things must be bad i feel really sorry for anyone whos bought a bag of that especially if they put it in a pin. anyway things seem a bit better here have managed to score every day for the last ten days or so. my dealer said that theres still not very much gear around and the drought is far from over, i just hope there will be enough for christmas the thought of christmas day without any gear is a horrible one. i hope everyones ok. sue x                                                         

Who say's addicts are'nt nice ppl !

Hi Sue, thanx for looking out for me hun, it means a lot, yeh, im struggling, but plodding along ok at the mo.. im sticking with some stuff that is holding me.. as no script, and this food im gettin at the mo actually does make my pupils go down, but not pinned, so maybe a little tiny bit of food in it, runs really clean, glad to hear you're coping ok-ish, im bit concerned about Shirley, hope he's ok. I did get lucky last night, had a p2 for tenner which is good compared to some prices on here, as got a call off my usuall man, (have'nt used him for about 10 days as he wont buy crap, so only bought one to test, it was soooo nice, i slept ten hours n still felt ok when i woke up this morning, but was gutted to learn he had sold out within an hour! dont blame them though as ppl pounced on this stuff, just goes to show there are bits about... keep me posted on how you're doing hun....

DJKEV old skooler like me, i was/am a big drum n bass fan, but as im older now, i also like nirvana, snow patrol, coldplay ect, (soft rock) i also love la roux, pendulum ect! DJ Hype did my 18th birthday down in newquay, and i miss those days, i will be intouch with my email as would love to connect with you on fb, as got loads of pics from those days as i used to dance for dance planet, we also had Dreamscape down here, and obsession ect.. we had a really good venue but it got shut down yrs ago now.. anyhow thats real nasty putting foundation in it, quite scary really, i have'nt come across anything that bad, thank god, but there is still loads of horrid crap flying round, some that dont do shit to you, its bit of a wind up really as so called dealer " Friends "/addicts are lying a lot saying they got good, so dont trust anything im told, as there probably desperate to get rid once they realise its crap..

I have also had a heads up from my usual guy that his man has waited 9 weeks up in scouce land, and he is sorted and will be around in the next few days.. i hope this is true.. as he said, we will be just fine for crimbo, as im terrified about being around my family rattlin, there not stupid n will know what is wrong with me.. fingers X eh! i'll be looking in on you guys tomoro, please be careful out there n stay safe

Zara xx

hi zara,sue, n all!

good morning another good nite sleep clean soz dont mean 2 rub it in 2 any1 just im good at the moment. sue ur rite that foundation is very bad its not the 1st time iv heard that hear and waiting 4 a black lad in these days of cold a hour ova he said takes the piss, but theres this asian lad here i know he has ment 2 have good food at mo, he always has as far as i can remember that is but 0.2 for £20 (shame £££s)

the lovly zara im on facebook use that 4 close mates my name is kevin mckelvie give me a friend request if u want , i love my drum&bass always will but i do like kings of leon sterophonics the kooks aswell u know. hope u did get sorted the other nite was u saying that ur gettin 2 skim a cpl of subbies of a mate?? if so take wen u start feelin the cluck but save em untill its pete tong love. like sue says this drought is far from fucking ova i would say....


Heroin drought and Afgan fungus , Bio weapon?


Well first off hi all my fellow addict friends, tis truly a dismal situation we have found ourselves in. I feel the Afgan farmers have gotten the worst end of the deal first used by the Taliban, then used by the west,  they get addicted people themselves kids as young as 8 yrs old being giving heroin by their parents, and now they r attacked by a bio weapon. I shall paste an very good article below and leave the link also incase it doesnt go thro. I think if this is the bio weapon that is talked bout in this article then we r in for pos alot of probs, coz something like this cant be eradicated that easy and will affect other crops. Afgan farmers  have said that this mysterious white powder they found on their poppy crops has also affected their wheat crops and their livestock, it can easily mutate wich could be unholy hell on earth if it is used on our food crops. These bio weapons were created to kill off illicit drug plants and u can seach google bout it and find alot on it, they ~(US) apparently used it in Columbia on the coca fields and some say thats why Columbia started growing poppy, i dont kno this stuff for fact but it would make sense. Specially wen u read bout all these projects they have created to kill every kinda drug plant round, including marijuana. Ive heard the next crop is being harvested now in DEC/Jan, but i worry for this crop to coz as i said if this fungus bio weapon is wot i think it is, it could very well affect this next crop even if the growin spots r rotated, it can go so much more further than that. I saw someone said heroin is over in the uk, well id not say tis never over, where there is demand there will be supply, i think it may be the end of Afganistan being a narco state, but then another country will take its place. My main question is who done it? dont make sense it was the govts coz they make to much and r in to much debt to burn millions of ££$$ of drug money, i know alot of elders in Afganistan r embarrassed bout it being a narco state and maybe have gotten hold of this bio weapon that was created and used it.

As far as me, im lucky to be on the script, but i truly feel for anyone who cant get on or isnt on, i know that if i didnt have a script i would for sure just consider clucking it out, for me id feel id have no other option, but the timing as usual is all off, i mean xmas to cluck it out aint the idea most of us would have in mind. neway here is the article, and here is the link:



Britain's Secret War On Drugs
Monday October 2 2000
Reporter Tom Mangold
Producer Aidan Laverty
Researcher David Lee

Panorama goes inside the former biological warfare factory that is producing a fungus capable of destroying the world's illicit heroin harvests. And it's being funded by the British taxpayer.

Scientists in the plant in Uzbekistan are trying to perfect the Pleospora fungus that kills the opium poppy - source of the world's illegal heroin supply.


Mike Greaves

But the research work may already be running out of control. Mike Greaves, the British scientist who is the secret project's expert consultant, admits in a rare interview that he cannot be certain the fungus is 100% safe.


Despite this Greaves, a micro-biologist from Bristol, is convinced the fungus is a `sensational' answer to the world's heroin problem. He says: "I love the project, it's one of the most exciting projects that I've been involved in."


Professor Paul Rogers

Professor Paul Rogers, a leading British plant pathologist warns: "The fungus sounds like a silver bullet but it could easily become a poisoned chalice. Once you develop a technology to spread plant diseases intentionally you are developing a technology which could easily be misused by bad people against legitimate food crops."


Although the United Nations Drugs Control Programme is fronting the fungus project, it is the Americans who are the real sponsors with the British making a £100,000 contribution. No other country has been persuaded to contribute to the programme.


The deadly Pleospora fungus

Both London and Washington have pledged to use the fungus against Afghanistan poppies only with target government consent. Observers are puzzled why the project continues given the certainty that the Muslim fundamentalist Taleban who run the country and take substantial revenues from the deadly crop will never agree.


Tony White, until recently the Chief of UNDCP's Supply and Reduction Enforcement Department, claims he was recently told in the USA of discussions within the UNDCP where "at one point it was seriously considered trying to get the Afghan government in exile in Islamabad to agree to the application of the fungus."

Confidential documents acquired by Panorama from the UNDCP office in Vienna highlight the UN's own fears about the project they are fronting. They concede the fungus may be difficult to contain once released, and that there remains a very 'remote possibility' that the fungus will affect other species and may even 'transform or mutate'.


You are simply opening things out for a wider spread of this kind of technology


Professor Paul Rogers

Critics of Britain's involvement in the Pleospora fungus project fear that unless the programme receives further funding from London and Washington the cash-strapped Institute in Tashkent may be tempted to deal with private organisations. This could eventually lead to biological weapons falling into the hands of gangsters.


Professor Rogers is deeply concerned: "If things drift into the private sector then who are the paymasters? You are simply opening things out for a wider spread of this kind of technology."

There is added concern that if the fungus is used against illicit drug harvests, then drug cartels could themselves acquire the technology and in revenge attacks, use a form of agricultural terrorism against Britain or the U.S.


Anyway people hope u find this as interesting as i did, and i hope things can get better soon for all of us involved in the heroin trade farmers and users alike. Plz make sure to be extra safe and i hope u can have the best xmas and new yr pos.


Peace and light to all!


The Pinkster

no dealer is a friend!!!!!!

no dealer is a friend unless u went 2 skool 2gether or grew up wiv each other.. there just out 2 skint us of are dole money or hard earned money the bastard's

to rite

yea man i totally agree, we can smile and get along but we all know our places, but wot would we do without the dealers? well if it was legal like back in the 60s then we wouldnt give a toss, but we need them just as much as they need us, but we dont gota be friends, or never will be,, i duno how people can tink dealers r friends.. odd.. til l8r :D

hi zara i did reply 2 u

hi zara i did reply 2 u dontknow if it went up i would love 2 see those pics on fb my name is kevin mckelvie send a friend request if u want 2 my profile pic is a cannabis leaf.


Hi KevI have just sent you

Hi Kev

I have just sent you the request bro, you'l know it as my name is similar n im half naked lol...

im doing ok at the mo guys, seems like quite a few have come bk on today, im just in the middle of sorting now, good times, crazy aint it how excited we get about some food that has probably got about 10% proper in it, but tolerence is so low that anything with a bit in will do the job nicely...

Hi Sue, hope ya ok hun, how is it up there? you live by half my family.. aint it so true what PINSTER has wrote, sounds just right to me.. i asked my mate in the states how he's coping with the drought, he's like "WHAT DROUGHT" and he has offered me over for crimbo, but cannot do it, as i have a child n family here for crimbo, just hope we have a brown one....

ok gotta rush for a mo.. sorry so short but somethings just arrived.. will let you know how it goes...

Zara xx

thanx zara and had lil hit

thanx zara 4 the friend request i see wot u mean by pic lol!!! i was readin ur info and think 2 my self why r u fucking about wiv ms sexy brown some of the films uve done an like u say its at a drop of a hat at times. u should really think of stoppin but who am i 2 preech. I had my ever last keyworker yesterday subbies stopped monday went there yesterday 2 get back my blood results and im clean of everything thank god but i kind of new anyway i was clean.

so as a celebrate was in mind me an my mate went halfs on a 0.2 for £10 nowt of it. so he went and seen the lil asian guy i was on about always had good food and jesus was it good, it was more of a creeper i'd say about 30mins after avin the hit pow that was it 4 me K.O out 4 hours and he is doing 0.2,7 for £20 but today i feel fine back 2 subbies and off to get sum more high grade funky me thinks.

4got 2 say zara it must of been good as u didnt tell us if it was good on ur last post or not..


p.s ive noticed theres only afew of us left on here from the start of this drought everyone near enough has got back ok food i guess !!!!!

hi zara, djkev, pinkster and everybody else:)

hi zara glad to hear that u had  some decent gear and lets hope that ur man will come with some nice stuff from liverpool and have enough for christmas i know exactly wot ur sayin bout not wanting to rattle on christmas day infront of ur family that would be a nghtmare!! things here (bham) are good my dealers goin strong its not the best gear in the world but u defo couldnt say it was shit id say about a 6 out of ten, after a few bags you can feel it and too be honest im just glad its real gear. just been to see him about aqn hour ago and its proper snowin here but before the snow there was loads of ice so its well slippy and u cantsee where the ice is, so im walkin down there thinkin please god dont let me silp ova infront of the dealer and all the ppl waitin im thinkin this and nearly fallin every few steps, anyway seen the dealer ok started to walk home and fuckin fell ova right on my arse!!! luckly there was noone around to see me and im just glad it wasnt infront of everyone! even tho noone saw still felt like a right twat lol. back home now in the warm with my liitle cat waitin for my boyfriend to come home from work so we can have ourselfs a little smoke:)) to djkev your doin really well managng to stay clean, you should be really proud of yourself!! i know you had a little hit but your still doin really well!:)) i hope  everyones ok and bein carefull. will check in with you all tommorow. sue xx

Checking Back In............

Hi Kev, Sue, n all

Got a text last night from someone that had nice food, last time he texts, he had proper, so went out today to see him, he had sold out, but said the new stuff was OK, ive slipt a disk in my back, so in quite a bit of pain, was absolutely gutted to find, the food just held me slightly, so shopping in a mo.. i know quite a few ppl, but everyone has the same shit, im getting a bit annoyed that im wasting so much hard earned money, only have 2 presents for crimbo, where as usually by now, i have everyones, so stressed to the max... its been a bit of a roller coaster ride of late.. and does'nt look like anything is coming soon.... like i said b4, im getting lucky about one in every 15-20, good thing is its still £10 for p2, but ppl are cottoning on too it.. i dare not tell the sellers about this site as it will give them idea's..

Sue you made me laugh, it was snowing hard here this morning.. cars sliding all over the roads.. took some pics, there is a site that is quite interesting, type into google.. heroin drought 2010 Ian.. its a ausie blog by a guy called Ian, who's headline is "Is this drought a good thing or a bad thing.. good arguements on there where ppl have different views on the subject.. n fellow intellectualls/addicts putting up a good arguement for us all..

im back off to spend more ££ on crap, as finding the pain in my back becoming more unbearable.. when will i ever learn.. just hoping to come across that one in every 15-20, but it has got hold of me so much, i now regret giving up my script in may.. i did it as wanted to give up, and as you all probably know, its a lot harder to come off then h itself, but even in this drought im still looking, even though this would be a great chance to do it, and as im rattlin some of the time anyway, i might as well, but finding it hard still.. im silly to myself really, but you all know how it is, i can handle the physical side, its the mental side that draws mw back always!!

i'' check bk in with ya all laters..... stay safe peeps.. n please be careful, but would love to know whats going on up there....

Zara xx

Hi everyone, i'm new on here

Hi everyone, i'm new on here but have been reading over the comments and i'm having the same issues. Zara I think I'm local to you, sorry about what your going through, have you been down to harbour? They are aware of whats going on and have helped a couple of my mates out. They're getting people on scripts quicker. I'm grateful for mine at the moment, its a complete nightmare. Have you been able to get anything decent down here recently? One thing that has made me feel better is that there are decent people like us out here, reading through what people have said. Not all junkies are unemployed and out thieving. I just hope you all have a good xmas and that its a brown one but from what im reading and hearing it looks like these problems with the g are going to be around for a while. I am grateful at least the price rise hasn't affected us where I live yet. Well done djkev for keeping clean, its the perfect time for doing it but annoying when it isn't your choice, if that makes sense.

Speak to you soon, s x

Welcome Sean..............

Hi Sean,

Its nice to see someone from down here, i live about a mile away from harbour mate, been in n out of that place for years, even done 2 stays in broadreach house. Even though it sounds like the right thing to do ( go on a script ) i keep thinking i would be re-placing one addiction for another ( after watching on youtube... HEROIN ON THE NHS,  its about Clive Froggatt who was Margarett Thatcher's GP and former heroin addict, like he says "only 4% ever come OFF methadone", and ive been there before, apparently the word is at harbour that they are wiping out methadone within 5 years, and if you've ever done a rattle from meth, then you'll know its hundred times worse then just coming off H. I know they probably would script me, but i think i would rather do 4 days then 6 weeks, if you know what i mean...

sorry to be short but something has just come up, so got to shoot, excuse the pun lol, back in a tick...

Zara xx

High prices , Small Bags & Medium Quality


Well here in dublin there's gear about, some reasonable, some not. Im only scoring off my regular dealer that straight about whether what he's selling is good or bad.

Thing is now I cant afford to continue buying gear 1'er bag after 1'er bag, which are really only like the fifty bags that were around before this cursed drought started.

So until Im able to score a quarter or half , I think I gotta quit for a while and get my funds together. I love to both shoot and smoke gear and piss'n around with small amounts just aint worth it to me. When I had a quarter or half sorted I could just get on with my life not always bothered about it running out and where and how to pay for the next bit.

Anyone on this blog able to score weight again ?? Hope things get better soon ..& lets keep this blog going  


hey derek just want to know how much for quarter oz in dublin?

good morning

another good morning all old an new. cheers 4 all that r wishing i stay clean ive gone back 2 subbies of course and nelson mandella (STELLA) and high grade weed which couldnt grt yesterday so had 2 do wiv plain old dutch does the job as already had a king size blue already 8:00am thats set me stoned 4 the day now.

to dererk if im rite my asian dealer i said bout on here he can get weights m8! but u will pay shame £££'s m8 u know im in milton keynes m8 40-45 miles from london here its 0.1 for £10-£15 0.2 for £20-£25 m8 so i wouldnt waste ur dosh sum dealers here r paying £100 n sumthing a gram m8 thats (shame)

well all keep well and good xmas n new year 2 all ya!!!



cop in ireland smashed and dismantled 1 of the main biggest heroin suppliers in dublin city and arrested 45 people in dublin 2 days ago bollox!!!! that mean the drought will go on longer again! ggggrr

hi everyone:)

hello everyone how are you all? zara hows things with you? have you managed to score anything decent ? i hate to think of you ratteling not knowing when your next decent boot will be. let me know how you are mate.    things here are all good at the moment tho god knows how long it will last for. gonna leave it there for today, hope your all ok. sue x

hi everyone

its been a cpl of days since ive checked in so it looks like same 4 every one else aswell so it looks like every one is noding again good 2 see. ive just had a hit just because my partner in crime poped around out the blue gave me a hit and it was not bad so got on doing mums bathroom tiles while avin a beer there grouted and resprayed cream and the fumes as well as the joints n beer im quite dizze now so good luck 2 u all on ur mission of a brown crimbo lads n gal's

peace love n unity

djkev76 !!!!

all turned off :(

wont let me write anything zara and djkev if you want to send me a friend request on fbook my name is sue russell and my profile pic is a ginger cat lying down, would like to stay in  contact with u both. sue x. ps most of my dealers have tun ed off cuz of the snow :( 

Hi Zara, Sue and everyone else :D


Hey all, how r u doing?


Well i think the brown santa has come to north london (as well as the white one, the snow has been unreal, took me 2 hours to go 30 mins to meet the guy) for a lil bit, im gettin good gear, tis £50 on the G, big on point Gs and id say  bout 7/8 out of 10, very nice rush after hit and very good gouch, holds well. Was lucky coz i made a new contact and he is lovely, polite guy, so hopefully things r looking up. I also got a missed call from another guy so i think maybe things r gettin lil better, as i kno he wouldnt call unless he had some reasonable gear. Just hope the prices will come down soon and that everyone else gets some for xmas. Im stocking up for xmas and gettin another 3 2mrw ontop of the 4 i have now. Been going a lil crazy since i found the guy on friday, already bought 7 so far..lol.. but hey i guess i had money saved from all this crap so i thought hey why not tis good gear, gota be careful tho to not go MAD..lol.

Neway guys i do really hope that everyone will come rite now, god knows we all deserve to have a nice xmas after this awful drought.


Peace, love and poppy light to all!


The Pinkster

its ok again in milton keynes

hi pinkster its ok again here in milton keynes ass we r only 45mins away from u so it looks like a brown crimbo 4 us agaain



AWSOME MAN, im so glad :D wots the gear like? and how much u paying? well i got the other 3 2day, the gear changed, guy was all worried, but had a hit few hours ago and tis still nice gear, a bit smoother than the other, but still all good and defo gear. Zara hang in ther girl, im sure some will come ure way soon, ill send poppy vibes ure way to ;), do tink things r gettin better or mayb this is the gear everyone was sayin all the dealers were holding onto for xmas?


Till l8rrrr


reply 2 pinkster

hi pinkster its not bad 7/10 my asian mate was sellin p3-p4 for £20 bout now he does p2 £20 and its dynamite'e'e'e and another guy we know does p1 £10 and u get the gouch tis the reason u chase that as from the 1st time u do it.. welcome bk shirley man so uve stocked up. well me n m8 get payed 2day awaitin his gettin here.

peace love n unity all



pinkster  ur a lucky bastard im sooo jealous of u haha where r u from? i got ripped off by a dude in town in dublin city and there was a voice  in my head sayin SERVE U RIGHT FOR TRYIN TO SCORE YEA ANYWAY THICK FUC  anyway id say it will be back to normal in ireland by end of jan or feb at earliest!

Hi Andy

shame man dont be so hard on ureself, i kno how that is and it SUX! thing is alot of the time u gota cross ure fingers and hope for the best, i did that 2day as that guy ran out and changed the gear, but luckily tis still good. Saw some1 said there was a bust in Ireland, u tink this is affecting u? Afgan harvest in dec/jan so gear should be bout proper as u said end of jan/feb. im in north london. Neway man i shall send u poppy light and i hope tings will come ok for u very very very soon.

Peace and poppy light


Hi Andy and everyone

Wont let me post  anything longer than this as it says im flagged as spam, anyone know why this is? Andy i wanted to reply to u, shall try again l8r or from other pc.


Hi everyoneYeh, its doing the

Hi everyone

Yeh, its doing the same to me, showing up as spam, wont let me write much, just to let you know, little better here in SW, but nothing spectacular at all, no nodding for me for crimbo..

Zara xx


How do all, it's been a while & i have tried but all messages are SPAM?!

Was good, but now bad, have enough put by for xmas, Zara, Sue, Michael,Steve, K88aby, DJkev76 all the best Shirley*****


hey pinkster thanks for reply cheers anyway i hear things are gettin back to normal in uk at the moment is that right? right, i have found the info about poppy harvest season in afgan so here the info i found out about harvest season in afghan: Badakhan= Area Cultivated: 8,325 hectares (2002 estimate)
                                                     Poppy Harvest:
                                                     June to August

                                                    Market Price:
                                                     $240/kilogram (May 2002)


                                     badghais  = Area Cultivated: 26 hectacres (2002 estimate)

                                                   Poppy Harvest:
                                                   June to August

                                                   Market Price:
                                                    $605/kilogram (May 2002)

                                  Helmand       Area Cultivated: 25,000 to 35,000 hectares (2002 estimate)

                                                  Poppy Harvest: April to May

so i think we will be in for long haul lol

End of drought in Cardiff

It seems that predictions of a brown Xmas in Cardiff have come to pass.  Although prices have gone up fair bit you can get pretty good quality gear round here at £40 a T-shirt, so all is not lost.  That said, it's been good to see alot of people take the opportunity over the last few months to get clean and for the scum-bag money men losing tons of cash as they ended up stuck with un-sellable crap has been good for a laugh.  I hate people who don't use selling gear, they're the real scum.  Anyway, glad to report can finally source good quality gear in Cardiff.  What's it like elsewhere?  Have things got better.  It was reaching the point where lads were planning on nicking vans carrying tampons to chemists!!  Just in case they got lucky.  Just desperados talking.  Lucky for them things have turned round.  Have a good Xmas all and let's ask Santa and baby jesus for the UK to follow Portugal in de-criminalising all drugs for personal use.  You don't get a criminal record and in the ten years they've been following this policy, that is, if you get nicked for possession you don't get a criminal record, you just have to see a medical panel who decide if you need treatment or not.  It only turns into a criminal matter if you fail to comply with the panels recommendations.  What they've found is that drug related harm and deaths have gone down, less people are getting criminal records just for using, and the prison population is thinning out.  It started off with their governments decision that "the war on drugs" was lost and that drugs should be dealt with via the health service--it's a medical problem. 

Strange too that the Iranians of all people, who hang gays and stone women to death who've been raped, are actually advocates of the medical model.  They've got around 3 million users of smack in Iran.  They tried executions but have found that treatment works better...for example in Iran if you stay on your meds for a year and don't use on top, they give you a job as an outreach worker.  Not bad for a country that's so heavily demonised by the West and it's media.  Thoughts for Xmas.  From goucho with luv


Hi Mark,

Merry xmas & all the best for 2011 ! Glad your having a brown one, as things are not so good in the West Mids. I suppose i am lucky as i managed to score some decent swag a couple of weeks ago, so i put some away. Otherwise it would of been the first xmas in 15 years without a boot !

Am i right in saying your a researcher? Do you research H in your own time, or are you an official drugs researcher? Please excuse my ignorance, its just i would very much like to learn more on the whole subject, i have sent off for the book you recommended " Heroin Century" in one of your earlier posts.

I didn't know Portugal had de-criminalised drugs, how does this affect the tourist? As for Iran, well i'm amazed they are going down the medical route, as i always thought they denied their H problems.

Cheers for the info mate, good luck for the future.

All the best


no one here!!!

no one is on here anymore so u must all be back 2 a brown crimbo then well same here in mk that is.. so good luck 2 u all and all goe's well 4 u's


dont think so djkev!

no i believe the drought still is ongoing in uk and the drought wont be over at least in 6months time so u can forgot it lol. ireland still is very much dry and its been like this for 3months. and every1 didnt come here to write comments because they have nothing to report lol anyway let hope the gear will be much better quality and at fair price.

Melbourne, Australia

All I can say is that reading alot of your comments, I feel for you guys. Hang in there.


But your prices are absolutely amazing compared to Australia (as in cheap).

We have a constant flow of hi grade white everywhere here. I have never had a a bad single, half or full in 6 yrs and never heard of anyone experiencing a dull bag.

But we pay almost 2X what you guys do for our supply, with a complete population of under 25 Million.

So if there is a shortage, sure our customs are as tight as a dolphins butt, and we are surrounded by water. But your gear either has to increase in price or it will head to higher paying countries. Supply and Demand.


You lucky bastards (up until now)


Good Luck


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