Medical Marijuana: Illinois Bill Killed in Senate

A bill that would have allowed for the use of medical marijuana in Illinois died Thursday, failing by a vote of 22-29 in the state Senate, with four senators voting "present." The vote came despite support from the Illinois Nurses Association, the AIDS Foundation of Chicago, nearly a thousand Illinois doctors, 300 nurses, and 50 clergy members.

Sponsored by Sen. John Cullerton (D-Chicago), the bill, SB 650, would have allowed people diagnosed by a physician as having a debilitating physical condition to register with the Department of Public Health to be permitted to use marijuana. Patients or caregivers could possess up to 12 plants and 2 ½ ounces of smokeable marijuana.

"I am saddened to hear that the bill did not make it out of the Senate," said Gretchen Steele of Coulterville. "As a registered nurse, I know that research and science support this legislation. As a multiple sclerosis patient, I feel slighted and have to wonder where our legislators' hearts are on this day."

"There is no logical reason to not have an implementable medical marijuana law in this state," said Dr. David Ostrow, Chicago physician, HIV/AIDS researcher and founder/director of the Medical Marijuana Advocacy Project. "The medical community strongly supported this bill, but our lawmakers unfortunately did not listen to the scientific evidence for medical marijuana's safety and efficacy this time around. I hope that someday soon, medicine, not politics, will prevail in Illinois and at the national level as well."

"We are not going to abandon the patients, doctors and nurses who have worked so hard to protect the sick and suffering," said Ray Warren, director of state policies for the Marijuana Policy Project, which had backed the Illinois effort. "Science, compassion and simple common sense say this is the right thing to do. We'll be back."

Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington have all passed medical marijuana laws. Now, the best shot this year looks like Minnesota, but even there, the governor is threatening a veto. The heartland remains resistant.

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medical marijuana in Illinois

Why should anyone be surprised that the government is telling sick people that THC has no medical benefit. The government has already stuck its nose directly into the physician-patient relationship when it comes to pain managment. Just try to get treated for chronic pain in a doctor's office! The drug cops are telling them how to prescribe! Who else in the world would think they have enough educational backround tell doctors how to practice!?!? The legislators? They all lack the education and the wisdom to properly judge!


Medical Cannabis in Illinois

"In all we do, we must remember that the best health care decisions are not made by government and insurance companies, but by patients and their doctor's."
-George W. Bush, 2007 State of the Union Address

Julie Falco

Medical Cannabis in Illinois

There are 59 Senators. Only 29 voted against it, which isn't a majority when they all vote. It's a good start and it will be back. The Julie's of Illinois just need more help next time.


I hope this bill is reintroduced soon. I find it despicable that it didn't pass.

Political Swindlers...

The drug war is nothing more than a political war backed by corrupt multinational coorporations. In 1938 the Gov. of Utah was the first political voice to speak out against hemp, there after state by state, ideaology about Hemp as Americas cash crop changed and the USDA announced Hemp as a noxious weed. This was all in part by the Cotton Growers Union and big Tabacco quite openly (it was alowed back then) to bank roll foney statistics showing Hemp inferior to cotton, then the pharmacutical companies got on the band wagon and have had politicians on their payroll since.
AGGGGGGHHHHH!!!! Fucking politicians - line em up and plug em full of holes - no Christian burials for them!


You would figure that a government for the people by the people would actually worry about the people instead of the "almighty" dollar.
If our founding fathers were here to see what the gov. is like this day in age. I believe they would puke.

Not Surprised... but Deeply Disappointed...

Yup... we're still stuck in the dark ages here.... this racist law is upheld. Sure, we can be "prescribed" just about anything the government deems as "right" for us. Big bucks from the BIG companies to keep out simple home remedies.
I'm going blind from glaucoma and my government tells me that I can't medicate myself because......... long ago, during the depression, they decided the best way to get those Mexicans back across the border was to outlaw marijuana. And that's where it all started. A bunch of biggets trying to figure the best way to get the economy started again. Here we are stuck with another "Jim Crow Law" from our biggeted past. Gee... how American can you get?
This country is so far backward, it farking stinks.
No matter how far we get, those old biggeted laws follow us... makes you wonder what kind of "leaders" are in our future.
I Love this country... but some of the people really suck.
I'll probably die blind. And all because our elected officials drink alcohol instead of smoke marijuana.
When will the intellectuals rule? Never... too many idiots! They multiply faster than rats and they will overcome... trust me, I've done the math.

Medical Cannabis in Illinois

Maybe next year WE can get the (3year Trial OFF ) and have a Medical Cannabis Law. Para No Chair!

how can I help?

I live in central illinois and feel strongly pro on the subject how can i help or get things going in my area to get this passed?ro

How you can help

Contact are Senators and legislators. Tell your friends and family to do the same. We need all the help we can get. I am always in pain. My spine is completely degenerated, I have a twisted sharp curve, 12 vertebra's fused , my neck is curving and i have a brain tumor. All i want is some pain relief. Not to have to think about ending my life, due to the horrible pain.What you get on the street is not always powerful enough to help. But medical cannabis is. thank you for wanting to help.


I find it hard to believe that politicians have the ability to decide if medical marijuana should be legal or illegal. This matter should be decided by Doctors and medical physicians who have dedicated their entire life to medical research. This is their profession, they are professionals, They work with this wealth of information day in and day out. I would trust a Doctor with my healthcare rather than a crooked politician any day. Who would you trust with your health? it just does not make sense...

need to pass it

i have liver problems and cant take pain pills for treatment.i think thc would help a great would not affect the liver at all and help with the pain of treatment.

Illinois medical cannabis vote

Pain is with me always. Suicide is always on my mind. A way out . I have been on every narcotic known to man. But if caught with a plant, I can go to jail. Cannabis safely relieves my pain, but it's often impossible to get the good quality that I need. All i want is to relieve my pain. If i wanted to get high, i can , with pharmacueticals. Please help, not only myself but many others.Call the Illinois Senate and House. And ask those in power to pass this Bill. We are not asking for the moon, Just to live in some comfort, without further injuring are bodies with narcotics.that unlike cannabis destroys the liver and kidneys, And that's if you don't die in your sleep first.

can't wait for the day

I had cancer at the age of 17. Actually I was diagnosed 2 days before my 17th birthday. I had osteosarcoma in the right femur. My cancer was very aggressive and I had to be given large doses of chemotherapy. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. I do wish some of these people who oppose medical marijuana could see and feel what I had to go through, even for a day, and they would change their minds in minutes. My twin brother started smoking marijuana when I started going through all my treatments. After dealing with the nausea and vomiting for 6 months he talked me into trying it. That's when I could TRULY say, "This is a medicine that really works". I smoked it for the rest of my treatments. I could finally eat after pushing all those toxins through me. Today I still deal with chronic pain, and still smoke marijuana. Nobody can tell me that it doesn't help with my pain and overall attitude, because it does. I now am in my second year of college, have a 3.154 gpa, and smoke marijuana every day. It's really sad that I am thought of as a criminal just because I would rather smoke marijuana for my pain than take over the counter drugs. So many people have addictions to pain medications that it makes marijuana being illegal even more ironic.

medical interference.

This week I went to the doctor. I was suffering from the flu and hadnt slept in five days due to coughing. All I asked was something to take away the cough so I could sleep and get better. I know that there is a cough syrup that is a codeine derivitave. Its is 100% effective in relieving cough and throat pain. The doctor flat out refused to proscribe it. When I pushed her she claimed it was because my blood pressure was too high. Instead she gave my four other prescriptions and told me to go buy an over the counter cough medecine. The difference was obvious. All the drugs she gave me were newer patented big pharma products. The cough syrup is cheap and generic. The drugs she gave me were marginally effective. The cough syrpup is 100% effective. But that wasnt putting money in big pharma's pockets. Plus I am sure she is scared the DEA will come in and tear up her prescription book. The government and big pharma are dictating our medical treatment for us.

Voting again

As of 3/05/09 a new medical marijuana plan has been approved by an Illinois House committee. It now goes to the House floor. It may have some influence in the senate this time around because advocate John Cullerton is senate president. Let's hope and pray that it passes and sick people can benefit from something that should never have been made illegal in the first place.

bill SB2865

Sen. John Cullerton is one of my new favorites. C'mon guys... we are so effin close... send emails to senators, sign some petitions. Its time to cut out this bullshit.

this is bullshit they should

this is bullshit they should have passed the law the majority of senetors was with it

Unfortunately guys, I don't

Unfortunately guys, I don't see SB 1381 passing in Illinois. I hope I'm proven wrong. There are too many dickheads in there quite frankly. I'm surprised it has even passed in the handful of states that it has. The vast majority of people that make the laws don't care about our pain, they only care about votes and how 'good' they look. The people who make money from the deadly and ineffective medications they push through our bodies and the ones who prescribe them don't care about our pain, they only care about their pocketbooks. This is reality. If it weren't, then medical marijuana wouldn't even be an issue. What is their argument? That it's "dangerous"? That is hilarious. Or that it has no benefits? Those who have personal experience with it know better, and scientists know better as well.

medical marijuana........

My name is John Benavidez. I am 27 and epileptic. my medication (Dilanton) dose not do squat for my seizures! I take 600mg a day and i continue to have seizures 2 to 3 times a week.(Some times 3 to 4 seizures in a row..."5 to 10 min".) I have been tryed on tegratall also and thad dose not work either.... And yet when i smoke marijuana i go months with out a single seizure. So some one please tell me what the hell is wrong with our (illinois) senate? They say that marijuana has no medical standing? Then they shoot the bill down? What do people like me do? Smoke illegaly? Take the chance of going to prison? This goes to show you, the government dont give 2 squats about our health. They only care about public opinion! THANKS ILLINOIS SENATE!
Please keep me updated on the fight for our health at.... [email protected]
Heres to our health

whats the hold-up

what about those of us whose illness is entering the final stages and have no choice except vicodin which causes vomiting and nasua.give us some relief from the pain please legallize medical marijuana

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