Heroin Drought Causing Problems in England

A scarcity of heroin in England is leading to a growing number of drug overdoses and poisonings as users ingest dope cut with other substances by dealers trying to stretch supplies, The Guardian reported this week. Scene watchers there are calling it the worst drought in years.

Are you sure that's heroin? Be careful out there, especially in England
The drought is being blamed not on seizures by law enforcement agencies, but on a fungus that has blighted the Afghan opium poppy crop, reducing the size of this year's poppy crop by half. Afghanistan accounts for more than 90% of the world's opium production and likely 100% of the British heroin supply.

"There is a very significant heroin shortage across the UK at the moment," said Gary Cross, head of drug policy for the non-profit group Release.  "It has been going on for some time now, but the last two months have seen stockpiles exhausted."

"I've never known anything like it in 30 years," wrote one long-time heroin user on an on-line forum discussing the shortage.

As dealers and users scramble to grapple with the shortage, users are turning up at hospitals after ingesting adulterated heroin or, in some cases, fake heroin consisting of a powerful sedative, caffeine, and paracetamol, a bulking agent. Some have passed out after smoking or ingesting, while others have reported vomiting, amnesia, and flu-like symptoms.

"This 'heroin drought' appears to be serious and geographically widespread," said Neil Hunt, director of research at KCA, a nationwide community drug treatment service. "Street heroin is in a complete and utter muddle at the moment, and users are collapsing unexpectedly. We need to standardize information about what's out there.

"If people use this intravenously, perhaps on top of alcohol and methadone [the prescribed substitute drug for heroin], it is extremely risky," said Dr. John Ramsey, who runs a drug database at St. George's Medical School in London. "We have had many reports of people overdosing. It's really important that accident and emergency departments understand that they may not be dealing with a 'normal' heroin overdose when people are brought in," he said.

Harm reduction drug agencies are aware of the problem and working to address it. Several of them held an urgent meeting last week to discuss setting up an online warning system to give users notice about contaminated or adulterated drugs.

United Kingdom
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USA & Russian Army

I was checking online a few weeks back & one section i read was that the Russians & Usa had blitzd 2 Heroin & Cocaine processing plants in Afghanistan so if that was right all you crack heads gonna be shafted as well.....

that is clearly bollocks

that is clearly bollocks 'cos cocaine only comes from South America- abt as far away from heroin producing Afghanistan as u can get man!


Please tell whoever that now is the time to make that killing no H in mids for over 3wk people are already desperate and paying over the odds for crap. Feeling for anyone not on script...

Talkin shit as well as sellin shit

Hi Guys N Gals, I'm from Bury Greater Manc & we have a guy who calls himself Sparky on this patch he been sellin for years been sayin for last 3 weeks his tack best in town but once youve given him your dollars, & smoked some you realise it just shit, Every other dealer i have tried has the same shit. i managed too buy a few subs so i'm taking them but gonna be climbing the walls when they all gone.


hi this is chichester and same story here i came home from work to find my wife unconcious  she had a sneaky hit while i was at work thank god shes ok . our dealers usin portsmouth but cant find anything worth bying. the dodgy batch came from bognor lucky we got scripts but its not the same, hope fellas right about brown crimbo  anyways be carful everyone if you inject smoke for a while. its not worth losing ur life over a fix!


Haha what the hell are they on about?  Heroin drought causing problems?  Heroins supposed to be illegal i thought they were trying to get the drug off the streets anyway!  Where the hell are we with drug policy, it's a fucking mess?!!  Get the damn stuff prescribed and be done with it.

Re: Drought

Are you stupid? People will ALWAYS want to get high, just because you make something illegal doesn't mean it suddenly ceases to exist. There are an estimated 300,000 heroin addicts in the UK, that's a LOT of people to be suffering. If 300,000 citizens were suffering from some legal problem as severe as this drought it'd be all over the news. But yes, prescribing SHOULD be the answer, we should ALL be able to get diamorphine scripts so we don't have to run the police gauntlet of scoring or risk losing our arms and lives using badly cut gear. Sadly that's not how it is, although with this drought I'm thankful enough for my meth script..just hope this IS over before christmas...


£712 million pounds confiscated in afghanistan in august and 330 kilos at heathrow in september AND 80 kilos from felixstowe this month. I am in bromsgove near birmingham and have bought weights for 14 years, i cant even get sa bag of gear! i was told back in june that there was a problem and since then downhill> c.d.t have never had so many clean samples in my area FACT! Time to get clean people. There is proof its coming in but in such small quantities that by the time they have mixed it with bash it will be no good. This country and each country in europe and elsewhere gets through tons Not kilos. Do the maths its OVER!

Heroin shortage in britain

Cheer up people if Sparky's correct we will have a brown christmas! ( might have all done our rattle by then ) but at least we will get a nod for xmas. ( that's on my wish list to santa )

It's all still quiet in the west mids, even the comotion i witnessed the other day has calmed down! only cus the gear has changed. What's the T.C.P. taste that is in a lot of the gear lately ? Does anyone know ?

I suppose i'm one of the lucky one's on a script , but it's the boredom that's doin my sweed in. Has anyone any good news to report ? Sick to death of hearing so & so has proper scabby gear, leaves a button on your cocky! then you get there & it's that light weak shit that changes colour !

Chins up Shirley*****

i think its benzos but i am

i think its benzos but i am not sure. Everything is bash (was £500 a kilo and price going up) mixed with anything to make it go dark.

Its Linctus morphine  the TCP

Its Linctus morphine  the TCP smelling stuff what they mix it with but its weak morphine what they use for sore throats! Piss Take!! This is what it has come to! The bastards whose pockets we have been lining over the years! -I would imagine that goes in when it hits Brum in our case! The earlybird gets the first worm! Oh well - We can just hope enough gets through to go round the outer towns of brum! Kiddy has the same So Called gear!

TCP Taste

Im from plymouth, but i have just got some lefoxadine / Britlofex of the doctor which stinks of TCP, n smells strongly of it also, thats my theory hun, as it takes away about 30-40% of withdrawls, im not on a script, gave it up to turkey, by going back on H as its easier to come off them meth, big mistake, but hey, now im forced into doing my funky chicken, lol, wish me luck, were all in this together, hope things get better soon, a great video to lookup by the way on YOUTUBE: type in:    Heroin on the NHS,   its about Clive Froggat who was magarett thatchers doctor (Prime minister in the 80's who was a H. addict whi is fighting to get it legalised, really interesting to watch, its in 3 parts

TCP gear

People r saying TCP, but I always thought it was something I vividly remembered from childhood.  Then it hit me- it's not TCP it's germolene! God knows why they they were using something that tastes that distinctive though.  What happened to good old fashioned glucose? Actually what happened to good old fashioned heroin?! Guess I'm lucky, I've had quite a few morphine sulphate gouches lately, but what you were saying about the ritual with the foil is spot on.  Things still shit here in Cheltenham.  How bout up in the midlands?

Golden Triangle/Crescent

Anyone know why the Mr Bigs haven't just sourced it from the Golden Triangle like the old days instead of waiting on Afghanistan? That is if it is a fungus that has done this to us.

golden triangle

golden triangle area is not the producing powerhouse it once was.  It is still produced in Laos and Burma but Thailand has cracked down to such an extent that the area is now a tourist attraction because of what USED to happen there! 

Drought Week 6 Day 1


Same story , different day here in Dublin. Called around yesterday.. a couple of em said 'there's "white" banging gear there, others saying "its not the best, i don't do it myself but people are coming back to buy more" This all basically means there selling dirt and its a rip..

that stuff with the weird taste is violin wax or piano cleaner and what ever other muck they can throw together .. funny thing is all my dealers all have their phones turned on .. just to torment ye.

Elsewhere.. peeps i know are banging the (ex-headshop) methadrone for a rush .. i'd be tempted but with nowt to come down with i think it'd make me worse... so I'm lashing into the last of my stash of yellows and dollies .. running low tho now. after that im gonna be dry as a whistle and i'll have clean screens by new year. Also Zimmos are going for 5e a pop.. if u can find em. nice nod off them if u've a low tolerance

Talking with users; word is when it comes back its either gonna go two ways.. 1) this might cream off a certain amount of casual users or even hardened users out of the scene or 2) Users are gonna have a pile of cash waiting  and when it happens .. ur gonna see so many ounces plugged it'll be like seeing stuffed cold turkeys walking around. 

If enough users step out of the game cause of this, when it does flow again .. prices hopefully will fall through the floor.

What can it be like in the prisions at the moment.. surely they ran dry first.. bad out here but inside it must be hell

The irony of it is who would ever have thought we'd all be praying to get on gear as opposed to off it.

Anyway.. I'm moving to Europe in January and off these god-forsaken islands for good..

Only brown crimbo i can see is the dealers continuing to Shit All Over Us with dirt ! !

Hope I'm wrong.. Check back with u's later.. Week 6 day 1 ,maybe there's a change today .  

to get the uk up and running

to get the uk up and running its going to take maybe 2-3 tons being waved through port and cut and split between every dealer going if its will be good by xmas. not likely things will happen but they will be slow and painful. If they dont hurry up demand will of gone down 25% and thats when drug trends may change to shit like crystal meth god i hope not


Looks like it's slowly getting better here in Surrey... last good shot I had was about two weeks ago, and even then I was just lucky the dealer mixed in his cut badly (I had a decent amount of H and not much of whatever other crap). For me this is the first time in approx 7 years where I've not bothered to buy anything cos of the shit quality. I suppose I'm pretty much detoxed now, but I've just had a call from my mate saying 'Yup, we got some!' 

I'm VERY tempted to go to India and get some H4 (again)... That's the stuff I first got really into, I'd tried a bit of brown over the previous 4 years but never got a habit. Then about 6 years ago my mate brought an ounce back from India as a payment from his supplier who came up short on the cannabis he bought! My mate isn't a user and had no idea what he had in his possession, so I thought, fuck it, I'll have it! He sold me an ounce of (virtually) pure smack for £150!!! FUCK!!!! I wanna go back to those days/daze... Pure white colour, not brown at all, dissolved in the water without heat... sigh...

suffering in oxford :(

hello eveyone, i am in oxford and its dry as anything here. Oh all the dealers are selling gear but the harsh thing is....its not even gear. Fucking conning wankers. Well im not lining there pockets to buy a poxy bag of shite that will just do my fucking head in even more. I think that it will be around may time. That person above hereford is right its going to take ages to get good again. There are 300,000 registered heroin users in the uk and id definitely say another 100,000 unregistered so do the maths. Its going to be shitty gear for months. I have invested in some nice sleeping tablets and a few good books and now im going to wait it out and just take my green. Its not helping buying shit gear. If the dealers are getting away with selling us shit now i think it will give them ideas....if you know what i mean


Anyhow, hope your all staying safe people. Remember when the good shit does arrive our tolerances are low so be careful.


k xx


We're in Lincs/leicestershire, it's been dry for getting on 2 months now, and prior to that the gear wasn't even gear. Our usual dealers though, are refusing to pick up again, as they don't wish to be selling crap (which i suppose is commendable)  Thankfully we have a script, so the physicals aren't an issue, however, I am strugglind immensly emotionally. I'm sure I can speak for most of us when i say, i just wish i knew what the f**k was going on.. I hear about the 'funugs' and seizures, whatever.. but surely somebody's working on it? I know people up and down the country. It's obviously the same everywhere. THERE IS NO GEAR. To begin with we chased it like hell, but after scoring the same rubbish from 5 different counties, it's time to call it a day. I hope for the sake of us all, that the ball gets rolling, if not IS rolling asap. Don't get me wrong, it's not that we wish to ruin our lives or become the sterotypical 'junkie'.. I just want to get beck to enjoying what I like :-(

No sign of the Brown Lady

Hi to all fellow users,

Just a quick note to say nothing yet arrived in west midlands ( to my knowledge ) if anyone knows any different please report asap!

it's 06:20 and i'm working already , my manager is asking me " is everything ok Shirley, only you seem to be doing more work than usual"  Cheeky fucker! what she means is your not sitting in the toilet as often! ( as i suffer from piles you see! so spend at least half an hour on the loo ! lol .. Oh well at least the paranoia of getting caught booting in the toilet has gone for a while, you know sitting there with the jimmy on your lap trying not to move , incase the person in the next cubicle hears the rustle!!  Blowing smoke down your jumper, then spraying enough deodorant to disguise that lovely fishy smell! Oh god i miss those days ! 

Chins up Regards Shirley******

Im in Wolverhampton Shirley

Im in Wolverhampton Shirley and the quality of the gear has been hit and miss since July. Last good one i had now was Halloween - it was strong enough to give me a nod (i havnt been opiate dependant in months) but really didnt run that well - been back to score twice and been fobbed off with that tcp tasting shite. This morning ive gone to investigate and finally all the mans have done the decent thing and turned their telephones off. As gutted as I am at not getting a boot least im not a dependant at the moment I reallly feel for all you guys still at it as a career - you must be tearing your hairs out - all i can say is god moves in mysterious ways - seize the moment, get a nice piece of skunk and start practising now for heroin free future

RE: Shirley

Lol Shirley...You remind me of myself when I worked for Kays in Droitwich..Oh the days..It was like an addicts dream with fellow addicts taking in turns to bring in 2X 1/2G and straight to the bogs for a toot but people must have thought I had non-stop diahorrhia after the non-stop flushing to dowse the rustling of the foil..Lol..It must of stunk like a smoked cod shop up there at the time..but you dont give a fuck when your getting rid of the old rattle! NO TOOT = NO WORK LOL...Oh the days!! Nothing still this way! I aint chancing another lost tenner! THANK GOD 4 THE MEF thats what I say!

Didnt let myself get excited for even a second

Just had one guy ring me back.

'Whats it saying' i said 'I know there are a few problems at the moment'

'Well' he says 'its okay....'

Phone straight back down.

Best way steve... I gave up

Best way steve... I gave up being excited weeks ago. I think we should prepare ourselves for the worst, and just give up. That way, if anything does come back, it'll be a bonus. I'm not expecting anything to happen for a very long time. :-(


typical, after what i just said, busines as usual here, as from tonight. Happy days :-)

Heroin In Birmingham

first i wanna quote this guy...."At the top of this rd were at least 100 people of all ages & races, at the side were cars ranging from brand new jags to work vans. Then without warning a car drove up this street followed by a large 4 by 4 which blocked off the rd. The scene that followed was equivalent to a food drop in a 3rd world country, as people surrounded the car, both sides , fighting to get served, some buying 100 bags @ £15 a pop (0.2) only. "



its the same by me now, there was gear around for a while that had been stamped on so many times it was not worth taking, had a strong TCP taste & did nothing to you.  There was 1 guy who had & he sold his bags the same as quoted.  It was 1 or 2 drops late at night & then he was off line.


i been on H 11 years & never known it like this at all, the stuff i did shoot when the dry spell kicked in has made my arms go hard where i shot the gear.  Im just about to start my script today thank god.

@ Stourbridge big mouth

to that guy/girl who said about stourbridge, i live in the town too.


keep your mouth shut about your afgan chap, I know who you mean (alpha to Omega) & that aint cool.


plus his not had for days & the last time i scored off him he was doing £5 for £15.  Plus he says his off for the next week.

well well

what have i just said.... just this minute had a call, we're back on this way. Happy days ;-)

lucky swine

where u based?

business as usual here.

business as usual here.

proof of pudding is in the eating

you sorted then hehehe well done enjoy!!!!

Will be later, but as

Will be later, but as expected.. price through the roof. It was only ever £10 for p2.. it's now 15. Still, we'll see.

I hope things get better for all of us. I've been checking out other blogs. It seems people are starting to get bits. Fingers crossed :-)

I'll check in later with a report on quality.

be careful....

been reading gledwoods blog very interesting reading, but from what i can gather it looks like theres bits and pieces around. i usually lurk on bluelight but they seen to have been down all morning

I know this goes without saying guys but i hope no one on here is stupid enough to try and source from other posters, that will be the end of that and the one current outlet for people frustrations will be gone

hopefully the lack of posts going up now speaks for itself :-)

make sure you check back in k88aby


i go on there as farmaz, lol good to see a fellow bluelighter on here too.


Dont source on these forums i been offered everything from 10mg blue's to M.S. & i turned my nose up at the lot.


there aint no good gear in the uk at all. the sooner people suck up this bad news the better imo, i been on the gear 10 years & im gonna kick till the good fishy tasting stuff comes back.


I think its time to take back up my habit of salvia/weed & a bit of mushrooms like i used to before i got on the gear.

Big ups :)

Big ups OP8S

Was heroin dependant from 2003 - 07 but still never managed to turn my back on it completely, just saw it as better value as i now manage to nod 9 times out of 10 as an opiate naive person

relapsed back at the start of the year for a couple of months but that was just me chucking my toys out of the pram through heartbreak from wastegash

i love and continue to smoke alot of cannabis but my tipple of choice was always mdma. since all that dried up ive just stuck to the ganj with the odd bag as a treat


now my options are more limited than ever. dont know how im going to get through my first christmas on my own in years as im a terrible drunk and even worse company


time to renew the xbox live i think :-)

Kidderminster, Same here

Kidderminster has been dry for 3 weeks now and the dealers are coating their weak gear with Linctus its a putrid TCP smell when smoked on foil. Some people who inject say it actually calms them down, but then ask you to check their pupils to see if the gear has effected them! The truth is their pupils are no more smaller than they were when they were clucking, its funny because the dealers keep saying the gear is getting better, but I have heard this too many times now! The only dealer with anything that resembles heroin gives the addicts a half an hour window everyday where they must phone and order and its £10 for half a bag 0.1g. There has already been a few addicts kicking off and one dealer has had all of his windows smashed through so I think everyone is in the same boat! I have a little Meth to tide me over but the ones that dont! I feel for them - and the worse part is that most addicts think this will be all over in a week or so! Oh what a shock they will be in for! Street dealers and addicts alike will suffer! Get some help from your local NHS Helpline or Turning Point.

JT. Kidderminster. West Mids


Getting the good share of quality gear around here would be the same as a dumb guy waiting for a toot in a room with ten raging crackheads sharing a ten pound stone! Forget it!

Sad Days! No hope still?!!

It comes to something when you get more buzz off of toking on your blackmarket tobacco roll-up than you do from tooting this shite gear! I have nearly 2 bags of the 0% shite - Could they not even have laced it with 20% gear or at least something that gives it a taste. Its all in the kitchen bin now where it belongs! Another 2 tenners lost to a lying dealer! I could have never have pictured me binning my gear 4 weeks ago!! It needs to be sorted soon!!

Light brown rock now available in N.London

All the dealers i know now have 8/10 light brown rock heroin which is much better than anything we`ve had recently over the last 3 months. Seems the drought may well be coming to an end at least in the London area it is.

sad sad sad :(

Hi fellow users 


I'm in Manchester.  I cant believe how truly bad this shit is!.  I've not had a decent gouch or even taste  in god knows how long, feels like forever.  Have been sticking to my script mainly not been worth having for some time now but once a wk (or even twice this week) I get a glimmer of hope thinking, hoping, praying it may have picked up when I hear pathetic lies from arsehole dealers saying they have good shit n it turns out to be absolute bollocks n not worth a single fucking penny .its all USELESS, PATHETIC, DANGEROUS, SHIT these idiot dealers are selling us up here, all saying they got the best shit about.  on more than one occasion the shit has kept me up all bastard night! tossing an turning feeling really weird n alert which is the exact opposite effect to what I want as u all know. This being down to them bastards putting caffiene or some shit in it n now I hear they are bashing it with crystal gels from nappies!! surely this shit could kill.  How much longer can this go on for?  Its doing my head right in not knowing. Will we ever feel the amazing gouch again? oh god  I do hope so

I hope and prey for a Merry Brown Christmas for us all!!!!

stay safe x

How do Stourbridge, kiddie & y'all .

Shirley ere,

Just a short biography to help you all make sense of the lengths an addict will go !

40 yrs old ( 15 yr habbit) back living with parents due to failed relationship. Dad chained me to a radiator (28 days) that was 7 yrs ago, since then working way up to a pretty responsible job, all's been well till now ! Managed to keep my addiction secret from all but mom! Dad recently had heart attack ,so if he found out i was back on the gear , well......

Anyway y'day my mom's 60th b'day all family going for a meal, but Shirley gets a phone call saying " def got best stuff about comin tonight, wont have much so bell me at 10.

" Sorry Mom, Dad, i cant make the meal tonight ! i've got to work, ( but i've got you a cruise around the med for your b'day ) Anyway 10 o clock comes & then 11 then 12 , then there back all happy & merry ! Not me though, where the fuck is my man? Then 1 o clock the phone rings " come now " So i go downstairs everyone all there, " just takin the cat for a walk !" i say & i'm gone.

Half hour later i'm back ive got 20 point 2's ( £250) for 2 fuckin gramme!!!   I bang 3 on together , & finally a nod ,then a gouch, or am i just tired cus i watched the ashes for 5 nights!!

There is gear in it but god am i daft or what, oh well off to work see you all later .

Regards Shirley******

@ Shirley can sympathise m8,

@ Shirley can sympathise m8, priorities all on their heads. Doesnt stop you loving them 


Well done for getting sorted tho - make it last doesnt look like were out the woods yet

heroin drout

never seen out like it.its mental?im over in dublin from england staying at my uncles and i cont get any h wot so ever been from person to person and ders fuck all?well derek if u ere out let me no pal?

may as well give up?wots this world cummin 2?

this is a fucking joke?its not lookin like a brown xmas?does any1 no the real story round this and y its appenin?well im back in england tomorrow and i aint gunna bother my arse lookin for h.hopefully ill av sum good news on theese posts by then but fingers crossed and let me no if any dublin pple ere anythink by tomoz cheers n good luck?wot a joke

So bad

Is it getting better out there, it's not fair peeps spending £ on crap and the dealers should not lie. I'm not on script and spent so much on shit. Hope it sorts out soon, never been so I'll :-(

Just think of all those bags the 5'0 have in lock up's

Just think of all those bags the 5'0 have in lock up's... I'd love to know a corrupt copper..

It's a shame the UK doesn't get Oxy's.

Anyway it's the same state of affairs up here in Leeds. It's a week since I had any gear half decent gear, i'd usually smoke it but had to pin a £20 to get the same effect. But in between and since the gear has been that TCP stuff or really light brown (conjeals in the pin). Not worth it, but the bordom is killing me. Thinking of getting some C tomorrow but I'll then end up wired and wanting more, then going through all the money saved over the past month.

Are there no entrepreneur's out there who have thought of the OC route?

can get in dublin

any1 want a contact in dublin if ya from dublin?you mite no the man thats y i need to no if is safe ar not

drugs in dublin

any one from dublin no this contact that says his got good h.let me no and ill give u number and name dont no if its dodgy are not

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