Drug War Chronicle #684 - May 19, 2011

1. At Least Seven Police Officers Died for Drug Prohibition Last Year [FEATURE]

Drug prohibition kills cops. At the least, seven more died of drug prohibition last year. There are measures we could take to reduce the toll, but that takes political courage -- and getting the cops on board.

2. Rising to the Challenge -- Seizing the Opportunity for Drug Policy Reform

Legalization is an important battle to fight for the country, but victory is not a foregone conclusion. Which way things go depends on the actions that YOU take at this point in time -- the future depends on you.

3. Delaware Becomes 16th Medical Marijuana State

And then there were 16! Delaware has become the latest state to approve medical marijuana.

4. Supreme Court Okays Police Search Based on Marijuana Odor, Noises

If the cops smell pot and knock on your door, you don't have to open it. They have to go get a warrant. But if, after they knock, they hear you making noises that sound like you're destroying evidence, they can kick the door down and come after you, the Supreme Court has ruled.

5. RI Judge Rules Medical Marijuana Growers Can Have Guns

Prosecutors can't convict a legal medical marijuana patient who legally owns a gun of being in possession of a weapon while committing a violent crime merely because he has a gun.

6. DEA in New Spokane Medical Marijuana Dispensary Raid

The DEA medical marijuana dispensary raiders showed up again in Spokane Wednesday.

7. Willie Nelson Endorses Gary Johnson for President

Willie Nelson and the Teapot Party venture into presidential politics.

8. Chicago Man Dies During Attempted Drug Arrest

A Chicago man is dead after allegedly swallowing a bag of drugs in a bid to avoid arrest. He's the 26th person to die in US domestic drug law enforcement operations this year.

9. Tucson SWAT Team Kills Armed Homeowner in Drug Raid

In what looks like a drug raid wrong on many levels, a 26-year-old Afghan and Iraq war vet was killed by a Tucson SWAT team after his frightened wife woke him up to say there were intruders in the home and he grabbed a gun.

10. This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

San Francisco narcs have some explaining to do, a Kentucky sheriff gone wild, a California cop gone rogue, and an Iowa cop with a troublesome cocaine habit.

11. This Week in History

Events and quotes of note from this week's drug policy events of years past.
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