Drug War Chronicle #509 - November 9, 2007

1. Editorial: Two Drug War Tragedies, and No Excuse

When the drug fighters intervene forcefully in people's lives, the results can be unpredictable and tragic. But there are better ways to deal with drugs than the drug war. And so there are no excuses either.

2. Feature: Presidential Contenders and Drug Policy I -- Democrats

A year out from the presidential election, Drug War Chronicle takes a look at the Democratic field. Next week, it's the Republicans' turn.

3. Feature: Denver Votes to Make Marijuana Offenses Lowest Law Enforcement Priority

For the third time in as many years, Denver voters have approved a marijuana reform measure. A lowest law enforcement priority initiative passed with 57% of the vote. Will city officials finally listen to the voters?

4. Students: Intern at DRCNet and Help Stop the Drug War!

Apply for an internship at DRCNet for this fall (or spring), and you could spend the semester fighting the good fight!

5. Law Enforcement: This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

A New York cop goes down for peddling pot, a Connecticut cop goes down for slinging smack, and a Nashville cop goes to the pen for ripping off a drug dealer.

6. Harm Reduction: Anti-Safe Injection Site Amendment Killed in Conference Committee

Two weeks ago, Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) managed to get an amendment passed barring federal funds from any city that opens a safe injection site. This week, thanks to the efforts of drug reformers, the measure was killed in conference committee.

7. Marijuana: Three of Four Reform Initiatives Pass in Hailey, Idaho

Three out of four marijuana reform initiatives -- medical marijuana, hemp, and lowest law enforcement priority -- won in small-town Hailey, Idaho, but a taxation and regulation initiative was narrowly defeated.

8. Europe: Dutch to Extend Medical Marijuana Program for Another Five Years

Holland's experimental medical marijuana program will be extended for another five years, mainly to allow for the development of cannabis-based pharmaceuticals, the Dutch Health Ministry announced Wednesday.

9. Death Penalty: Two More Drug Offenders Executed in Iran

Iran continues to execute drug offenders. Two more were hanged October 30.

10. New Zealand: National Conversation on Marijuana Policy Urged

A leading New Zealand drug policy think tank is trying to jump-start a national conversation on marijuana policy, and it looks like it's working.

11. Africa: NGOs Criticize Emphasis on Cutting Drug Supply, Urge Attention to Demand Reduction

With the West focusing new attention on West and Central Africa as drug transshipment points, NGOs meeting last weekend in Senegal said the effort was unbalanced, with little attention paid to demand reduction.

12. Caribbean: Trinidad & Tobago Political Leader Calls For New Approach in Dealing with Marijuana

The leading of the main opposition party in Trinidad & Tobago called last week for a reassessment of marijuana prohibition. Too bad that after losing Monday's election, the party will have five years before it has another shot at power.

13. Weekly: This Week in History

Events and quotes of note from this week's drug policy events of years past.

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