Heroin Drought Causing Problems in England

A scarcity of heroin in England is leading to a growing number of drug overdoses and poisonings as users ingest dope cut with other substances by dealers trying to stretch supplies, The Guardian reported this week. Scene watchers there are calling it the worst drought in years.

Are you sure that's heroin? Be careful out there, especially in England
The drought is being blamed not on seizures by law enforcement agencies, but on a fungus that has blighted the Afghan opium poppy crop, reducing the size of this year's poppy crop by half. Afghanistan accounts for more than 90% of the world's opium production and likely 100% of the British heroin supply.

"There is a very significant heroin shortage across the UK at the moment," said Gary Cross, head of drug policy for the non-profit group Release.  "It has been going on for some time now, but the last two months have seen stockpiles exhausted."

"I've never known anything like it in 30 years," wrote one long-time heroin user on an on-line forum discussing the shortage.

As dealers and users scramble to grapple with the shortage, users are turning up at hospitals after ingesting adulterated heroin or, in some cases, fake heroin consisting of a powerful sedative, caffeine, and paracetamol, a bulking agent. Some have passed out after smoking or ingesting, while others have reported vomiting, amnesia, and flu-like symptoms.

"This 'heroin drought' appears to be serious and geographically widespread," said Neil Hunt, director of research at KCA, a nationwide community drug treatment service. "Street heroin is in a complete and utter muddle at the moment, and users are collapsing unexpectedly. We need to standardize information about what's out there.

"If people use this intravenously, perhaps on top of alcohol and methadone [the prescribed substitute drug for heroin], it is extremely risky," said Dr. John Ramsey, who runs a drug database at St. George's Medical School in London. "We have had many reports of people overdosing. It's really important that accident and emergency departments understand that they may not be dealing with a 'normal' heroin overdose when people are brought in," he said.

Harm reduction drug agencies are aware of the problem and working to address it. Several of them held an urgent meeting last week to discuss setting up an online warning system to give users notice about contaminated or adulterated drugs.

United Kingdom
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hi again

hio all i got proper gear at last in dublin  lol! i would rate this stuff at least 8.5-9/10 i got gouch pretty quick after ten lines and the taste is so strong and gave me the shiver lol! but the price is a joke! for e.g i paid 100euro for 1g fuckin well expensive but i hope the price will come down by the end of month! how about u all getting on?? this place are dead quiet!v where is everybody?? hope all are ok!


hey well im here, i tink wen peeps dissapear u kno they r gettin good shit,.. well i tink neway, and yea them prices r WOw alot, but fuk lets hope it can only get better..lol..im off to score. byee friend!

Well the drought didn't hit

Well the drought didn't hit me until jan, Then it bit big time, frosty gear that was total PANTS.

I've since did a 10 day taper 2 days on meths, 2 days on subbies, reducing each time i switched.

I am now clean and even though there is good gear about again, i have no interest in using again.

Am smoking a lot of weed though, but when has that ever been a bad thing.

Hey GooderishJust wanted to

Hey Gooderish

Just wanted to say well done to you for getiin yourself clean through this drought and  Im in pretty much the same boat, Ive not been usin at all since all the shitty cut up to death crap came out was only dabblin twice a wk before then anyway sometimes more or less dependin on circumstance as I got myself clean prior to that for the sake of my littlen.

4 long hard years I did before starting to dabble again but have always remained on my meth so never completely clean.  Got myself down to 5 mls a day was on 60 but tryna get off that 5 was harder than comin down from 60 to 25 I just couldnt do it, I think it was more of a psychological thing as 5 mls cant be doin very much hey but then I fucked it all up by thinkin I could just have some the once n be fine with it as I'd no habit anymore n I'd taken myself completely out of that circle didnt mix with any1 still usin oh apart from a very close relative of mine which obviously due to being family I couldn't not have contact with.  I wish now I had come off the meth altogether when I didnt use for them 4 yrs tho as maybe I would not have risked taking it again, I dunno.

I do know that this drought has probably saved me from sliding down that slippery slope I tried so desperately to climb out of again!!!  had it not have been for this drought I probably would have started usin what 34567 times a week n I'd have been right back to square 1 again which I really cant afford to do what with my littlen n had only just started to build my life back together, bein the best mum I can, makin a nice home, gettin all my old friends back n gettin enough confidence to start full time college n sticking to it!!! Although I am exactly the same I have to smoke weed just at night tho as I cant sleep without it n I cant have any in the day unless I'm not goin any where cos it makes me too paranoid lol I feel the need to check in here now n then tho just to see if there is good about n when there is posts about there bein good about again all I wanna do is go n get but readin your post made me think yeah I should feel the same n be strong n have no interest in usin ever again no matter what gears about it will never be as good as it used to be anyway even if the drought is over they will still cut it to death no matter what so why fuckin bother. 

Waste of time money and effort.  I just hope I stay as strong as I feel now.  Anyways take care n stay strong.

K x

Heroin drought nearly over and out

Across the land, from farm to town
No sight nor sound of Brother Brown
Is had by any friend of his
And all their heads go: empty fizz...
Unprecedented? Could say that.
Unheralded? From feet to hat.
Unbearable? Bears shit in woods,
While lost souls search their H-free 'hoods

Out is nearly over...

Re: Heh Row In

Normal service is being resumed, albeit at double the 2010 price

"I guess that I just don't know..."

comings for goings

Harry's coming home...

"I guess that I just don't know"

ANONI'm glad my post has


I'm glad my post has given you renewed strength and determination. A positive attitude is most important part of any cluck. Three weeks ago i was a hopeless addict who couldn't see any way out. Then something changed, after buying yet another bag of crap i just said enough is enough.


 I know how hard it is to jump of meth at 5ml, i've never been able to do it. Have you tried meth linctus, it's 2mg/5ml so it lets you get to a real low dose before jumpin off. Better still when you get down to a low dose, switch to subbies as they are easier to jump off.


Stay strong love, i'm sure you can do it.


Best wishes.

drought over

hello everyone, it seems that everything is back to normal here in bham all phones are back on and there all doin 3 for £25 again which is good as it was really hard paying full money. gear is good aswell so things are back to normal were slippn back into our old routine which was impossible during the drought. i hope its gettin better for everyone else aswell if its not at the moment im sure it will be again very soon. sue :)

me to you xx

hay m8 my name is dani,look the h in torquay in so fucking shit.There was sum lads from brum dawn stay in with me,

but they made a mint hear,well anyway cutt it short they went bk home.....is they any chance that i can come to brum ,i ant no bizy so this is my number yeah 07541763970.....I did 4 bags last pay day,& no shit i dnt get nout from it.......tex me m8 dani

Well shitty Stoke is still

Well shitty Stoke is still she shitty same...

some fuckers got decent tack but theyr mixin it 5:1 with that grey TCP shyte and sellin .1s @£10

fuck heroin fttb im lovin bein able to by decent pot all the time, and it gets me as smashed as the tack that woz doin the rounds in the mid '90s.

i really wanna stay clean..but i still craVE the wrapped in cotton wool feelin

still its nice to have managd to save 3 fuckin giros

but the more money i accumilate, the more i crave a nice fat crack

god being a clean junky REALLY WINDS ME UP !!! lol 

hpe you all enjoying your wicked tack. i'm jealous as foooooook.

my only saving grace is soon ill be able to afford to fly to thailand/pakistan and get sum hardcore/oldskool one bag an ur fucked gear..

peace out..(u lucky fuckers..lol)

sad and jealous sim

Been keepin a look-in on

Been keepin a look-in on here; things seem to have got much quieter (which I'm assuming means more of you are getting sorted now, hopefully); but down here (SE) we're still having a hard time getting anything remotely resembling pukka brown.  Is there anyone in my area (Kent/Sx) got betta news?

Really need some hopeful news!!?

crystal herion

hi everyone well i heard about crystal herion 2day which is herion hydrocloridde (if u look it up put crystal herion in the daily star and the artical will come up) apparently the police have been seizing alot of it and they are really worried that its bk on the streets as its 90% pure 3 or four ppl were found dead in lancashire last mounth after od on it in the last mounth. the daily star reporter went down there he was there (oldam lancs) for around an hour and managed to score some, the dealer boasted ive had 3 regulars od and one comatose in his flat for two days this gear will blow ur head off. anyway please please be  very carefull if u inject it, it comes very dark brown and it sparkels also white and sparkly and the lowest purity they have found is 85%. the stuff we normally get would be bout 30%.it was thought to of bin flushed out of the uk 30 years ago but its bk so please be carefull everyone especially if u inject. sue.

WOWEEEEE gime gime gime ...lol


wow, i wish i could get some of that, i aint never Od'd in all my 12+ yrs of using as im so para' bout going over, neway if i got sum of that id be xtra careful, but I STILL WANT SUM,,, well gear here in north london has been good, prices went down to £55 for 1.4 grams, to other ppl still charging £80 a gram, i read in december that dealers would take a while to drop prices even if they get it cheaper coz hey why the fuk not on their behalf (non user dealers im talkin bout here) ] after the good shit we had going for bout 3 months straight , we also had a bit of crap, like that shit thats basically womens face powder, looks like gear, smells like gear (sorta) until u cook it up and let it cool and then ur dealing with solid sparkly power that cant even be injected at all, i tried and had to learn the hard way with a burst vein and a fuken abcess, and ima clean-a-phob, so i guess there was no avoiding it, ugh, neway i do wish i could get this stuff of wich u talk, at least it isnt shit, i think tis better strong and pure than bloody stuff that looks like make-up, i aint never seen such shit gear in all of the drought.


Just wanna say if anyone in london gets this stuff plz message me so i can ask my guys or tell em tis good, one ting that annoys me tho is it seems the dealers r only doing smoke tests, i think that a liquid/IV test is the true test, so easy to sell crap and not be to noticeabale if u smoke it, well not in my eyes but in the dealers eyes.. hard for them coz they dont use, but yea id think it would save alot of time if they just did the tests properly.

Neway guys, njoy the good stuff for me, and all be safe, lets do the brown poppy dance and hope by the middle of summer all is good everywhere for everyone, spread the love!!


Peace and Poppy light from London



Email me  [email protected]

South Of The Humber

Alright Guys, So Its the end of March, ... since October, the dreaded D word but really, the last 2-3 years, Ive eaten utter sh1te , It took til last week to get 3 days of, food utensils dropped on the floor every 2 minutes 90's proper fecked-upness, and i really mean it ( low tolerance or what after all that garbage) .. and then it stopped, as fast as it came, Is that how its gonna be ? these were about .2 and jesus, if i'd have known that it was gonna get stamped all over in a few days, i guess i wudda bought a shitload..1 thing tho' I've gone from 15 years of 'every-day' eating, to being able to easily do 5,8,even 11 at a time,days without even wanting grub,   so the drought has been okay in 1 BIG way for me.  Thing IS, I just can't see this getting back to normal, and by normal, i'm on about a gouch off the jimmy, not a tablet monged-out-buzz from all the sh1te thats in the grub, and a nice warm throat from a a bit done the other way, followed by a relaxed smile and contentmenttttttttt ...

Still can't see it ever getting to the way it used to be though, what a downer for me, i can't eat anything else, herbs mekk me paranoid as a mutha, and i get me yellaz every 4 weeks, but after 2 decades, tolerance is daft as. + theyre gone in a couple o days, and i struggle to feel owt from 'em, times was when i'd have a few blue donuts n feel okay, now 20 lemon 1's and i'm no worse 4 wear...I still hope I can get back to the food i crave though, being alert n happy n rich ( pre-bookies.lol) is good, but its not a good old fashioned ''what rhymes with couch, and is best when on 1 '' ...

Wonder how many of us have thoughts of fecking off to thailand, or some weird asian country for a month, just to remember what a couch was , I know i can't stop pondering on it ... need a couple ov thou tho'  so unless I win big, or save like a psycho , I might not get there .... ever...........kill me now! please       FRED

All Sincere GOOD LUCK to everyone who has got  some dignity left and has told their local Junk-food seller to go fuck themselves, this aint food, n u'll know when it IS, cos u'll be smashed senseless after a few 6 inch lines of sugar, brown sugar that is ;)   laters people, take care ... there's a lot of unscrupulous [email protected] who'll expect ya to do brick-dust n foundation powder up yer mainer, n not blink when you're brown bread, so be careful, mmmkayyyyyy. FC

hi there man

i just finished a reply to the crystal post above, sayin i got sum shit that really looked like fondation, i never heard of it being used, until i got it in my gear, ugh,, but after readin ure post i see that i wasnt wrong to think it was fuken makeup,, thanx for puttin that in, coz tis nice to kno i wasnt wrong in thinkin thats wot it was, unreal they could sell such shit,, at least i learnt my lesson.


Btw i like ure code here, well done, i wish i could do that but i get para no one will understand me, coz i do tend to go way out there, with the code stuff wen i try to do it,, but i understood ures perfectly, hey maybe u can give me a lesson or 2? LOL

Neway once again cool post and thanx again ..


Peace and poppy light


hi there man

i just finished a reply to the crystal post above, sayin i got sum shit that really looked like fondation, i never heard of it being used, until i got it in my gear, ugh,, but after readin ure post i see that i wasnt wrong to think it was fuken makeup,, thanx for puttin that in, coz tis nice to kno i wasnt wrong in thinkin thats wot it was, unreal they could sell such shit,, at least i learnt my lesson.


Btw i like ure code here, well done, i wish i could do that but i get para no one will understand me, coz i do tend to go way out there, with the code stuff wen i try to do it,, but i understood ures perfectly, hey maybe u can give me a lesson or 2? LOL

Neway once again cool post and thanx again ..


Peace and poppy light


OMG did it twice

Sorry bout that, bloody word verification thing made me tink it didnt post,, ugh,,, LOL



Wow, I'd be a crap code spy



After the longest drought in my 19 yrs of using, things seem to have finally turned a corner with some VERY strong gear being on the streets for the last 4 weeks or so now. For the best part of 6 months now I have been sticking to my script of Methadone as I made the decision to leave well alone (it wasn't a hard one either) until the drought finished.

To be honest I wasn't expecting the drought to go on this long, where I live (a small town) on the S coast things are way different to where i actually come from - a City up in the North, Sheffield - the gear is more expensive and harder to get, ie there isn't 24/7 access like in the big Cities. Most of the gear we get here comes in from London so in a drought the gear can often be worse as we get palmed off with the shitty leftovers/unwanted.

The signs of the drought were there to be seen with hindsight when I think back to last year as the whole of the year was pretty unstable in terms of the quality and availability compared to the previous year when the whole of that period saw good, clean (if you can call brown gear clean) sustained supplies.

The only other drought of any consequence was in 2001/2 which lasted for about 2-2.5 months which seemed a lifetime. Again I had to resort to my daily meth script even though I was dealing at the time. In that sense I have always been lucky as I was/now on quite a high dose amount of 100/90 mls per day.

I knew I had to stick to the meth as my dealer actually called me to tell me that it was no longer worth his while selling and that he was going to get himself scripted up ! He had been told by his man that there was a long drought coming with no timescale on the end.

According to drug testing firm Concateno reported that during the period of the drought there was a 50% drop in criminals testing positive for heroin, this is not because addicts stopped using but because the purity of the heroin had dropped so low that it is no longer showing up in drug tests. UK street purity PRE drought is 30-40% but over this period the lowest figure recorded 13.1%

As I said in the first paragraph the last 4 weeks has seen some Above average strength heroin back on the scene - this is not me getting over exited about some average tackle becoming available after such a long time and getting confused, as 3/4 weeks before this batch there was some average gear that finally ended the shortage. The question is, has the worst heroin drought for what is claimed to be 30yrs finally ended, OR is it just a blip ?  

Whats goin on ffs?

I can't believe there is still people out there who are struggling to get the pukkas!!!! I have been gettin some top tackle since the end of january and it hasn't stopped! 2 for 15, 3 for 20 or 4 for 25 and they're bang on .2's...just like it was way before the drought and that is with the whites too, mix and match. I was having to pay staright tenners for .2's for a few weeks into february but the bargains are back here in walsall/wolves again now. 8ths are costin like 100-110 though but i guess thats not too bad considering how shitty things went.

Anyway i hope it all gets a bit better for you guys who are struggling, i have got a stockpile of meths now too since i haven't needed to drink much of it. Happy days, but i must admit my wallet doesn't look to pleased with me lol.


i hear ya bout ure wallet, i had saved up ALOt of cash last yr with not doing any gear, and then it came back and my poor bank balance wasnt so fat nemore...lol.. at least since i got sold the make up fondation ive only scored once in 2 weeks and it was good altho i aint payin £80 a gram so even tho i got some cash i wont be ripped off either,, i do tink tho that it will take a long time b4 tis all good all the time, we have had it good on and off with some real nice rocky stuff for bout 3 months, but it was easy to tell wen it had all been used up, i think there will be lulls in the quality dept' for a while,, but i do tink things will get back to norm, i think also being in a big city like london does help at times, coz alot of the dealers here like to make their money and then quit, and they can make up to £800+ a day, so with that kinda cashish i think id also wanna get back to work ASAP...lol...


Neway dude njoy for me, even tho i could get good stuff im takin a lil break and lettin my bank balance get fat again,, funny how it takes so long to save up and it takes 2 weeks for it all to be gone..lol.. ow well we live once is wot i say,,lol


Till l8r

Peace and poppy light


Hey GooderishToday is the

Hey Gooderish

Today is the first time I have logged back into this site since I posted so this is the first time I have seen your reply,hope ur still going strong!!! Thanks for the advice I will definitely try Linctus where can I get this from? ive never heard of it before.


reason I havnt been on is cos I did it!!! I actually got myself off that 5 mls which was hard at first not sleeping,  feeling horrid and aggitated to death every day! but I just had to keep busy n keep on the go constantly to try n forget it so got me a job too, Id never felt so good and strong and now since alot  of things started going wrng having alot of trouble plus losing my job through absolutely no fault of my own I hav since been defeated and I have used 3 times this wk n as we all thats all it can take, I cant believe I let myself down like that but in a matter of weeks everythin started going wrng n it made me feel like sum1 up there was having a laugh at me, knocking me down every opportunity. feel like such a loser letting it defeat me like that AGAIN!!! CDT even discharged me from services a few wks ago as they felt I didnt need the service any more and any left over meds I threw away so now when I woke this morn n (3rd day) and the horrid feelings come bk again I hav nothing, no meds, no worker n no choice but to make that call after battling it out and arguing with myself in my head from 5am this morn now Im at a loss as if I re-admit myself then that means travelling every day to b on supervised n what with college its just not possible to do but one thing is for sure I need to sort this quick n get bk to feeling good.


hope ur well and have had more success than me in staying strong. x x


bet no one even comes on here anymore but if any1 does please can you tell me about this Meth Linctus and where I can get this  from as I just need a tiny bit to hold me a wk so as not to get hooked properly on that stuff again. Thanks

@ anonOnly just read yer msg,

@ anon

Only just read yer msg, i hardly ever come on here anymore.


I'm sorry to hear yer havin a hard time. but if you cant get meds, have you tried imodium.  its sposed to relieve withdrawl symptons at high doses.

The linctus is not widely prescribed so its virtually impossible to get on the street.


on a personal note, i am still clean and feeling strong. my health has returned and i have now turned into a gym junkie, cant get enough of it.

i think getting a new hobby has been key to my success so far.


best wishes, hope yer doin better.

Oh Pinkster, Hey I just

Oh Pinkster, Hey


I just noticed your post at the bottom there from yesterday!!

any advice you can offer me?   your definitely right takes all that time to save an is gone up in smoke within what seems like seconds!!!! 


How do u do it? seems like you control it yourself? rather than lettin it control u, which is definitely the best way!!  but for how long can this be possible??? before it takin a hold again!! is it possible do u think? I just wanna kno if there is any one out there who has managed to keep control over it for a very long period of time??? and who can take it or leave it and just hav it when ever ther is big problems n they're life n things seem like they're getting too much, just so as to use it as a kind of release as whenever these problems arise its all I think about and the first thng I thnk about before makin the best decision in dealing with certain issues!


Do u know about this Linctus????

 any advice would b brill, thanks

all the best  K X

Oh Pinkster, Hey I just

Oh Pinkster, Hey


I just noticed your post at the bottom there from yesterday!!

any advice you can offer me?   your definitely right takes all that time to save an is gone up in smoke within what seems like seconds!!!! 


How do u do it? seems like you control it yourself? rather than lettin it control u, which is definitely the best way!!  but for how long can this be possible??? before it takin a hold again!! is it possible do u think? I just wanna kno if there is any one out there who has managed to keep control over it for a very long period of time??? and who can take it or leave it and just hav it when ever ther is big problems n they're life n things seem like they're getting too much, just so as to use it as a kind of release as whenever these problems arise its all I think about and the first thng I thnk about before makin the best decision in dealing with certain issues!


Do u know about this Linctus????

 any advice would b brill, thanks

all the best  K X

@ Anon, RE: Linctus - Most

@ Anon, RE: Linctus - Most likely you will have to get it Prescribed by a Dr or your local treatment unit. It's not gonna be easy to get it on the streets as nearly ALL prescribed Methadone is 1mg/1ml. I'm also in a similar position to pinkster where I can take it or leave it - thanx to my script of 90mls - a lot of people say this is too much but this is key to my control of when I WANT to use not when I NEED to use ! Also what helps is that the gear around is nowhere near as good as the stuff around 4/6 weeks back. That stuff was so nice I couldn't control it so well !



Thanks for your advice.  So it is doable then, hate wastin my money on that shit  just wanna get ahead in life n only ever have that to fall back on when times are hard!! or problems arise!! to help me figure these situations out, its not worth it otherwise it makes u feel ill, wastes all your money and makes you look like crap!!!


yea ur right u do whatever it takes in order to control it no matter how much meds its better than wastin all ur time money n effort on that was it, ive not had anythin that good in yrs prob dwn to fact of bein off it most times than on but thats why its not worth it dunt even do anythn. for that warm fuzzy amazingly tasting and tingling feeling in my head once again like all them yrs bk id probably do pretty much anything but dont thnk that will ever come back.


All the best K X 



@ Anon, Yeah I know what you mean about that warm tingle from the first time. The only way to feel that again is to have a looong break - but that's the never ending cycle of heroin addition :--»

Drought Back????????

After being getting lovely stuff the last while.  I rang two of my usual contacts today and they said they have enough until the weekend (hello it's Thursday r they taking the mick) and they said the drought is back everyone else phones are off. I'm in Dublin has any one else experienced this?????

 hi f suizy  yeah  im in bham

 hi f suizy  yeah  im in bham and have heard that theres gonna be anouther drought my main dealer says that he has bout 2 key and then thats it!! oh god i so hope hes wrong!! nobodys turned there fones yet and there is a lot of really nice gear going round so i just dont know. has anyone else heard bout this??

good here again

not been on here 4 time was well clean since december now the last month or so got bak on the misstress brown. and my script stopped in december and avin 2 go bk and get another i say its good here prices r but there is still sum shit floating about in milton keynes it takes away ur pains an not much gouch but then other times a wicked gouch.. so peace 2 all....

Fearing the worst...

Well i've not checked this place for quite a while now, obviously due to the fact that all has been good in the hood since the drought eased off, especially the early stages of Mr.Brown's return. February through march i was getting hold of some of the finest gear i'd had in yeaaaars and it weren't down to a low tolerance it actually was just like the good ol' days!!!


Anyways, over the last coupla months the quality of the gear has been dropping, again. Obviously i been getting some decent gear but i've not had anything propa propa pukka since like the end of march and have heard roumers of another drought upon us??? I remember this is how the last one started.

crap crap crap again!!!!!!!

how another drought is desending on us yet again as i see it this time it's the same size bags for the same money but the gear is just shite shite shite again.

s anyone else on here gettin this problem but as i see ive not been on here for time an it looks like the same with all the others.. i would like to hear if any good or shite across the land??

peace love an good tootin or hitting up to all !!!


Looks like the drought back

Looks like the drought back in Dublin. Can get stuff but pure shite. All main dealers phones off since yesterday. Anyone else in Dublin experience this??? or anyone know where we can get decent brown in Dublin ??? can't go throught this shit again !!!

ANYONE in London, any

ANYONE in London, any suggestions where can I get some quality sister brown? I hope the drought is not back again...

London Supplies

Well, it is now 2012 and there 'aint no end in sight. I live by Southall in West London and I can tell you, this is the serious center of smack for the UK! I used to be able to pay peanuts for gear, I used to serve up and I was charging £80 an 1/8th and all was good, the gear was ream and everybody was gouching out their nuts all day long. I went to jail in Jan 2010, not gear related, and when I came out in Jan 2011 I was horrified to see what had happened to the scene. It was hard work getting even a joey and that was unheard of where I am from. I have still been able to get bags and the gear has been, surprisingly, good. Admittedly it has been scarce but it has always been there, now however, things have got real bad, people do still have good gear but they are charging £20 a point and no-one but no-one is letting off lumps off the stuff. Don't hold out much hope myself, looks like we all need to get sorted whether we like it or not eh??! Just wanted to let you know what was happening this neck of the woods, be lucky people.

Another drought

I'm from Feltham in Middlesex and this drought just come as a BIG suprise....It's been two weeks and normally it's so easy to get some food round here but it's just dried up! Everyone seems to being ringing everyone for help! Even DEALERS ringing me to get them some gear! The sizes at the moment are .1 for £15/£20 even so much as half a point! (Now that's just a liberty!). It probably wouldn't be that bad if it was even good gear but it's not!!!! I'm on a script but don't take my medication, I just store it up....Glad I did! It's pointless even trying to get gear cause of the way it is at the moment. The gear I'm getting now dosnt even do anything to me as I'm use to much stronger better gear anyway. I really don't know how some dealers sleep at night for what they are doing to people.........They obviously don't understand what 'clucking' is actually really like? There are people out there giving them there last bit of money to dealers just to feel better but in actual fact they are bashing it with god knows what!?! Wankers! This drought probably wont last long but people are gonna get greedy and string it out to get as much money as they can....................Think it's time I started taking my juice. 


+++++Beware people++++

Carly x :)


Ich bin gegen covid 19. Was ist deine Meinung?

Ich bin gegen covid 19. Was ist deine Meinung? mituns

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