Medical Marijuana: Minnesota Bill Headed For Final Vote in House, Facing Veto

The Minnesota medical marijuana bill is one floor vote away from passing the legislature, as the House Ways & Means Committee approved it on a 14-9 vote Monday. The bill, HF 655 is a companion measure to SF 345, which passed the state Senate last week.

"I hope the House follows the Senate's lead and, for the sake of Minnesota's seriously ill patients, passes this compassionate bill quickly," said Rep. Tom Huntley (DFL-Duluth).

Under the proposed law, patients with specified chronic debilitating conditions would be able to possess up to 12 plants and 2.5 ounces of marijuana. Patients can designate caregivers to grow for them. Patients must register with the state after obtaining a written recommendation from a physician, registered nurse, or physician's assistant.

But Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R) is vowing to veto the measure if it passes, a position that has drawn the scorn of the Minneapolis alternative weekly, the City Pages. In an article referring to Pawlenty as Governor Buzzkill, the weekly called on him to "puff, puff, pass" the bill and chided him for "protecting cancer patients from 'the munchies.'"

The City Pages' scorn notwithstanding, the bill passed the Senate by a narrow margin, and it appears unlikely proponents can muster the numbers to overcome a veto. Still, there remains a chance that Minnesota will this year become the 13th state to embrace medical marijuana, joining Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington.

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should be legalized
end of story



very clever

very clever

We definately can get any

We definately can get any positive credit othe matter when you keep calling it "weed". Weed is the type of plant it is, the problem with that, it is associated as a party drug when you refer it as "weed". Which is why it is so easily said no to all the time because it just makes the person asking for it sound like a skeezy stoner. Maybe if we acted with a little more professionalism on the subject it wouldn't be mocked the way it is. I have used cannibus for many years now and haven't had to see a doctor in over 10 yrs. Though I have had to use ill legal ways to obtain this herbal medicine, it has definately saved me trips to the doctors and help me save money on medicine that worse side affects that what it is meant to cure. This war on drugs is bull and needs to be put to rest all ready, more people who want this passed need to learn all they can on the subject and not just know how it feels when you smoke, put some intellegence behind the request.



We Need Weed

Contact the senator and ask him!

My Dad

Hurry up and pass, puff, pass this Bill while my ailing father is still alive, in total pain!!!!!!!!!!

He has a NORD spinal cord disease (siringamielia) sp?, and a double amputee....along with his tailbone and most of his sacrum cut out due to infections.


minnesota medical marijiuana Please for my pain and many others

I myself as a patient in chronic pain for many different health issues would love to see this bill passed. I am tired of taking conventional drugs that are approved by the FDA that are not effective and have some awful side efffects that are sometimes as bad as the deseases themselves. I find great relief from using marijuiana for medical reasons. I think if our governer vito's this bill He is showing a most inconsiderate and unconpasionable attitude towards the american way we treat our ill.

To: Gov. Pawlenty- How do you want to be remembered?

There are many Minnesotans in need of relief from their pain. Have you ever had cancer? I have. Have you ever almost died in a motorcycle accident? I have. It's an herbal plant. It doesn't damage society like crystal meth. It helps more than any prescrition (narcotic or otherwise), yet it is non-addictive. I have had to treat my pain illegally. There's something wrong with that. I recently went out to California and met others like me, who suffered different kinds of pain-related health issues. They were happy and able to function without hardly any difficulty. Marijuana is a godsend for millions of people around the world who suffer severe pain. You can be remembered as the governor who truly cared for Minnesotans that suffer from pain. All you have to do is say "Yes, I do care." There will be less suffering in Minnesota if you decide not to veto the bill. I've suffered from cancer, and a severe motorcycle accident in which I was the victim of a drunk driver. I had 12 fractures, both of my lungs collapsed, and a traumatic brain injury. Please do the right thing.

Make It Legal - Ya Digg?!

My grandfather has glacouma. I Believe medicinal marijuana would help. So why not...

Make it legal.

crack kills...weed heals!!!!

i just so happen to be from a state where medical marijuana has helped a lot of people. so why cant minnesota get a clue?
drugs kill. marijuana is not a drug. end of story.

You are the dumbest person in the entire world

I am pro medical marijuana, from MN and in Chicago for school right now. One of my friends made a comment about the bill passing, and i happened to find this site on good, was slightly interested from reading a few of the respondes, and then winded up on this response. I was blown away by the inherent stupidity of it, and was compelled to respond.

You made 3 short statements, 2 were completely wrong, 1 was complete pointless, and all three of them were completely retarded. "Drugs kill" - Incorrect. What does that even mean? Advil is a drug, I just took 2 of them, and I am still alive. "Marijuana is not a drug" - Incorrect. Marijuana is a drug. By definition. D8o you not even have a concept of what a drug is? And i guess the real question is, is marijuana is not a drug, what is it?

Pathetic Losers

Obviously pot heads are just looking for a reason to be useless ot our society. This is not a cure nor a way to help those in pain. There are numerous pain killer medications for types of people that actually need it, not those that want to abuse it. If this bill gets passed and every 18 and older can grow it, then we will have to have these people listed as a business, because they will all grow it and sell it for profit to everyone and anyone... this is the first step to and endless bad idea. Marijuana is a drug, it is addictive, it does have an impact on the way people behave and act, it does hurt our future if legalized. Isn't it bad enough that we have drug dealers stalking our schools to sell to our children? Do our children, our future, even have a chance?


first of all if the state legalized it and all adults were growing it you wouldnt have to sell it cause you would have your own. second people should beable to choose to smoke and if they see a difference in the way they act or dont like it they can quit. i dont think it should be legalized for everyone to smoke but if you have a permit then you should

u r a joke

a of all, how can you say that there is certain medications that help certain diseases when you yourself probably doesn't even have one. i have spondolothesis which is a chronic back disorder and the medications i have been given don't really work as effectively as weed does. b of all, marijuana is not habit forming and there is nothing chemical in weed that causes it to be addictive. you get addicted to weed because you tell yourself that you are. c of all, weed is not nearly the drug that crack or coke or heroine is, so it shouldn't be put in the same category. when's the last time you heard of someone high causing problems in society (besides raiding your kitchen)? end of story.


whats wrong with it? what is legalizing it really gonna do? nothings wrong and legalizing it would help lots of things including diseases and illnesses. people would stay out of jail for stupid nonsense things like having a joint of weed or growing their own. cops need to back off and start worrying about other things like houses being broken into and gangs. not people trying to keep the peace and stick to their own worrys


i had to go to physical therapy and that shit made it worse!! i had quit smoking pot for a while and then started and my pain gets lesser and lesser every time!! i just can't pronounce it right!!lmao ohh and not only is it painful but also very dangerous.. if my L5 (lumbar 5) slides more then i'm fucked and peralized for life!!

loser who

but you cant spell its useless TO not ot maybe you should start fool

Don't be a fool!! Ya A$$

No one needs your useless incorrect information! you can leave!
Tim P. should be thrown into the street! I am glad that I don't know anyone that votes so stupidly!
Your "theory" about how people are going to massively sell is just plain...well....dumb! You can fear pot somewhere else on some other site! peoples family and friends are in pain and have issues that ONLY pot can help with! I think republicans like yourself (and I say republican because of the comments you made) shouldn't even have a say because EVERYTHING scares you...pathetic and evil!

Marijuana regulation

Look at the dutch culture. For years the Netherlands have had a prosperous culture and nation that has cultivated and managed marijuana for sale and use under the prospect that they were able to regulate and keep it under control. They also have had little to no crime involving drugs such as marijuana due to the relaxed laws. With these laws the government is able to target harder, actually deadly drugs such as heroin, and cocaine. Marijuana if regulated by law, can be an efficient and legitimate business like any other, It would not only help those who have chronic conditions and pains, but it would also help stimulate the flow of cash through out the economy. Marijuana also has less side effects than the majority of non prescription and prescription drugs prescribed by doctors today, it helps many individuals across the nation and will continue to thrive as a resourceful asset.

i get where your coming

i get where your coming from, however you have some flaws in your argument. If marijuana is as addictive and a s bad as you say it is than alcohol should be banned as well it is just as harmful and addictive, if not more. Tobacco is as well. Also when you say that kids will smoke because it is legal and we already have drug dealers around you are disproving yourself, if marijuana was legal there would be less of this criminal drug selling activity because the most common drug would be legal therefore not criminal. this would decrease criminal activity not increase it alot of the people in our jails would not be in there if it was not for marijuana laws, did you know the us has an obscenely high incarceration rate compared to other developed nations, alot of which are in there on small drug offenses( pot) people should have a choice to smoke just like they have the choice to drink or smoke cigarettes. get the facts next time


First of all marijuana would be used as a natural pain killer. Marijuana hardly has any side effects unlike other painkillers that do. Second businesses that would sell medical marijuana are not allowed to "sell it for profit to everyone and anyone" they can only sell it to people with prescribed medical marijuana cards. Also marijuana is not a addictive drug this has been proven. smoking or any other way of consuming medical marijuana should be legal because people actually need it because other chemical products might not work. if someone with cancer who is having a huge amount of trouble eating and wants smoke medical marijuana to help their appetite are you going to turn them down? Go learn your facts you uninformed citizen!

You my sir, are f**king ignorant

I have leukemia and I have tried it (Illegally) and it made almost all of my symptoms go away, while other medications/painkillers make me feel worse, or I have anaphylaxis to them (All NSAIDS and others).


Its so funny to listen to suburban moms that think that they know everything because they have kids and a man that pays their bills. Maybe you should do some research. Most pills that are being hocked on TV are 10 time more dangerous than pot. Humans have an anatomy designed to work with pot but is you local news going to tell you that? 

ligallize it

Our decleration would not be what is is if it wasent writen on hemp paper was it not.

to leagalize it

spoken like a true american! LEGALIZE NOW!

Marijuana has improved my life

I live on social security disability with anxiety disorders. I used to smoke it (self medicate) successfully with it years ago but it's no longer available thanks to the government. I sit in my apartment day after day with two back injuries as well and ADHD. It has helped me be more social and friendly as well as managing pain. I lost weight, had a longer attention span. I got things done that needed to get done. My mood has improved.

I've tried all kinds of medications for my anxiety and ADHD and they all give me huge side effects so I refuse to take them. My body's aches and pains from my back injury increases with ADHD medication (Concerta). I exercise more and just have more energy overall. My depression (for being entrapped on social security disability making $650/month) improves.

I don't get any unwanted side effects either from marijuana because it's all natural. Life comes from life, not pills and chemicals. That's why I choose marijuana over drugs. Used responsibly it can help millions. I wouldn't want your karma for vetoing a bill that can help hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans end their suffering where modern medicine has failed them.

battling with ADD and chronic back pain

you know what, I am a 27 year old female. I am a single mom of 2 very young children. One has asperger's, and the other one the doctor's think she has autism. I have one degree and almost done with my second. I never smoked while pregnant, gave all the stuff up and made a ton of sacrifices. To sum up my life, I did better in college smoking pot then I did in high school zipped up on Ritalin. I was an athlete in high school thus leading me to having chronic back pain, and joint pain. I am sick of seeing a chiropractor all the time, a temporary fix just like the medical pain killers codeine, hydrocodone, Oxycontin, etc. With side effects that are horrible. In fact they are worse on the brain than marijuana. When I used to be a pot head in my younger days, I was able to be part of the community, work, go to school, function normally versus being zoned out because of what the gov't and drug manufacturer's agreement. I noticed a big difference while being on Ritalin and smoking pot. I am always in a pissy mood when on Ritalin, hot tempered, depressed, and I have anxiety big time. If I was stoned, I was mellow, paid attention better, not having the high of go go go like Ritalin, my patience was better. I think that Tim Pawlenty should listen to the people that it affects. Listen to their stories, and the reasoning why we believe that it should be legalized. The only side effect I noticed while smoking was a little appetite. It helped me mentally and physically. It also helped my eye sight too. I didn't wear or need glasses for a long time, now since I can not find it to help me with my ADD, and body pains, now I have bifocals! BIFOCALS FOR A 27 YEAR OLD!!!!!! I think all the people who are anti pot heads, should maybe try a pinner when they are physically hurting, had surgery, or the need to mellow out. Alcohol is far worse, drugs that were manufactured by man is even worse-they keep pulling them off the shelves-hmmm. Just try a joint, smoke a pinchy, bowl, etc. Make sure it is the good stuff and maybe you might change your mind. Oh, another good thing about pot is that it probably could cure eating disorders like anorexia nervosa too! I too used to be anorexic in high school and now I am healthy!!!! Bring out the appetite!

plain and simple weed should

plain and simple weed should be legal if anything alcohol should be illegal cause i would not mind smoking instead of drinking anyday and how many marijuana related accidents do u have compared to alcohol??? wow should be an obvious decision....

What bad is marijuana? It

What bad is marijuana? It can help people out and give others recreational fun. Just legalize it and then no one will have to worry about it.

You don't know unless you've been there

I was dignosed with colon cancer 7 months ago I'm on my 4 section of Kimo and I hate it. I smoked weed a few times in high school and college but never really liked it. My friend came over one day and pulled out a joint and said we have to smoke this so you can tell me how you feel. It literally took my pain away for a brief moment, I started buying it short after that and It's making this horrible experince a little better and at this point a little is ALOT

please legalize

I have had Crohn's disease for 3 years now & the medication is extremely expensive, costing me over $700 for only 1 month worth of pills, thats without insurance, but a bag of weed costs 1/4 that price. Justs doesnt seem fair that with this bullshit economy & being laid off almost the entire year that I should have to pay half of what I make on unemployment for my pills so I stay outta the hospital.

Help ease our pain

As a victim of a rare condition called Psudotumor Cerebri, I would greatly like to see this bill pass. The pain I suffer from can, at times, be completley debilitating. Sometimes I litterally cannot see straight, due to the pressure put on my optic nerve. Marijuana eases the swelling, which releaves the pain and also lessens the risk of damage to my vision. The amount of other medications I would have to take would also be reduced. I am FOR this bill.

Pass it

Along with its many medical benefits it also would have finacial benefits for the government. We wouldn't need dealers anymore so all the money would go to duh them and what better way of getting the economy back to where everyone can keep their jobs and how many job opportunities it would open up. What more do you need? MARIJUANA its an all around good thing. Its not gonna make the world any worse.



It's already here

1.Look, it's here it won't leave and you can make a lot of money off of it if you don't pass this bill it's like saying "yes I am willing to let you suffer"2. Even if this doesn't pass who is going to stop, I'm not in fact I'm smoking a bowl right now if you see this I hope you know I have been depressed since I was 12 and when I was 14 I started smoking weed and it stopped me from attempting suicide so much that now when I get the feeling to cut I just pull out my bowl and smoke and if your sitting there going "oh your going to go to jail" then fuck off because if you COULD send me to jail you would take a good person and twist them until they are a criminal. I hope America does what's best and just toke up. I am 15 and I smoke weed :)-"


1st of all WEED IS NOT A DRUG!!! Weed is something we grow which makes it actually a plant w/ THC in it. THC can be sold in head shops such as Piece Makers Chronic Class over on Snelling AVE. If they can sell laughing gas then why cant they sell a plant that u can grow that has nearly the same substance in it. People die more from tobacco products more then they would after the effects of smoking a blunt or something. Look at it in a good way, our economy will get better cause we all know the government will tax on it because of inflation. It opens up more jobs such as the growing process, selling it out the stores, trying it out to see if it is effective (im available LOL) But take that into consideration.
If you wanna speak more email [email protected]


No Seriously..... I have some! Jk. Gotta love Spensers right? Sorry, I'm baked and watching Labrinth. Anyways, according to Minnesota State Law I'm alloud to possess up to 42 grams or something like that and receive a ticket for small possetion. (About a $90 ticket with no same or simulars) So since I have continued to smoke pot since age 13 (when I stopped taking my adderall and straterra) and have not been caught I'm really not all that worried about it. Does it matter so much to have a civil debate? What's to debate? Innocent victims of dissorder and disease are helped and the so called "scummy" drug dealers are the only ones hurt. What is there to argue about? I mean does it really matter if you vote to turn this down? Almost every person in the world is gonna continue doing what it is that they've been doing. The only difference is that you're making the hard working smokers (some of which ;-) only have their jobs because they self medicate) as well as those unfortunate enough to have that ability to work by penelizing and preventing them for pursuing their happiness let alone comfortability? I gotta bust out a huge "WTF?"! That's what America is about Freedom, Liberty, and The Pursuit of happiness, is it not? But like I said I'll keep doin what I'm doin and yeah I'll probably get caught, pay my ticket, get caught again, eventually wasting your money in tax dollars when I must enroll in Minnesota Care or something like that to pay for court ordered treatment, then I get out continue doin what I'm doin, but this time I go to jail costing you even more money in tax dollars. Well looks like you pooped your own party huh? Cuz I like many others have a belief and We(ed) Will Win!

**NOTE** Adderall is a legal form of methamphetamine made by a company that discovered a way to pull off the biggest drug sceme in the world. Look into it. Do not addict your children to crack. Please look into the alternatives. (Not nessasarily approaching them with your favorite smoking device but there are other ways to help them)


You can not overdose on marijaunna, you dont have side effects, (besides the high), and you regain ur appetite. I cant see why POT IS NOT LEGAL ALREADY!!! Hemp, a bi product of canibas, is the best thing to hit the US yet. it can take the place of tree's in making paper, cotton in making clothing, and it doesnt take 30-60 years to grow again like tree's. its a seasonal plant that regrows every year and puts nutrients back into the ground. The government cant see past the whole idealogy weed. they think its a drug everybody does in high school and college. I PERSONALLY know a terminal cancer patient that had 3-6 days to live, he took hemp oil and rubbed it on his skin, ate hemp, (and occasionally smoked) but he is still alive today. We have the plant all over our country already...we just need to make it
"paper legal" Pot doesnt kill. it never has!

marijuana is no worse than

marijuana is no worse than alcohol or cigs! it heals people. it really helped me when i was in the hospital with leukemia when i was getting chemo i wouldnt be able to eat bc i felt so sick and when i got the med, marijuana it helped me eat good. its just how u use it, just like alcohol and cigs. just dont abuse it. legalizing it will drop crime rates and it will help with taxes if we tax it. people say it leads to other drugs but i dont think so. its a good antidepressant too. and im not joking about that one, arent we supposed to be a free country? well it doesnt seem like it. in my opinion i think cigs and alcohol is way worse than marijuana.


I think we should legalize weed because its not a drug its a plant, nothing is bad about it, theres one after effect and its the muchies, SO GET TO IT ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

people in pain need this

I have a serious back injury which prevents me from doing alot of things. the pain killers I get prescribed do nothing and are horrible for your body. Marijuana has been the only thing that takes my pain away. My wife also suffers from lupus and her only relief is from marijuana as well, it helps her eat, sleep and maintain a regular life style.  The politicans need to get there head out of there as* and approve this bill for the people who really need it.  there would be nothing greater than going downstairs and " picking" my medicine right off of the plant :)

19yo w/ 3 years probation due to marijuana laws

Pro marijuana. Just saying, thousands of job oppertunities could be available once legalized. (Which happens to be one of our nations largest needs today). Ps I will challenge all negative comments regarding marijuana use


stoners live and stoners die in the end we all get high if at first we dont suceed F the world and smoke some weed. puff puff pass the bill

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