Australia Bans Synthetic Marijuana

As of Tuesday, synthetic cannabis ("fake weed") products are illegal in Australia. The ban came when the Therapeutic Goods Administration placed eight groups of synthetic cannabinoids and all synthetic cannabinomimetics on the National Medical and Poisons Schedule.

"spice" or K2 packet (
Fake weed is already banned in at least 16 countries and an ever-growing number of US states. The DEA issued an emergency ban on the substances last year, but a bill to make that ban permanent has been stalled in Congress by a hold placed on it by Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY).

Fake weed consists of powdered synthetic cannabinoids, which are then sprayed on herbal matter and marketed under brand names including Kronic, K-2, and Spice. They produce a high similar to marijuana and sometimes create undesired side effects in users similar to those sometimes experienced with marijuana. No deaths in the US have been directly linked to their use.

Possession, manufacture, or sale of fake weed is now a criminal offense in Australia with violators facing fines or jail, including up to 10 years in prison for manufacturing and distribution offenses.

The ban came after police last month called for urgent meetings with public health and drug authorities. The state of Western Australia last year requested consideration of a national ban and had banned fake weed in its territory last year after a spate of highly-publicized hospitalizations of users, but no other Australian state had enacted a ban.

"These products do not appear to have any legitimate therapeutic use and there is a developing international body of evidence and clinical experience that is showing harm related to use of these substances," said Western Australia Mental Health Minister Helen Morton, who had championed the ban there last year. "Removing synthetic cannabinoids from legal supply, sale and possession is expected to result in a significant decrease in consumption and the associated harm related to their use," she told Perth Now.

Ironically, the surge in fake weed use in Western Australia came as the state government there toughened its marijuana laws last year. Prior to the enactment of that law last August, possession of up to 30 grams of pot had been decriminalized, but under the new law, those possessing more than 10 grams face up to two years in prison. The cultivation of up to two plants had also been decriminalized, but is now punishable by up to two years in prison as well.

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unless it's synthetic cannabis from a pharmaceutical company...marinol.

WA encountered high numbers of teenage schizophrenia catch

Stats nationally tell me that bad dope chemically concocted creates major psychosis.  Just grow your own, and smoke the natural as that's always been the best get.  I am fed up with stupidity combined with greed with black market drugs.  There's not enough room in the Public system Psychiatric wards and not enough knowledge of psych drugs either in the Doctor combination prescription land, in my opinion.  I would prefer our Governments to spend more money on roads rather than having to spend more on hospitals to meet the increasing demand.

Synthetic Cannabis

Synthetic cannabinoids is not a dangerous drug by any standard, just like marijuana it is near impossible to die from excessive usage or an "overdose" unlike alcohol or prescription drugs which can easily kill you in excess. Unless there is a serious pre existing medical issue like heart problems then you shouldn't be smoking anyway. The only reason this drug was bought to the attention of the government was due to underage and younger users becoming scared while under the influence and calling the hospital for advice. The majority of deaths are not caused by this drug itself but by its misuse by the user eg. Operating heavy machinery or senseless and self endangering acts by the individual under the influence. Rather its a lack of education and understanding of the safe ways to use, just like any drug be it caffeine, Panadol, Valium or even alcohol all effect motor functions and alter natural brain chemical function to some standard. Everyone knows not to drink and drive, take prescription drugs and drive, don't they?

Thousands of people each day enjoyed the use of these synthetic cannabinoids only due to the fact that it was readily available and legal. They had the right and choice to relax in their favored method without fear of prosecution, jail time, financial and emotional hardship. Not everyone enjoys water, some people like milk, Australia is a Police country where we are all being told to drink the water, at a certain rate and in a certain way and to never touch milk. It makes me sad to call myself an Australian, in a country that was founded on the American Constitution and Bill of Rights we have very very little freedoms and choices and the government is taking more off us each day. Many people turned to this item as a way to help quit Cannabis.

Marijuana itself is an all natural plant that has show to have amazing healing and medical properties and yet is still illegal. Am i going crazy? No. Due to the fact that it is too hard to regulate and the government cannot put out their greedy hands and take their share of the cash. Marijuana legalization in America has reduced youth crime by up to 20 percent in one year alone. Imagine if Australia could adopt a similar circumstance? There wouldn't be a need to make synthetic cannabinoids. How much it would stimulate our economy and reduce crime rates by epidemic proportions, We would reduce prison overcrowding and cost, increase tourism all while allowing the medial properties of Cannabis to benefit ours and future generations. Everyone benefits.........except the winging baby we call the government who is supposable doing what is best for its citizens.

Alcohol on the other hand is legal because the government makes millions of dollars in revenue from its sales each year yet it is killing 75,000 people each year. Not to mention pharmaceutical companies and their drugs which also give millions of dollars in kickbacks and bonuses to the government while they produce man made drugs that they know have overwhelming side affects causing serious irreversible physical and mental damage to the user but its ok because the government is getting paid and the drug has "medical use".

This is just another example of the Australian Governments plans to slowly remove civil rights and freedoms that our relatives fought and founded this country on. The people of this country need to stand up fight for their rights before we have none left at all. Australia already refuses us the right of self defense in our own home, the freedom of speech, and the assumption to be innocent until proven guilty and now it has taken another freedom of choice.



Medical marijuana

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