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Death Penalty: Two More Drug Offenders Executed in Iran

Two more drug offenders were executed in Iran, this time in the southeastern province of Sistan-Baluchstan, the anti-death penalty group Hands Off Cain reported, citing accounts in Iranian state media. The executions come a week after Iranian authorities executed five men for violent crimes. Iranian authorities say most executions are for drug trafficking, but human rights groups have claimed that some people put to death for ordinary crimes, particularly drug crimes, are actually political opponents of the regime.

Jomeh Gomshadzehi was hanged in the city of Zahedan after being arrested with 3,300 kilos of opium, 84 kilos heroin, and 95 kilos of morphine. The state news agency IRNA identified him as a notorious drug trafficker who sent narcotics to Turkey and Arab states in the Gulf. It said that while trafficking drugs four years ago, he killed a policeman and then escaped to Dubai.

The second man, identified as Esmail Barani Piranvand, was sentenced to death in a prison in Iranshahr in the same province for the possession of 2.5 kilos of heroin, the state television website said.

Under Iranian law, the death penalty can be imposed for possession of more than 30 grams of heroin or five kilos of opium. Other death penalty offenses in Iran include blasphemy; apostasy; adultery; prostitution; homosexuality; and plotting to overthrow the Islamic regime, as well as murder, rape, and robbery.

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CIA drug traffickers put to death in Iran

Wherever the CIA goes there is a corresponding escallation of the hard drug industry. I am sure it is no different in Afghanistan, Iran's neighbor.

In Iran, you can smoke hashish on the streets. They(and most muslims) tolerate cannabis. However, they(muslims) have a long history of not tolerating opium products. I remember when(the 60's and 70's) hashish was available here in America quite commonly. It came mostly from Muslim Countries.

So, how do you deal with death dealing CIA lackeys? 84 kilos of Junk? Tell me how would you deal with the CIA and it's thugs?

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