Heroin Drought Causing Problems in England

A scarcity of heroin in England is leading to a growing number of drug overdoses and poisonings as users ingest dope cut with other substances by dealers trying to stretch supplies, The Guardian reported this week. Scene watchers there are calling it the worst drought in years.

Are you sure that's heroin? Be careful out there, especially in England
The drought is being blamed not on seizures by law enforcement agencies, but on a fungus that has blighted the Afghan opium poppy crop, reducing the size of this year's poppy crop by half. Afghanistan accounts for more than 90% of the world's opium production and likely 100% of the British heroin supply.

"There is a very significant heroin shortage across the UK at the moment," said Gary Cross, head of drug policy for the non-profit group Release.  "It has been going on for some time now, but the last two months have seen stockpiles exhausted."

"I've never known anything like it in 30 years," wrote one long-time heroin user on an on-line forum discussing the shortage.

As dealers and users scramble to grapple with the shortage, users are turning up at hospitals after ingesting adulterated heroin or, in some cases, fake heroin consisting of a powerful sedative, caffeine, and paracetamol, a bulking agent. Some have passed out after smoking or ingesting, while others have reported vomiting, amnesia, and flu-like symptoms.

"This 'heroin drought' appears to be serious and geographically widespread," said Neil Hunt, director of research at KCA, a nationwide community drug treatment service. "Street heroin is in a complete and utter muddle at the moment, and users are collapsing unexpectedly. We need to standardize information about what's out there.

"If people use this intravenously, perhaps on top of alcohol and methadone [the prescribed substitute drug for heroin], it is extremely risky," said Dr. John Ramsey, who runs a drug database at St. George's Medical School in London. "We have had many reports of people overdosing. It's really important that accident and emergency departments understand that they may not be dealing with a 'normal' heroin overdose when people are brought in," he said.

Harm reduction drug agencies are aware of the problem and working to address it. Several of them held an urgent meeting last week to discuss setting up an online warning system to give users notice about contaminated or adulterated drugs.

United Kingdom
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the cia spread the fungus

Re: the cia spread the fungus

It wouldn't be the first time.  Just like the Govt spraying paraquat on the mexican marijuana crops back in the 70's or the poisoning alcohol during Prohibition.  http://www.slate.com/id/2245188/

Whereas, we are about harm reduction, the fanatical prohibitionists are about harm intensification.

Yeah,  destroy their number

Yeah,  destroy their number two cash crop (after cocaine) ?  You must be smoking some of their drugs.   Black-ops agencies have one G.O.D., and that god is Gold, Oil, and Drugs.  


Heroin production skyrocketed after the invasion of Afghanistan, and the trafficking of heroin played an important role in the Balkan wars, as well.   The CIA needs this shit to generate illicit funding for off-the-radar activities, to act as a destabilizing agent in both 3rd world AND 1st world countries, including the West, and finally, to be used as a political force multiplier, by corrupting influential people thru association with the trade or by direct addiction. 

drought in uk, no smack

I don't know about  the cia thing.  They seem to do quite well out of the drug trade, remember the Contra hearings Oliver North said coke funded military aid to US supported groups in Nicaragua, and of course there was Air America set up by the  CIA to get the South Vietnamese general's heroin out of there.

There was an unexlained rought in Australia in early 2000s.  I'm a University researcher who's been looking at the heroin trade and am a long term user so I'm interested on both levels.  There's probably several forces at work, not least trying to push the price up.  There has been top gear but expensive at 1988 prices where I am-- 200 on the 1/8 but only comming through one person.  Must be a one off stash come in from Islamabad!  The rest is bash or poison.  No-one can explain this simply....none of the top scholars of drug use ever figured out the Australian drought and Tazmania is one of the largest producers of legal opium in the world!!  Everyone just changed their drug of choice and smack re-emerged after about a year.  A strange occurrence. I know alot of people with or without scripts are suffering.  Time to legalise or people will just take more risks and more dangerous drugs or start making fentanyl which, if ur a chemist, is easy and 1g of fentanyl can be cut into 1kg of gear safely as a pharmaceutical replacement.  That's what the big boys would do if there was a real "no heroin on the planet scenario".  There's no way they'll give up the trade and lose all that lovely money they love so much.  Read the book Heroin Century by Tom Carnwath and Ian Smith, although from 2002 it explains a lot.  Happy hunting

Heroin Drought

It has made me stop using and i'm just taking my meth now.

its cominghold out a bit

its coming

hold out a bit longer but anyoine not on a script get on one

you will see hi grade gear before christmas


were will this gier be because it not in ireland

well informed you,eh? mibe

well informed you,eh? mibe santa'll drop some down every ones chimney. even if your right , i'll bet ya its dear as, and it wont last. mugs game .

New years eve

Its new yrs eve n nought yet, still bash everywhere, and getting worse NOT BETTER

Zara xx

smack attack

yeah the gears crap all over the country but if u shop around believe me there is sum gud tackle about, ye ya have to pay top wack 4 it but its sure worth it, i got a .2 of that sh*t that starts cristalizing as soon as u pul it up in the pin an i just squirted it away, no way was i guna stick that crap in me, it was going about 4 a week or so an i couldnt believe that loads of ppl were buying the shit. making sum c**t rich 4 wot BLOOD CLOTS, ABCESSES,SWELLINGS ECT ECT, personally i fink its a fuckin liberty, i duno how them dealers can sleep at nite knowin that wot there knockin out is makin addicts drop like flys, Anyway! that was 2wk b4 xmas, then awt of the blue sum1 cum up wi sum gud sh*t but its 0.1 for a £10, i duno bout u'z but id rather pay £10 for a .1 and get a lil knock off it, than pay a tener 4 a .2 of idershine,paracetamol and coffee powder, well ya neva no wot craps init so best of all STAY AWAY frm the sh*t :-) (ye rite!)

Still waiting

Well it's the end of Jan and nothings changed, I believe we will all be so clean by the time things return to normal that it will not be the lucrative buisness it was and most dealers won't bother with brown as the permanent customers would have disappered.

Don't kid yerself pal most of

Don't kid yerself pal most of us will be back the moment we hear so n so has some dynamite.

Heroin Drought

It is now the 18th March 2011 and the Heroin in Bradford (which is usually a shade better than other places due to all the Pakistani's) is just getting worse and worse with the majority of gear being seized by the law at 1 to 2 percent. I can see this drought going on into the second half of 2011. Seems its lasted a bit longer than u predicted pal. I feel as though I may as well quit rather than hold out for some nice gear. I just can't quit for long.   


same here mate im just doing my subutex and that but there is some out there but 0.1 for £10 or £15 is a big joke tho

Heroin price, purity and availability in England

Liverpool is the 'epicentre' of the UK heroin scene, and heroin is even getting scarce here, though the purity is reported to be staying level so far (I'm a researcher). Established bona-fide dealers are giving warnings to their customers that supplies - at least of any quality - may run out within a week or two, and most have switched from selling 0.5 gram bags from the usual price of £12.50 (£25 for 2) to selling them for £20 per bag, with no reductions for buying two or more bags. This is the first price rise here for over 25 years.

heroin in birmingham

Im an adict and the drought is that bad in birmingham that its neally imposible to get heroin. If you can get a large amount your having to pay £300 a quarter, £600 for half ounce its shocking. The smaller dealers have all started selling 0.1 gram for £10 to make a profit and the heroin is that weak you may aswell burn your money. Im sticking with my methadone im not going to waist anymore money just to line the dealers pockets.

to heftman

If ur researching in Liverpool we may have crossed paths.  I'm in Cardiff and have been all over the uk and I have never witnessed a situation like this either as a researcher or user for 30 years.  You must be aware of what happened in Australia, it's in the lit', no-one could figure out why it happened.  I don't think this is the end.  There's probably a push on prices across the globe.  Prices have been falling steadily for years--in 1988 in West London gear was expensive.  80 to 100 a g.  Now it's as low as 30 (or has been) it wouldn't be surprising if the major players were trying to push up prices!!

15 years & never seen notthing like it.

For the last 6 months in my tiny town there has been a drought concerning H . Fortunately i've had several connections in the 2nd city, where i have continued to get my 1/8th a day, ok so the price has rose to £120, but no real issues with quality! A bit more bash in certain batches, but way better than elsewhere.

That was until today, because what i witnessed this A.M, totally blew my mind ! At 07:30 we were directed to an area of which i hadn't been before & what awaited me was a picture of total amazement. At the top of this rd were at least 100 people of all ages & races, at the side were cars ranging from brand new jags to work vans. Then without warning a car drove up this street followed by a large 4 by 4 which blocked off the rd. The scene that followed was equivalent to a food drop in a 3rd world country, as people surrounded the car, both sides , fighting to get served, some buying 100 bags @ £15 a pop (0.2) only.

As quick as he came he was gone (to re-load ) he did this 3 times, then at 08:15 he was gone till tomorrow. All the way home i could not believe what i had just saw , i only wished i had filmed it on my mobile ( fear of being mistaken for 5 'o ) stopped me , but i swear if that's what i've got to do every day now to get my gear then f**k it , i'll have to stick to done!

Seriously folks if this is what is happening elsewhere then the heroin scene in UK is over!!  Time to get well i reckon (easier said than done i know )

I would be interested to hear if anyone else has had any similar experiences?

Be well Shirley *****


hey Shirley,

where are you located, im in northampton, middle of england and the h scene is basicly non existant. 1 month ago there was probably 100 dealers that had for 10£ bags to ounces all within a walking distance , now the only thing is the stuff when you pinn it it blocks your pin and if you manage to get it in it does not do anything to you. im thinking of goin to liverpool or anywhere to get some h. please respond. im no cop!! im a junkie

The Heart of Heroin

If you are thinking of coming to Liverpool, the heart of UK heroin, to get supplies, then you had better make it sooner rather than later - I estimate there is a week or two left before supplies dry up or become so adulterated that you would get a better hit chasing/shooting codeine tablets ... you have been warned...


Hey Alan,

I go to Liverpool for the football & i just cant see you gettin anything worthwhile mate, unless you wanna get a bag full of 1/2's! Plus if your gonna get ripped anywhere then Liverpooll is the place. ( & i love the scousers )

I have a pal working in the DAM so tomorrow i'm off to France then Belgium to get some tobacco & beer so i'll see what that leads to.

Oh yeh i am based in Walsall , there is bits & pieces coming in but i agree with heroine it's gonna be 6 months before any normality returns. All the Afghans in U.K are keepin their own habbits ticking over with the last of the stockpiles from last harvest.

All the best Al get yourself a script mate.


Thats funny seeing how

Thats funny seeing how scousers basically run most brown grafts in the country, your talking shit people move to here because the gear is 10 times better than elsewere and its £10 for 0.4's not your shitty manitol 0.2s.

That's funny seing how

Scouse222, I ain't sayin the tackle aint no good, fuck me all i'm advising the lad to do is be careful !!

 It's fine if you have a contact who you can trust, but how many dealers do you know who will sell to an outsider ( who they never met before) .Relax lad, One of my best mates travels there regular so i know about your quality & prices ( waitin on him now infact ) Fingers crossed.

Just have a boot , relax & realise how lucky you are to live where you do !

All the best Shirley******


here if their any brown up that way let me no and if nice i look after ya no bother

green lanes haringey london.

green lanes haringey london. that's where all the money from gear ends up.more illegal money goes down the stretch from manor house to turnpike lane then anywhere in europe. i remember the days of .5 15's of white brick that was gold in the barrel and ran for ever stayin rock till the end. no one else outside tottenham has had it from the info i got from addicts in treatment. but it was 2000/5-6. 75 an1/8 550 an 0z


Im in East LONDON, the TRUE capital, AND the real H capital of the UK, exact same thing happened, as soon as a red peaugot pulled up, ALL THE ADDICTS RUN UPTO THE CAR IN ORDER TO BE FIRST SERVED!  he run out within 1min, and said he be back in 5min and said this "first come first serve" i didnt BOTHER waiting, fuck that id rather not get nicked with the addicts and the 1 dealer that HAD good at that time{about 4 days ago}

H shortage

In London things seem to be worse. There are no queues or a fiasco with 100 people waiting and dealers arriving in cars....but no heroin on the streets totally. Most dealers have switched off and some who are on seem to be selling fake H that apparently has 0% of the drug in it. Users are still buying nevertheless in desperation and in the hope that things could improve. And there are no signs of things improving in anyway at all in the near future.

no tak

m in stoke n aint cn owt like it in 20 yrs of dabblen on/off of script,ther shud b more help 4 ppl instead of jus bn left out 2 dry n 'uv made ur own bed'it takes the piss,i feel sorry 4 ppl wiv no script must b a nytmare.,Luckily 4 me n the miss's we stopped avn a toot 9 weeks ago quality was getn bad,fn unbelievable 4 me aint done this long 4 tym.hope it gets sorted soon ppl r gettn hurt,its hard enuf at the best of tyms...LEGALISATION IS THE ONLY SOLUTION.hmm.. dream on lad.. :(

6 months at least til things get better

This will go on for months. This summers poppy harvest in Afghanistan has failed due to 50%of poppy being destroyed by this fungus. poppy harvests occur approx every 6 months . if you got a habit you can forget being able 2 score anything like half decent gear til at least may next year, fact. get yourselves on a script ASAP til then.

6 months at least til things get better

This will go on for months. This summers poppy harvest in Afghanistan has failed due to 50%of poppy being destroyed by this fungus. poppy harvests occur approx every 6 months . if you got a habit you can forget being able 2 score anything like half decent gear til at least may next year, fact. get yourselves on a script ASAP til then. Sad time for all :-(

im sorry, but i just feel

im sorry, but i just feel this fungus story is bogus. im not expert in producing gear, but i dont think this years harvest will hit uk streets for some time. in other words youre bein had again. mibe theyre making you suffer in the most painful, degrading ways possible so that when the time comes, an the man from ? say 'go' youll be so greatful youll be willin to pay whatever.(everything) come on you can do better than that. all the games you play in ya head, all the holdin out an sufferin-you never EVER win. time to change the rules. theres enough of ya. fight to end prohibition, or take your chance an kick that brown bastard into last year. good luck guys. i feel for yas, i really do. 

Re: forget it, the end is now

Well, there's been such a  rush of bulk-buyers coming to the smack epicentre (Liverpool), that you can forget the 2-week warning - its almost all dried up as of today. If you are a Brit looking for heroin now, I suggest you get a plane to Afghanistan. Failing that, sign up at your local treatment centre on Monday morning - be warned, anyone who thinks withdrawals are like flu has never been thru withdrawals... its Hell in your mind, its your worst fucking nightmare. Dont wait...


Hey yall,

Things are the worst they've ever been in ireland. here they're selling 10bags for 50euro each, and there aint fuck all gear in them.

There's 10k registered users in ireland. how are we supposed to wait MONTHS and MONTHS till may for a decent turn on. This is unbeliveable. its been bad but i've never seen this in 5years. I dont understand if Afgan stock is 50% destoryed by "plight" why cant the price just double and business be as usuaL

If they're aint a shipment soon .. there's gonna be a major crack epidemic and the hospitals, chemists etc better batton down the hatches cause the brown is the only thing keeping a lid on the misery of living on these dump islands . If i has enought gear i'd top myself tonight - its one thing not having money for get but when u've the price of an quarter its just SICK OUT

nightmare never ending nightmare


Alright Derek,

Listen mate fuck that toppin yrself talk geez.. Now is the perfect time to get clean son, are you on a script? If not get down to your A&E in the middle of rattle and you should be on one soon .

If this fungus talk is true then because of all the extra security with the ink cartridge bombs , the H is easier to just give to those pesky russians . (who pay top dollar anyway!) Also with the epedemic happening in Iran , why risk losing valuable consignments shipping it to these shores when the market is just as strong on the Afghan border?

I reckon the reason we are getting bits & pieces is the smaller dealers are sending mules with a couple of kg each. I might be talking a load of shit but something has happened because in 15 years i've never seen it like this!

What i would like to know is how does the goverment make all its pharmasuitical H ? Does that not derive from the good old poppy?

Is it a goverment conspiracy to buy all the H up to end this epedemic we have on these shores , I'm fucked if i know what's goin on , just wish it would hurry up because it's just total madness , people are fighting over bags in Walsall!!!

Keep em peeled Shirley******

walsall drought

im a walsall lad and i cud get decent stuff till a couple of days ago,but wen u av 15 ppl waiting for 20 each its bound to run out........AND IT HAS.ive chipd in to some1 goin to the capital to grab sum but dont feel confident after seein comments on ea,im being told that theres bits about but its being bashd to death,so by the time we get it,about all its gud 4 is clearin an headache...........if there was ever a time to do your rip........ITS NOW.


Alright Halesy Lad, know the one your on about, but that aint no good mate , how did your venture to the capital go? Did you manage to get sorted? Hope so mate. Where you based?  I'm in the pool ( north sides) People around here were buying 20 of them shit things, must be crazy or desperate! probably both. Still testing negative down the HOUSE ( apart from benzo's)

Stay well son Shirley......

H Drought.

The British pharmaceutical heroin is produced from opium poppies that are grown in the UK. They used to buy the opium from India but the grade was not up to standard. Check Wikipedia's page on 'opium' if you don't believe me..

any luck mate

well mate wots appenin?av u add any good news in dublin yet are is it still the same?im ere in dublin my self and the streets are absolutley wild mate?im over visitin an uncle and ive never seen dublin like this?even when i lived on streets for 3yr.well good luck n let me no if u av any luck mate cheers?im derek?des for short wot a name?

derek ireland

Hang on in there mate.  It's always been a tough junk scene in Eire and with the paramilitaries getting busy again they'll be wanting to control the smack trade again and make sure it's out there.  I feel for ya, it's shit that because we chose a drug other than alcohol or tabacco as our way of coping we're turned into beggars and thieves.  Either keep ur chin up or get clean.  Just don't drink pochin!!  Take care lad.


i live just out stourbridge and theres been no gear here for at least 3 weeks but if i am honest the gear has been shite for a very long time its nothing like it was when i started 15 years ago i dont know how people get hooked on it nowadays theres been plenty being produced it just hasn't been coming are way i just hope that after this drought things get better than they were. everybody hang in there were all in the same boat and it will pass and i doubt it will take until may be optimistic!.

heroin in brum

i live in Quinton and the only half decent gear i can get is in stourbridge town center off some little afgan chap you might know who im on about, he sells 0.2 gram for £15 no deals just bags all the way. if he aint got i dont bother i just stick to my meth it holds you better than the shit everyone else is selling.

H in Brum

How are ya Lee,

Ain't it crazy you live in B'HAM yet travel to Stourbridge, then the geezer who lives in Stourbridge cant get fuck all, and i live in Walsall yet travel to B'ham!!

I reckon these afghans are holdin onto the last few kilo's for themselves, it's out of order they flood our country for years then all of a sudden switch to Russia & Iran!

I'd like to meet this little afghan chappie your talkin about , any chance of meetin up halfway?

All the best Shirley******

heroin in brum

i live in quinton and the only half decent gear i can get is in stourbridge town center off a little afgan chap, he sells 0.2 gram for £15 no deals just bags you might know who im on about. if he aint got i dont bother and just stick to my meth it holds you better than the shit everyone else is selling.

nightmare 2222

Cheers Shir,

Im on a script,but. you know how it is when its gear u want . phi's just never enough.. i guess if things dont change in the next week i'll/we'll all get used to it.

Just by the way... whats the situation with crack in england at the moment??

And does anyone know if they still have brown in Rotterdam/holland ?

check back with yall later


Glad your ok dek,

As far as crack goes i only dabble got enough issues with the H , but asking about & plenty around! How the fuck can you take the bone without a boot after is beyond me!

Not sure about Rotterdam, but thinking of going to Turkey as i've been there before . If that fails then Athens could be an option!

I know what you mean about ph's not being enough, as for me it' the whole process i'm into ( gettin jimmy ready , rolling a tooter, etc...)  I think that's why people still buying the shit , just to smoke something!  stop them twiddling their thumbs!

Good luck one & all , may our wishes come true soon.



Just read your msg. was wondering if you'd heard any news about availability in the dam.  I'm about ready to get on a train/plane over. Been surviving on a couple of litres of emergency linctus I had put by and i've been eeking it out for about a month now.  Getting desperate now..

  Pls let me know if you've got any news.

Cheers and take care.

Heroin drought

I've never seen it so bad in my 10 years and i know people. Its getting worser and i aint on no script. The government should legalise the h after all it was the british east indian company that distributed it all over the place

heroin shortage in britain

hello to all of you

i noticed there was no messages on the page from dealers so as a dealer in london thought i would give you all a heads up.

stick in there and hold out for a bit longer,but if your not on a script or cant score juice on the streets then you people will suffer.

there is h out there but as most of you will have guessed it seems the time is right for an increase.it wont affect the gram to £ price but no one will be doing deals or discounts-no more 2 for £15 or 3 for £25. the top boys who the street dealers buy it from are holding it back just long enough for the users to pay top dollar for hi grade gear.i keep hearing people asking if there is going to be a white christmas but there will definitley be a brown christmas. you are not months away from scoring more likely a few weeks.i have seen the stash that is being held back just for the sake of the big boys to make an extra few ££ while you all suffer.i do pity you but get on a script and at christmas time your wishes will all come true.

hold in there,wont be long

Brown Chrimbo

To Sparky, I really hope your right but just find it very hard to believe that u have seen with your own eyes enough food to feed every junkie in uk/Ireland, and even harder to believe u would bother posting about it on the net..we're not talking a few keys..to get us back to how things used to be were gonna need tonnes (literally)..also doesn't explain reports of shortages in Russia/Europe (know people keep saying that's bs but from posts I've read and bits of news makes sense to me)..I do hope u prove me wrong but got a feeling your maybe over-estimating the impact a few keys might make...(reckon average junkie does atleast 1/4 Kilo a year x estimated 300,000 junkies in uk).



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