Breaking News:Dangerous Delays: What Washington State (Re)Teaches Us About Cash and Cannabis Store Robberies [REPORT]

Drug War Chronicle #759 - November 15, 2012

1. Marijuana Legalization: What Can/Will the Feds Do? [FEATURE]

Everyone is waiting for the other shoe to drop after last week's marijuana legalization votes in Colorado and Washington. Here's what we could see happen.

2. Book and Video Offers for Donating Members of

At a time like this -- when people are talking about drug policy like never before -- the movement's internet strategy is also more important than ever before. So please support our work with a generous donation today.

3. Washington DAs Begin Dropping Marijuana Possession Cases

And so it begins. Prosecutors in two of Washington's most populous counties have said they are dismissing pending marijuana possession cases in the wake of last Tuesday's victory for I-502.

4. Boulder DA Stops Marijuana Possession Prosecutions

Boulder County DA Stan Garnett has become the first in Colorado to announce he is no longer prosecuting small-time marijuana possession cases. He said he doubted he could find a jury to convict, anyway.

5. Mexico Reacts to US Marijuana Legalization Votes

The marijuana legalization votes in Colorado and Washington have Mexican officials wondering just why they're fighting the drug wars.

6. Citing Marijuana Legalization Vote, Latin Leaders Call for Policy Review

Latin American leaders are watching closely as US states begin to move toward marijuana legalization. Now, five of them want the OAS and the UN to talk about it, and what it means for the global prohibition regime.

7. WA Governor Meets with DOJ on Marijuana Legalization

Washington Gov. Christine Gregoire (D) is meeting with a Justice Department official Tuesday to seek clarity on the federal response to last week's marijuana legalization vote.

8. California Governor Says Feds Should "Respect" State Marijuana Votes

California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) called Sunday for the federal government to not interfere in states that have voted to legalize marijuana or medical marijuana.

9. Medical Marijuana Update

All eyes may have been on the election last week, but the battles over medical marijuana didn't go away. Here are the highlights from the past few days.

10. This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

A tweaked out former Oklahoma police chief cops a plea, a Mississippi cop admits to running interference for supposed drug traffickers, and a Louisiana narc goes to prison for stealing guns and money.
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