Drug War Chronicle #485 - May 11, 2007

1. Criminal Justice: Snapshots of the Drug War

In courthouses across the country, enforcing the drug laws is big business. We look at courthouse action in three separate locations to get a snapshot of the drug war.

2. Feature: Turning Up the Heat on New York's Rockefeller Drug Laws (and the Politicians Who Fail to Fix Them)

New York's draconian Rockefeller drug laws turned 34 this week, and the reform movement is doing all it can to see that they don't make it to 35.

3. Feature: Global Marijuana Marches Take Place in More Than 200 Cities Worldwide

Supporters of marijuana legalization took to the streets around the world in this year's Global Marijuana March. Here's a report.

4. Book Offer: The Trebach Trilogy (updated since last e-mail)

Two re-released classics and one new volume by drug reform pioneer Arnold Trebach make up DRCNet's latest premium offer for our members.

5. Weekly: Blogging @ the Speakeasy

In addition to the weekly reporting you see here in the Chronicle, DRCNet also features daily content in the way of blogging, news links, redistributed press releases and announcements from our allies and more.

6. Law Enforcement: This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

A Boston cop gets busted, a Tacoma probation officer peddles meth, two former Memphis cops cop pleas, so does a former NYPD officer, and a small-town Texas lawman heads for federal prison.

7. Public Health: DEA Puts Fentanyl OD Death Toll at More Than a Thousand

The death toll from a deadly combination of heroin and fentanyl rose all through last year. Now, the DEA says more than a thousand people died.

8. Medical Marijuana: Illinois Bill Killed in Senate

A medical marijuana bill has gone down in defeat in Illinois despite broad support from the medical community.

9. Medical Marijuana: Minnesota Bill Headed For Final Vote in House, Facing Veto

The Minnesota legislature is one House floor vote from passing a medical marijuana bill, but the Republican governor is vowing a veto.

10. Marijuana: Wisconsin Towns Join Decriminalization Trend

The far north Wisconsin resort town of Washburn has decriminalized marijuana possession, and the town of Two Rivers is right behind it. They're only the latest Cheesehead State locales to go in that direction.

11. Latin America: Colombia Bans Coca Products -- Except Coca-Cola

For years, the Colombian government has allowed indigenous traditional coca growers to market coca products nationwide, but now it has changed course, and some are pointing the finger at Coca-Cola.

12. Europe: Vatican Registers First Drug Conviction

For the first time, someone has been convicted of a drug charge in the Vatican.

13. Web Scan

Turning up the heat on Albany, media painkillers hype, drug researcher barred from US, random drug testing, vaporization research, Houston City Council candidates, Marc Emery, "Shocking Pot Video," Cannabinoid Chronicles, Suboxone Assisted Treatment web site, more.

14. Weekly: This Week in History

Events and quotes of note from this week's drug policy events of years past.

15. Announcement: Drug Policy Alliance Grants Program Deadline Coming Up Next Month

The Drug Policy Alliance seeks applicants to apply for $1.2 million in grants for drug policy reform efforts.

16. Job Opportunity at the Harm Reduction Coalition, Oakland

The Harm Reduction Coalition is hiring a Project Manager for its Drug Overdose Prevention and Education (DOPE) Project in Oakland, California.

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19. Announcement: New Format for the Reformer's Calendar

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