Drug War Chronicle #732 - May 3, 2012

1. Dutch-Only Cannabis Coffee Shop Policy Meets Resistance [FEATURE]

The Dutch government implemented its "weed pass" plan barring foreigners from buying marijuana at its cannabis coffee shops in three southern provinces Tuesday, but the coffee shops are not giving in without a fight.

2. Judge Rejects Florida State Employee Drug Testing

Florida Gov. Rick Scott campaign to force drug tests on state workers got slapped down by a federal judge Wednesday, on fourth amendment grounds.

3. Medical Marijuana Update

President Obama is taking flak from comedians and politicians alike over the federal crackdown on dispensaries. Meanwhile, raids and legal battles continue to rage across the country.

4. Is the D.A.R.E. Program Good for America's Kids?, from ProCon.org

ProCon.org is a set of in-depth web sites presenting information and views from on current issues, several with relevance to drug policy. The Chronicle is currently running a series of info items from ProCon.org -- this one from dare.procon.org -- and we encourage you to check it out.

5. Gary Johnson Picks Judge Jim Gray for Libertarian Party Ticket

Former New Mexico Republican Gov. Gary Johnson has selected Judge Jim Gray as his vice presidential nod in his Libertarian Party presidential nominee campaign. That's a pretty strong anti-prohibitionist ticket.

6. Virginia Cops Claim Superhuman Marijuana-Sniffing Abilities

Police in Chesapeake, Virginia, are claiming they can smell marijuana in a passing vehicle while they are in their moving cruisers with the windows rolled up. So far, they're getting away with it.

7. British Columbia Mayors Join Increasing Calls to Legalize Marijuana

Eight British Columbia mayors, including the mayor Vancouver, have signed a letter calling for marijuana legalization, taxation, and regulation. They are only the latest in a growing chorus of BC public figures ready to free the weed.

8. Australia Bans Synthetic Marijuana

No more legal fake weed in Australia. It's been scheduled as a controlled substance and its possession, sale, or manufacture is now a criminal offense.

9. Dutch Court Upholds Cannabis Café Ban on Foreigners

A Dutch court has upheld a looming ban on foreigners in southern border province cannabis cafes, but coffee shop owners are appealing to the European Court of Human Rights. The battle over the ban, set to go nationwide next year, is far from over.

10. Oregon Methamphetamine Defendant Killed After Ramming Patrol Car

An Oregon man facing meth charges was shot and killed by police last Saturday after he fled from them in his pick-up, then rammed their patrol car.

11. South Carolina Man Dies in Custody of Narcotics Officers

A South Carolina man was arrested for selling cocaine to undercover officers, then died in the police car. The suggestion is that he may have swallowed drugs, causing an overdose, but we have to wait on the toxicology report for that.

12. This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

A pot-growing prosecutor, a heroin-filled burrito-smuggling deputy, and a cop who made a habit of ripping off drug dealers at a night club all made the news this week.

13. This Week in History

Events and quotes of note from this week's drug policy events of years past.
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