Heroin Drought Causing Problems in England

A scarcity of heroin in England is leading to a growing number of drug overdoses and poisonings as users ingest dope cut with other substances by dealers trying to stretch supplies, The Guardian reported this week. Scene watchers there are calling it the worst drought in years.

Are you sure that's heroin? Be careful out there, especially in England
The drought is being blamed not on seizures by law enforcement agencies, but on a fungus that has blighted the Afghan opium poppy crop, reducing the size of this year's poppy crop by half. Afghanistan accounts for more than 90% of the world's opium production and likely 100% of the British heroin supply.

"There is a very significant heroin shortage across the UK at the moment," said Gary Cross, head of drug policy for the non-profit group Release.  "It has been going on for some time now, but the last two months have seen stockpiles exhausted."

"I've never known anything like it in 30 years," wrote one long-time heroin user on an on-line forum discussing the shortage.

As dealers and users scramble to grapple with the shortage, users are turning up at hospitals after ingesting adulterated heroin or, in some cases, fake heroin consisting of a powerful sedative, caffeine, and paracetamol, a bulking agent. Some have passed out after smoking or ingesting, while others have reported vomiting, amnesia, and flu-like symptoms.

"This 'heroin drought' appears to be serious and geographically widespread," said Neil Hunt, director of research at KCA, a nationwide community drug treatment service. "Street heroin is in a complete and utter muddle at the moment, and users are collapsing unexpectedly. We need to standardize information about what's out there.

"If people use this intravenously, perhaps on top of alcohol and methadone [the prescribed substitute drug for heroin], it is extremely risky," said Dr. John Ramsey, who runs a drug database at St. George's Medical School in London. "We have had many reports of people overdosing. It's really important that accident and emergency departments understand that they may not be dealing with a 'normal' heroin overdose when people are brought in," he said.

Harm reduction drug agencies are aware of the problem and working to address it. Several of them held an urgent meeting last week to discuss setting up an online warning system to give users notice about contaminated or adulterated drugs.

United Kingdom
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Fuck me ive been called some things during my 40 yrs on this planet, but never a she!!!  Yes i admit to being quite funny & modest!  but do i really give the impression of being a gal?

SHIRLEY you see has been my nickname since the away days of the 80's ( football violence) because of my long flowing curly locks ( Shirley Temple ) this stayed with me through the acid days, the early rave yrs then before you know it , its 2010 & ive been on the gear 15 yrs and i'm still Shirley to my old mates.

Anyway Kev cheers mate, thats the funniest thing ive heard in ages, if i wasn't incognito at work i'm sure being mistaken for a girl on a heroin forum would amuse my M.D & his board!

Back to business, how are you all ,mick,zara,sue,steve,ka88by & all newcomers....Today must be dial a day cus my phone aint stopped, dealers who i aint heard off for 3 months are saying " back to normal mate good 7/10" Bollox ! give me a tester then & if its any good ill have an henry , or an elizabeth, damn i'll even have a king halfer! " nah mate cant give no testers out" Well Fuck off then you aint got nowt any good. Hold on ther goes my phone again.......

Now then that was interesting , a lad who only ever had decent has just told me he has EVIL , plus i can have a boot with him 1st! Just when your faith in humanity disappears a shining light appears....

Will be back later with an update, wish me luck . Oh yeh before i forget Herb i will reply to ya later mate, i was where you are now & i chose wrong , hence i'm on my own ( 8 yrs ) still on the gear wishing, wondering what would of been?

Speak to you all soon Shirley( MALE)


I complained this morning about the gear..but I changed my dealer today..and oh my god - the gear is the best iv had in years...jesus..anybody would think i was trolling. but its the gods honest truth..the gear is from Telford and it kicks ass...if i sed 9/10 on its purity I wouldnt be doing the gear its justice...Fuckin Pukka...hope it stays like it...I just left the house and every1 is nodding soundly...I asked if it was just a perk me up while we are tacklling this drought...the guy shakes his head and says...Say goodbye to the drought...theres about 4 straight months worth here...hope every1 else gets theres soon - if they aint already got...its ruined me just 2 type this..nyte folks..


I complained this morning about the gear..but I changed my dealer today..and oh my god - the gear is the best iv had in years...jesus..anybody would think i was trolling. but its the gods honest truth..the gear is from Telford and it kicks ass...if i sed 9/10 on its purity I wouldnt be doing the gear its justice...Fuckin Pukka...hope it stays like it...I just left the house and every1 is nodding soundly...I asked if it was just a perk me up while we are tacklling this drought...the guy shakes his head and says...Say goodbye to the drought...theres about 4 straight months worth here...hope every1 else gets theres soon - if they aint already got...its ruined me just 2 type this..nyte folks..


I complained this morning about the gear..but I changed my dealer today..and oh my god - the gear is the best iv had in years...jesus..anybody would think i was trolling. but its the gods honest truth..the gear is from Telford and it kicks ass...if i sed 9/10 on its purity I wouldnt be doing the gear its justice...Fuckin Pukka...hope it stays like it...I just left the house and every1 is nodding soundly...I asked if it was just a perk me up while we are tacklling this drought...the guy shakes his head and says...Say goodbye to the drought...theres about 4 straight months worth here...hope every1 else gets theres soon - if they aint already got...its ruined me just 2 type this..nyte folks..



can hear the thundering of horses hooves in the distance...

Ez Shirley, K88BY, everyone else stuggling on, looks like santa might not be on strike after all


The riders are on the border of the shire! Loads of good reports now from Stourbridge, Telford, Walsall and the E. Mids (but suprisingly still not much in birmingham apparantly). Hopefully by the end of next week all the phones should start coming back on around here. Going to get some weed tommorrow for the weekend  - im not risking any of my hard claimed cash on gear untill I cam be certain the bash merchants have run out of rubbish


Gauching tiger, chasing dragon, just be careful peeps with what ur doing as the climate is now ideal for people going over (i aint on about the ice)


Love to all, thanks for the information, keep it coming, catch me on bluelight if ur bored

i heard mk kind of ok

hi 2 all soz shirly no i just stumbled on 2 this site the other day but use facebook but u cant talk about things like this on there and its just 4 close mates. like u say 2 zara (i would of lamped him one). went 2 sign on yesterday and saw 2 mates who do it but as im kind of near enough clean i didnt see the point of it. they said 2 me theres old guy from time ago back around and he has 6/10-7/10 gear which is ment 2 be pretty good the second mate was slurring his words wen we had a short 5-10 min chat.

so it sounds good wont last long i will say i normaly go ova 2 this mate gaff 2 day he ticks me a £10 and i sort it back monday on my giro but if i did go 2day he will probaly get shite.

and 2 zara ive neva comitted crime 4 funding it was always mother dearest and cash converters an that lost sum good stuff through that place so im just going 2 wait a while til theres good batch about



another thing 4got 2 say is i heard yesterday that the goverment are in the next 5-10 years are going 2 stop the methadone and get u on subutex. and i know people who have had that done or told 2 them!

i mean subbies are good if u want to come off and that this is my 3rd time on them in a 10 year stint. so all will be on them or something like those stupid morphine patchs u can get that takes away 30-40% of cluck


Drought what drought, i'm in

Drought what drought, i'm in bristol and my man has had decent throughout.

I must be one of the lucky ones.

My heart goes out to any peeps who are suffering but thankfully its not me.

Just had another package dropped off so its back to the gauging

pissed off that somone just

pissed off that somone just up the road in fkin bristol is booting some decent gear and hasnt even had the decentcy to offer moi from shity taunton a bag of gear to get him through these times (was gonna say bad times but r they bad times or r they really good times) of no gear. so come on Gooderish pull ur finger out and let me knows where i need to go to score can meet u at templemeads.  infact i have a car so can meet u anywhere, so what do u say wanna do me a fav?

Whilst your probally safe, i

Whilst your probally safe, i dont know that.

For that reason alone i cant.

Remember this site can be accessed by anyone


Even the FILTH


hey i live in Weston super mare its dry round here any one in Bristol that can help got £ waiting 4 a 1/8 an can travel but not to far out

let me no if you can help phone me 07818194989

Dude, whilst your probally

Dude, whilst your probally safe i dont know that.

For that reason alone i wont take the risk.

Remember this site is open to anyone, even the FILTH.

Dude, whilst your probally

Dude, whilst your probally safe i dont know that.

For that reason alone i wont take the risk.

Remember this site is open to anyone, even the FILTH.

Dude, whilst your probally

Dude, whilst your probally safe i dont know that.

For that reason alone i wont take the risk.

Remember this site is open to anyone, even the FILTH.

Dude, whilst your probally

Dude, whilst your probally safe i dont know that.

For that reason alone i wont take the risk.

Remember this site is open to anyone, even the FILTH.

don`t source off here!

To right mate, it aint just the polis thats the problem

Been following a couple of threads where desperate heads have been linking up to score off each other - surprise surprise, people getting burned, shat gear, robbed cash, free for all man


I mean - without judging anyone on here people who use and/or deal heroin ain`t to be relied on at the best of times, even when theres quality kit around. Do people really think that some sort of solidarity is suddenly going to fly out of nowhere now everybodys fooked, suffering and fighting over the scraps? Be nice if it did but somehow I think not

Dont source off here!


Eh-hem, What d'ya mean i cant be trusted? I've never lied, stole, borrowed,(with every intention of putting it back!) been unreliable,upset any of my family or friends, or been dishonest in any other way!

So if you can drop £100 in my pay-pal account, i can direct you to an egyptian geezer name of Hassan( no offence to any Hassans out there ) who will be standing by the palm tree opposite the Turkish bath-house in the sunny port of Bodrum, which you can get to by taking an early morning ferry from Kos, just ask for a captain named Stavos , he owns the boat " Paradise Lost" . Cant go wrong mate, honest!

Seriously Steve i understand what your sayin, it's just hard aint it son? You think because someone can be bothered to write on a forum that the're the same type of person as you see yourself ( ourselves). I mean treat everyone as you want to be treated etc.....

I have done it myself mate, Where ya from? can we meet up? i'd like to think if i landed on an amount worth talking about off a reliable source, then i would help as many people as i could ( not the rats who rob their granny's ) but decent hard working folk, like what most of us on here SEEM to be ! 

Hope i aint offended you Steve, just letting you know in advance in-case you see a blog off moi asking " Can we meet up mate? then you will know my reason for asking, even though i know i shouldn't

All the best mate



Evening all,

Is everyone ok? only seems a little too quiet! What's up ? everybody heads in laps, dribbling, or what. Michael, Zara, Sue, K88ABY, etc.....

ok then until the next drought, see ya!

Regards Shirley.

just scored

hi shirly just scored a p1 for 15 pound WOUNDED! decent ting but a fuckin p1 god im so sick of these fuckers bare takin advantage of us. anyway how you doin hows thngs your end?

i take that back

i take that back the gear wasnt decent at all. wanker wanker wanker!!!!!

`just finished the night

`just finished the night shift patroling the streets of taunton like the true five0 man i am they dont call me copper lee for nothin u know (altho ginger hair i have ) so guess i aint gonna get my first bust of an internet forum.  back to the drawing board.  what gave it away i wonder was it the life story in less than a 100 words that did it or the plea for gear which u were ment to take seriously?  i mean come on like i would fking meet up anyways.

now if there r any dealers on this here site then do me a fav and flood the South west with premium and quick smart life is dull enough round these parts.

@ shirley

No offence taken at all mate, were all in the same boat, (the paradise lost innit) and I wouldn`t blame anyone for attempting to try and get hold of something, it`s just I would not be surprised in the slightest if the sh1t hit the fan in the process.

With regards to meeting hassan are turkey in the EU now? I remember the greeks taking a dim view of your passport if you returned from a day trip with a turkish stamp on it. Don`t think they would be too impressed at the kilo of horse in my backpack either.


Alright Steve son,

your spot on mate, the Greek customs certainly didn't take kindly to me coming back across their dotted line with a Turkish stamp! I mean i was only a couple of days AWOL . My other half was even less pleased considering i was only supposed to be there for a couple of hours! I blamed the donkey who gave me directions back to the harbour, nothing to do with the dark, sticky substance his owner sold me!!!

Things are still a bit mixed up around these sides, an awful lot of shit, a fair bit of stuff that looks the part, smells the part, even acts like it should until the final chapter when it all just fades away miserably . Then there is a little of the real thing but at an extortionate ££££.

So i'm back across the channel in an hour, do a bit more xmas shopping & all. At least i'm out the way for a night, which gives me the chance to make a little money, instead of spending a load on ?

Speak to you all when i get back, good luck .


I've been nodding so much i

I've been nodding so much i have back ache.....

gooderich says bristol ok!!!!

GOODERICH so ur sayin bristol has got good then!! my m8?  lives down there well weston -super -mare and my mates will be glad 2 here of that as he is popin back up here 4 xmas i mite send him a txt asking 2 bring some up wiv him sell 2 me mates and make a killing. all depends on size for £££s can u let us know wot sizes they are please gooderich mate will be very greatfull

and as to like people are saying on here anyone can access this site so if thinking of meetin up wiv someone i would get a good rapore going first before anything coz u never know what could be the out come so stay safe u know...........


i've been getting same as

i've been getting same as normal, p2s for a tenner

gheer's gooderich

cheer's gooderich 4 that heads up we pay p1 for £15 or more here in milton keynes  because people r sayin they r payin a £100 or £100 an sumthing a gram round here a joke aint it i know..

but cheers again gooderich m8!!


Down South

Hi all, (too many ppl now so all is easier, (shirley come bk pls)

Soz no postin yesterday, had a huge fuck about day! It was madness!

Shirley i thought you were a MALE but at first thought you were a chick lmao...huge suprise!

Lost my job ( tv work ) job now as every year you have to re-register with my casting agency, n could'nt make it through chasing around ( n feelin unwell ) as live in South West (Devon), and its in London, good news is got my car going again, as that car helps me bring in the penny's ( helpin peeps out ) as know a lot of ppl....

HAS anyone had some gear that holds you all night long, but pupils hardly budge, im getting hold of this kind of stuff at the mo... but what the fuck is in it!! As cannot understand what it could be, as smells a little like gear, (only SLIGHTLY) n not on script, and last took at 9pm last night, still feeling ok-ish! im speculating it could be speed, as that could hold you, as i was talking non stop all last night, but thing is.. i slept for 7 hours, huh!! dont get it at all.....my guess is im feelin ok-ish as ive probs done my rattle now through NO gear at all being in anything ive taken lol....as totally cleared out my colonic system completely now, n have'nt had that in all my days of using..( 34yrs, been using nearly 10 yrs)

LATELY all phones are on.... but about half of them i know have got.. but 9/10 seem to all have this shitty stuff that smokes fine, (apparently clogs up in the works though) n hols you for a couple hours, but pupils hardly budge! huh!.. i dont get whats in it...the person im gettin from at the mo..has the stuff that carries you for a good 8-10 hours, but pupils again, hardly budge...its getting really desperate down here now! ive never seen so many large pupils on all so called friends/addicts, even had them knockin my door, sayin "do you want" i say "any good, pls be honest" ("OH ITS OK") door closed !!!!

Im stickin with the one person i know that i kept gettin lucky with ( about 1 in every 15 has had proper in it!) as has this stuff at mo.. thats just keepin me well for a long period of time, its that, or ive done my rattle without even knowing it.....

One good thing is im feelin ok mentally, comes n goes in waves, im a great lover of music, n im on here a lot at mo listening to all sorts, love snow patrol, coldplay, nirvana, verve, old skool rave, eminem ect...good one to listen to is Eminem--going through changes, very relivent!!

Back in a bit to check in.....

Zara xx


Things are lookin up

Gear is coming back from what i can see, i live in walsall and have suffered all the same throughout this drought but for the last week i've had some complete shit, half decent and pretty decent gear. The things i had lasntnight and tonight have been sound in the pin, not congealing or fuckall and a nice colour. Bags werent huge but i was pretty fucked, suppose tolerance has dropped too. Dunno what it's like on the jimmy tho but  been lookin good for the past week nearly.

North Hampshire Girl

hello folks, i havent scored for 3 weeks!! cant beleive it, as use to score daily or twice daily up until 3 wks ago when we had enough of wasting our money on fake gear, and its amazing having money in the bank! have £200 and even spent lots this wk on shopping, getting car insured, tax & mot'd, yet still have money, am so use to being skint, so every cloud has a silver lining and all that! i never wanna go bk to gear again, but have some awful times where i really crave it. im on 60 ml of meth, and its holding me. am so pleased i havent been lining the pockets of those scumbags, was spending between £40-£50 a day (between me and my bf). he works, so have never robbed or anything like that, we supported our habit. in a way i want the gear to come bk, but on the other hand i dont. spoke to one of my black dealers frm london and he said won't be bk until the new yr, hes still selling white, sod that! i cud never do a pipe without some B to come down with after! what a head fuck.


I think tolerance might have something to do with it, (lack of) but I had my last hit at 11pm last night. I didn't drop of til about 4ish this morning, and woke up at about 7 tonight... and felt fine. That's unheard of isn't it. Luckily I've got enough to sort me out for today, but the word is that we're drying up tomorrow :-(  But to answer your question, yeah, the gear held me well...

Thankfully got the subs on script. I really hope people have got themselves to the clinics, cos I've got a feeling that we're gonna have problems again soon.

A tip for anyone whose got subs. In my case I'm managing to skim off somebody elses, I CAN'T get scripted because if i do, it'll cause me all manner of problems. Anyway if anybodys got/gets access to a few subbys- crush the little beautys and sniff them. Not because it makes you gouch (cos it doesn't) or for any other reason that they actually WORK. And they work well. I use to take them sublingularly and as well as tasting totally rank, they just didn't seem to help me much. Doing them this way really makes a difference, i think it ups the bioavailabilty by a considerable amount, they also kick in a hell of a lot quicker. Which always helps.

Mind you, I'm talking about subutex, not suboxone.

Shirley.. hope your trip went smooth, and i'm glad you cleared up the gender confusion ;-)

(I'm blonde)


hi k88aby you say about the subbie not givin u a gouch i know people who take them by snorting and they gouch if they avent or had a habbit. ive seen it 4 my own eye's and they say 2 me 2 do it that way but id rather take my subbies under the tongue..

im detox my meds clean now its me last week this week. so good time's in away !!!!

Well done for cleaning up. I

Well done for cleaning up. I just meant that to anyone with any kind of tolerance to opiates, it is unlikely to make you gouch. I remember the first time I did a subutex. I'd only been on the gear for about 6 weeks 2 months, enough (as we all know) to need it anyway. Then the day came, when the pennys ran out. So I stuck this 'miracle pill' under my tongue, and about an hour later it was like the best gear I'd ever had. I was absolutely shitfaced. But never got like that since.... I don't care, if the drought persists, it's not getting hammered i'm chasing. Christ i'd fetch a nasty cheap bottle of vodka in if I wanted to do that. As long as  I'm not poorly. So, railing subutex is good for me. Lasts ages too, you almost forget your an addict :-)

Just bought my first dodgy

Just bought my first dodgy bag during the drought.

There's gear in it but it looks a bit waxy on the foil, i had to smoke twice as much just to feel it and am on my third bag now.

Moi is not a happy bunny. 

Dear Mistress.........

Dear H,

Firstly please forgive me for ending our relationship in such a cowardly manner.... but you must admit we havn't been seeing a lot of each other of late. I was warned about long distance relationships not working years ago, yet thought ours would be different. I just cant take the heartache anymore, the broken promises, the total feeling of emptiness i am left with each time you stand me up. God, i still love you , probably always will, but i'm afraid if i dont get out now while i still can then you will be the death of me!

I'll never forget the time we met 15 years ago, it was definatley love at first sight, even if you did make me feel GUILTY, our bond was so strong it didn't matter who or what tried to stand in our way , we always ended up back together. Can you remember our first time? I was so stressed & wired , but you made me relax & feel so calm & warm & safe, you gave me my first nights sleep in years. I couldn't believe how lucky i was to meet someone who showed me so much affection, yet wanted so little in return (at first)

I have given the best part of my life to you, but i cant do it no more! I will always remember you fondly, infact there wont be a day goes by when some part of me wishes i could see you one last time, yet i am terrified if i ever see you again i wont be strong enough to walk away. Can you understand why i am doing this now? please dont think that by suddenly showing up on my doorstep i will immediatly fall straight back into your arms. I wont,i cant, however tempting it will seem i will simply turn my back on you.

I started this letter over an hour ago, trying to put my feelings into words has always been an issue for me, so please understand if some of it is confusing, it's just...........

Please remember me as i you, once again sorry for not being able to do this face to face, love always Shirley

P-.S. THANKYOU all for your kind words, advice & humour at such difficult times. Goodbye & Good luck


yo shirly fair play dude i

yo shirly fair play dude i hope to god your serious, its for the best. i wish i had your strength but i fear i will be H's bitch for a lot longer. its more than just love for me. it's more than a need, H completes me.


No matter what it does to me i just aint got it in me to kick her to the kerb.


Til death us do part is too soon.


I am your BITCH, now and forever.



Best Dear John I ever

Best Dear John I ever read.....

Still Rattle'n in Dublin

hi yall,

Dublin is still dry, theres the dirt so called 'white gear' that takes the edge off for a few hours, nowt else. I scored 4 Q's at 6am last thursday morn & shot 3 t.o's one after another..left me feeling like i was going to have a heartattack. Don't know whats in it but there's gotta be some sort of up'er in it. Gonna find out this week if my screens are clean, will know for sure then if there was any h at all in it.

Outside of gear i had, for the first time, a few shots of crystaly methadrone. Hadn't had anything like that in 6years or more, but was impressed. Though at that point i was glad just to be banging anything. Also managing to stretch my yellow and blues stash but this week will see them out for sure.

Totally agree with previous post by guy advising us all not to buy this crap, it has left me totally skint. I thought i'd have enough money for a half or even an ounce when the drought ended.

Anyone know when this drought ends?

Also a point made by a previous post, I do remember xmas's before when gear was scarce.. I'm hoping January's going to see the end of this situation. With another  3weeks in this month January seems a long way off.

Love to hear what the situation is in mainland Europe ?? Anyone know ??

Check back with yall later


Derek you're going to hear

Derek you're going to hear every answer possible to that question. The fact is buddy, NOBODY knows. Have you followed this blog from the start? Somebody has 'seen' a brown mountain that's going to save the day in time for crimbo. Some say things'll pick up in the spring. We all want to believe that it's going to be sooner rather than later don't we. I'm right in thinking you are scripted?? Keep that safe whatever you do, we're going to need to keep our scripits. At the end of the day, what will be, will be. Just ride it out, and make the most of having some cash in your pocket. I'll be honest, I did sit and have a girly weep yesterday. Stupid, I really fancied going out for some dinner, but I couldn't afford it, then my head went back to the amount of lolly I've wasted on fucking piano wax. I stopped thinking when I got to about £600. So.......  keep your money for something else babe :-)

If any of you lovely English

If any of you lovely English drug dealing people are selling to our Irish drug dealing people (not many of them left in our country) please tell them to stop mixing the heroin with pure shit and if they tell you they are going to mix it, smack them in head and take their money of them cause if I buy another bag of heroin with piano wax, cement, baking soda and god know what else and I have given nearly €100 from my very hard earned wages (which the IMF are funding so their very bad now). I think I'm going to kill myself ( and I really don't want to do that cause I can't even overdose). If any of you's lovely people are on this blog and are near liverpool or holyhead and get sorted with decent stuff any hope of letting us know cause I'm might do a day trip for some xmas shopping and I really want to get me self a nice pressie.

Give a gift for Christmas. Give me nice heroin.


nearly all phones bk on

hi everyone things seem to be picking back up here in bham nearly all phones back on now. only problem is the bags of some are so shit its just  a joke never seen such shit deal. we got 12 on friday at full tens to last the weekend and we got four lines each of each one, the gear was nice but not enough of it when ur sharing 3 a night between two of you. my main dealer turned back on yesterday and ive heard the bags are p2 and the gears not that bad so ill gve him a go later. i hope that things will get back to normal soon my heart gos out to  any of you that still cant score, i know im lucky to beable to score decent gear so im sorry to anyone who thinks i sound ungratful. hope everyones ok :)

feel good

morning all as im sat here on laptop wiv match of the day in the background i never felt so good in a long time at this time of the morning. im back 2 sleeping well with help of high grade armageden and a appite back again its just now gettin the money back in order. so its my last week on subbies and ive got plenty saved as im only taking sum of my script so when it does stop end of week ive got a few weeks left if i do feel a little niggle at all. arrrgggh a mate has just e.mailed from his work while i was typing this saying a can get pukka stuff if i want wot i want is no more of the shite.

so stay safe and hope all goes well 4 u lot



Hi All, This was posted 2 days ago on the first page as a reply to the 3rd message, dated 9th dec..

I don't know about  the cia thing.  They seem to do quite well out of the drug trade, remember the Contra hearings Oliver North said coke funded military aid to US supported groups in Nicaragua, and of course there was Air America set up by the  CIA to get the South Vietnamese general's heroin out of there.

There was an unexplained drought in Australia in early 2000s.  I'm a University researcher who's been looking at the heroin trade and am a long term user so I'm interested on both levels.  There's probably several forces at work, not least trying to push the price up.  There has been top gear but expensive at 1988 prices where I am-- 200 on the 1/8 but only coming through one person.  Must be a one off stash come in from Islamabad!  The rest is bash or poison.  No-one can explain this simply....none of the top scholars of drug use ever figured out the Australian drought and Tazmania is one of the largest producers of legal opium in the world!!  Everyone just changed their drug of choice and smack re-emerged after about a year.  A strange occurrence. I know alot of people with or without scripts are suffering.  Time to legalise or people will just take more risks and more dangerous drugs or start making fentanyl which, if ur a chemist, is easy and 1g of fentanyl can be cut into 1kg of gear safely as a pharmaceutical replacement.  That's what the big boys would do if there was a real "no heroin on the planet scenario".  There's no way they'll give up the trade and lose all that lovely money they love so much.  Read the book Heroin Century by Tom Carnwath and Ian Smith, although from 2002 it explains a lot. 


Hi All

Soz did'nt post since 2 days ago, but for good reason.. as when last posted 2 days ago, (apart from the one above)  a guy who i had'nt seen in a few yrs turned up ( he does'nt use that often as scripted with subbies ) as you remember i was rattling, n he said " got a bag on me, will go 3 ways with ya's and op, but does'nt smoke, only pins" so out of pure desperation ( the lengths we will go too ) as ive smoked through all my yrs of using ( although i have tried it b4 only a few times ) Even though i was really nervous, rapped sweating in my quilt, we went 3 ways on just a bag of p2, n boy was i in for the shock of my life, have'nt gouched like that in yrs as my head was in my lap for 6 hours or more, (just a third of a bag) n so were the other 2 ppl, i was trying to sort my shit out n sit up, but it was just pure heaven, i did'nt want too.. so asked if he could get more, so got a Loui.. only had a third of it btween 2 of us, lasted til today, i have lost 2 days but boy was it worth it!! I know i could get it again, but for 1, i dont want to start the pin, 2, i dont want to rattle bad if it dried up.. so going to stay with a pal down the road as it might not be gear, but it does hold me, hence the above comment i copied n pasted from mark as i do believe its something like fentanyl (is the proper spelling),.. google it...look on wiklopedia, read first bit, then click on...  Illicit use .....

SHIRLEY, Chin up LAD, things maybe lookin up, but pls keep up the good work n keep us informed, there's a lot of love for you on here!

And to, Sue, DJKev76, K88aby, gooderish, n everyone else, thanx for sticking on this forum, you keep me going in times like this, right, im back off down the road to buy a bag of fentanyl lol, thats at least what i think it is, after reading wiklopedia on it, n marks comment.. over n out til tomoro chaps...


Only me again, just very

Only me again, just very quickly as forgot to say, the word around here ( Devon) is that its looking up, but not going to hold my breath ! For the last 2 days my pupils were like pin holes, but there back up now, oh aha, friends just popped in with my fentanyl LOL, so off to my room to see my pupils not budge, but at least feel a little better, n watch the x factor final, GO MATT CARDLE !! See you guys in the morning! NIGHT XX


hi zara :)

hi zara glad to hear that you got some decent gear! bet that was nice first time havin it in a pin with ur tolerence right down, bet you was smashed :)) i smoke it myself but i had a situation very simalar to yours and ended up havin it in a pin ohhhhh that was soo nice i was dribbilin all ova myself and couldnt get my head up howeva hard i tried! havnt done it since tho as i could get far too used to it. things seem to be gettin back to normal my end nearly everyone back on now scored last night off my normal man and the bags were decent and the gear was good so im a very happy bunny now! im hopin that were gettin back to normal and it wont dry up again. hope uv managed to get some more real gear by the time you read this. talk soon x

hi zara :)

hi zara m glad to hear that u managed to get ur hands on some gear! bet it felt nice havin it in a pin for the first time with your tolerence down, bet u were smashed! i smoke it myself but a few years ago i was in a situation like urs and ended up havin it in a pin ohhhh that was  soo nice i was dribbling and couldnt get my head up no matter how hard i tried!! went back to smokin after that tho cuz i could of got used to that far too easyly..things seem to be gettin back to normal round here most phones are back on now. scored last night off my normal man and the bags were decent and the gear was good so im very happy now :)) i hope this is it now and things wont dry up again. hope things in devon are gettin better and uv managed to get some decent gear by the time you read this. take care. sue x

had a one day'er but still ok!!!!

im stil feeling as good as i was yesterday and the e'mail fom a mate yesterday saying about pukka well !!!!

as i aint taken any of my subbies since friday i thought ill take his word up on the pukka stuff so at 11am yesterday he came and picked me up on his lunch break off we went afew roundabouts down 2 meet the guy. got back 2 mine he got out 2 new pins vit,c filters and that. so it was about 0.1-0.1/2 for a £10 so got 2 of em lil buggar's i cooked it up sucked it up and split it wiv me mate. i shot home and the taste and euphoric feeling that came over me was great i thought this is good gear but 30mins later nowt zip zillsh nada.. not a thing no gouch nothing well that was £20 well spent dont fuckin thing so. woke up this morning and took abit of subbie and as 4 anyone who know's about subbies they give u hot flushes of sweat (thats the gear sweating out of u) but no known of that this morning it must of been hardly no gear in it.

so that little slip up has still made me thing sod it as im like clean its stayin that way i think.. and as it is my giro day 2day i would normaly of not been sat here at this time wrighting this 4 u lot i'd be out scoring but im happy 2 b sat here doing this and let it stay in the bank a couple of hours longer..


zara it's ok!!

zara i'd say its ok in a blue moon 2 do a pin now and again u know and if only thats how the person does it. many years ago i was like u dint do pin's just smoked it but until the day i was gettin nowt off smoking it i changed 2 pins and always kept clean my own stuff. just dont fall in to a habbit of us'ing them ive always said 2 my self is that, if i evere had 2 use the groin that is it 4 me but this drought has stopped that nightmare ever happen'ing

so good luck 2 u on ur fentanyl or quest 4 better zarra. x


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