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Ron Paul's Least Controversial Idea: Legalizing Drugs
I've been so busy marveling at the disturbingly idiotic drug policy positions of various republican presidential candidates that I've largely failed to comment on the candidate who is actually fighting for drug policy reform. Iowa doesn't even have medical marijuana yet, but a guy who wants to end the drug war entirely went in there and shook things up so hard that many were relieved when he only pulled 21.4% of the vote.

A lot of people have a lot of problems with Ron Paul, but when the poo starts flying in his direction, it's never because he wants to legalize marijuana, or even meth. That's not the debate his critics want to have with him. If anyone really believes that Ron Paul's ideas about drug policy are a non-starter with voters, they sure are reluctant to point it out.

Face it, Ron Paul's belief in changing our drug laws is easily the least controversial position for which he is known. It's the one thing no one ever challenges him on, a fact which, by itself, ought to completely bury forever the notion that politicians who support things like the legalization of marijuana are engaging in a act of overt political suicide.

No one will ever make an attack ad saying that Ron Paul wants to legalize drugs, because saying that about Ron Paul would just make him more popular. You can't burn someone by reinforcing what their supporters love most. It's a principle Obama seems to have forgotten and would do well to remember before November.

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troll not on me

Ron Paul is for peace and liberty.

What are you for? Cages, wars, taxes, fiat currency, fascism?

I'd say fiat currency isn't

I'd say fiat currency isn't necessarily evil.

If it's the only thing available and controlled by private assholes, then yes, it's bad.

Watch "Money Masters".  What we need is public fiat currency + competing currencies.  Which is actually Ron Paul's stance (he introduced the Alternative Currencies Act [sp])

"You is dumb, you is really

"You is dumb, you is really really dumb."



I didn't know Herman Cain was

I didn't know Herman Cain was on here!!!

Not in the constitution?

You say the Constitution doesn't grant "a right to raise your kids, marry or privacy?" Well, not explicitly, but according to the 9th Amendment:

"The enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people."

and the 10th Amendment:

"The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."

Just because a right isn't specifically enumerated, doesn't mean it doesn't exist; and whatever powers aren't delegated to the federal government by the Constitution and aren't claimed by the states in their own constitutions are retained ultimately by the people.

You're also right that the Supreme Court's interpretations of the Constitution are the final word with respect to jurisprudence, but theirs aren't the only valid interpretations. Many people (among them politicians, law professors, practicing attorneys, and lay citizens) feel that the Supreme Court has interpreted certain parts of the Constitution (e.g the Commerce and General Welfare clauses) too broadly and others (e.g. the 4th Amendment) too narrowly. The validity of the various arguments rests on their respective substance, not the positions held by their adherents.

Every person who reads the

Every person who reads the Constitution interprets the Constitution!

Ron Paul is clearly one of the few who is ready to remove the zillions of ridiculous exceptions and perversions that have been layered on.  Layer on layer of burdensome waste that like prohibition itself, only serves to make things worse.

In fact your lack of any reasonable argument, incessant reliance on insults, and providing no facts, shows how scared you are of him and his supporters.

We all know what non-racists Obama and Holder are, yeah right, NOT!  They keep on arresting and packing away brown skin like crazy.

And since when is auditing the organization that prints money a bad thing?!  That's like being married to a shop-o-holic and never balancing your checkbook.

Ron Paul

Got to agree with some of your points. It is a great thing that he plans to end the War On people who use Drugs, but look a little deeper and some of his policies are a bit scary. These inlcude suggestions of an end to tax which means an end to any welfare or access to health if you are poor which he says should be looked after by the churches. I do like the guy though, he has the balls to speak out on the issues.

You don't have a right to

You don't have a right to welfare or health care, you have a right to take care of yourself not to force someone else to take care of you.

Ron Paul


You are poorly mistaken.  I cannot believe how brainwashed you are.  And the audacity to say some of the things you did...that took a lot of guts.  But you're an idiot.  I'm going to address some of your points:

  • Ron Paul is much more than "nothing" and if you actually did your research, you would understand that he is the only candidate that represents the American people.
  • Political hack?  Really?  Not only does he want to stop the drug war, he wants to stop spending, big business, the Federal Reserve printing money (they are a private corporation controlling our monetary system without any govt audits). 
  • Paul also wants to get out of all the reckless wars that are costing us billions of dollars.  We need to use that money at home...the people need it. 
  • You think the Bible doesn't say you can't look at porn? Are you kidding me?  If you actually read the whole bible you wouldn't be saying that.  How about this verse? Matthew 5:27-29 (KJV)

    27Ye have heard that it was said by them of old time, Thou shalt not commit adultery:

    28But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.

    29And if thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell.
  • "Constitution does not say parents have a right to raise your kids, marry or privacy"?  The Constitution was all about personal freedoms, and Ron Paul supports this.Because the Constitution isn't about what people can do; it's about what government can do.  The Constitution was created to spell out the limited rights or powers given to the federal government. And it was clearly understood that the government had no powers that weren't authorized in the Constitution. 

    Amendment IX:

    The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

    Amendment X:

    The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

    The government has no power to tell people what to do except in areas specifically authorized in the Constitution.

    That means it has no right to tell people whether or not they can engage in homosexual acts; no right to invade our privacy; no right to manage our health-care system; no right to tell us what a marriage is; no right to run our lives; no right to do anything that wasn't specifically authorized in the Constitution.

  • He hates blacks?  That's funny, because he is the leading candidate with minorities.  He wants to end the war on drugs, which discriminates towards blacks.  Just because Google told you that Paul said that rediculous statement about MLK day and all that, doesn't mean it's true.  The Media is trying to ruin Paul because they are afraid to actually have a President with real values, who has a consistent record of voting against spending.  That means big biz won't be able to run our Presidency anymore.  Ron Paul never said that garbage, he doesn't hate black people and you're a fool if you believe it. That was penned under his name at a news letter he helped set up but left in 1988, those letter were written in 1990 and on by Lew Rockwell.
  • "He's playing on our lack of knowledge"?  If you had any, you'd understand that what we have right now is a disaster..and if we want to save our country he could be the only one to save us.  We print money, keep writing checks, overexpanding into the rest of the world (how would you feel if Iraq put a military base in our country) trillions in debt...soon that's gonna run out. 
  • Paul is not anti government.  He is against corporations running our government.  He loves our government so much that he fights everyday to put it back the way it was, the way our Constitution says it should be.  He wants the US to be a leader in the world like we used to be.  He wants to save our government and the American people from disaster.

Sorry it had to be so long...I just have to make sure people don't believe for your ridiculous comment.

In response to the replies

Look, I understand that you are making the enumerated argument that it only concerns what govt can do and not what people can do as it pertains to my question "where in the constitution does it say you have a right to privacy or to raise kids." Well ok from a different perspective trying to reiterate the same point with a better tailored question, where in the Constitution does it say federal Government has to help you locate your missing kid (FBI), or ensure that the private decision you made to invest in a private/public company, purchase a mortgage etc (basically your own business decisions) is legit (by giving u a cause of action in federal court) or insure your investments from fraud up to 100K (FDIC), -- and when you find it, then you will realize where most of what you rail against the government doing lies in the same place.

Concerning the Bible, u prove my point, it doesn't say EXACTLY what I posted, (lookin at porn may not always translate to looking at another man's wife (porn star might be single), further as adultery pertains to married men looking at a woman other than his wife it may not apply) Although I agree with your quotes and that it applies it doesn't actually say that. I can be silly and say what if you are looking at simulations where the characters are not real, then what? The point is that the constitution applies in the same sense its a set of PRINCIPLES not a guide book or an owners manual that has a section for every function detailed exactly to every possibility. No. And my point is that Ron Paul acts that way when he says stuff like where in the constitution it says you have a right to medicare or SS. He's stupid. Its called the general welfare. just like you quoted me scripture about adultery to deal with porn. 

The same way you think its wrong for someone not to hire you bc you are a christian as it has no rational relationship to what you are doing is the same way its wrong to do it for racial reasons. Ron Paul thinks ppl should be at liberty to do that and that is harmful to minorities. He don't care cuz he's the majority, it wouldn't affect him. It's like denying a man a right to a cause of action in rape bc a woman did the raping, where rape was defined as by force by a man. In that example it would be as if a woman is calling for the return to Common Law as it concerns rape, she's not affected cuz most likely only a man would or could rape her and she would be covered in that sense. I hope that didn't confuse you, read it again.

You gotta read the post on RP I linked for the ron paul and blacks thing. I cannot say so definitively but I am always concerned about ppl who hate lincoln but like reagan.

> I am always concerned about

> I am always concerned about ppl who hate lincoln but like reagan.

Ron Paul has stated repeatedly that he "liked what Reagan said before he was elected, but not what he did as President". 


My wife was raised as an atheist.  She still saw porn as cheating.  if your are not married, it is still lust.  But, one must consider that part of the porn industry is abusive to women.



The Constitution!

The Constitution is a Perfectly defined Document! Only a Tyrant or a Moron would have reason to redefine!
You are obviously Brainwashed by Leftist Propaganda and Totally wrong about every comment! 
You do what the Left does so well, You can't defend the indefensible so You resort to Leftist Assassination by Association Tactics! Anti Semitism, Racism, KKK, This is because You and Your Ideologues are Really more Guilty of The Slander You Sling...!!! Catagory, Moron!

Ron Paul

You are  the only one spitting out garbage. I've seen and heard just about every single speech or print from Ron Paul and he is truly trying to protect the Constitution from being ripped apart by the Supreme Court. Those idiots are the ones who are interpreting the Constitution with their own spin. They have changed things that shouldn't have been changed and made decisions that only take away our freedoms and liberties one chunk at a time. Where does the Constitution say we the people deserve to live in a police state? Yep, that one rests entirely upon the shoulders of the Supreme Court. You should do yourself a favor and learn the facts. Do just a little bit of research. It really wouldn't kill you.

DaveMan50's picture

You couldn't

I wouldn't ask you too. So maybe he is not the only one now, but it's his history of consistently saying the same thing. About the Federal Reserve, our economy, the Constitution, smaller government, etc. What do you know about that garbage?

Matthew 5:28 - "But I say to

Matthew 5:28 - "But I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery with her in his heart."

Seems pretty clear cut to me that the Bible IS against lusting in all forms, including looking at porn on the internet. I've done it plenty of times, but the Bible DOES say it's wrong.

Ron Paul

Reid is obviously a smear team member . Credibility gone . Ron Paul will be the Republican nominee at large . Huntsman will be next . The rest will be kicked to the curb . Paul is not a flip-flop republican . Obama will have a hard time attacking Paul in Presidential debates . Attacking his positions on how government should be , means attacking 75% of the American public . They want to avoid Paul at all costs . It is a nightmare situation . For the National Republican Party [ RNC ]  , it means the end . How can a political party expect to survive if it doesn`t support its own party`s President ? The RNC will fall behind Paul like they did Obama . Even CNN hates Ron Paul . This same time in 2008 , no one thought Obama had a chance . Look at what happened . No one in mainstream media thinks Paul has a chance  [ wonder why ] , look at what will happen . 2012 .

radical changes in horizon

With the current state of the union, and the track record we are creating by electing the same types of politicians over and over, maybe someone with the different kind of approach is what we really need. Some form of legalization is right, cut a trillion $ from the budget is right, less gov't is right. Our politicians should spend more time protecting the rights of the people instead of controlling them.

Reid MComment

Your English is terrible. Perhaps a class would help. Regardless of your poor communication skills, I believe that it is exactly the type of voter that YOU are, that is a large part of the problems in America today.  The GOP (Grand Old Party, as in Good Old Boys) need to stop recruiting sheep to pad votes, and cry foul when there is none.

Ron Paul

Yeah you are right Ron Pauls ideas to have to declare wars through congress are scary, The most racist law that there is out there is the drug law so if you are infering he is a racist as a black man thats looked in to the issues he is not this year those racist writings were proven to be james powell from forbes magazine and were edited and put through by the co author lew rockwell. At the time Ron Paul was practicing medicine. Before the 1960s we didnt have any medicare and there litterally were donation hospitals run by the church that was what ron paul was reffering to. He said that he would phase these progams out slowly like give the people the right to basically vote if we keep it by opting out or in to a program. Hes just giving you the freedom of choice. I cant stand it when people say if the federal government doesnt take care of it it wont get done. Thats just not true I lived in a time before all this stuff when the states took care of more things and it was more effective in my opinion because it goes through less bueracrats pockets before it gets back to you. The constitution is clearly a limit of centralized governments power not for a power grab. The constitution was designed to protect your rights and not to impinge or take away your rights in any way. Read it your self the constitution is what we need to bring back to this country and get rid of all the acts that take away all freedom not just the war on drugs. Thats what Ron Paul advocates freedom and liberty for the individual. Like my self Ron Paul has the number one black vote of the GOP most people in my community (which is mostly black) is hoping for Ron Paul to win and pardon all these people from jail from the drug war so we can get our familys and friends back. Lot of people are starting to see through obama and mitt romneys bs because when you look at thier plans they are exactly the same when it all comes to it. 

Some People Are Still Spreading Bullshit About Ron Paul

How about you giving enough RP research time as you do the other candidates? Instead of spreading twisted hater media lies from news sources that are just trying to bury RP at the start? Might start at to start with. And really read the stuff there. These synthetic assholes have twisted his words to corruption. Communistic bastartd! Am I mad you ask? As I see the idiots that have been elected since Tricky Dick Nixon sign law after law into effect that ruin our freedom because they screwed around some foriegn country that retaliated on us and then use that to steal our freedoms! What a bunch of sons of bitches! May they and their families be plagued and cursed off the planet! Of course, I have no power over them as you likely do not wither. But the one thing I can do is vote for someone that will reverse all of the anti - constitution bullshit  done in the past and head our nation back towards the middle where it belongs. Somewhere, I read the Obama actually said he killed the constitution with the passing of the lock anyone up for no reason forever bs. OF course, the liar says he won't do it and I believe him - not! As far as the drug laws, Ron Paul would slowly move them towards center. The war on drugs starts with a $10 billion budget not including all of the grants given to police districts for the most drug bust quotas.Wonder why they are still busting kids for a joint and personal use possession cases? They get grants that they are using to buy illegal military weapons and beefing up local police departments for war. Obama's brown shirts that he spoke of. Why would Wichita Falls,Texas need a small tank? Or full automatic weapons and grenade launchers...for now used to blow smoke bombs and gas into areas and people's homes and offices. There is something happening out here. Please use you votes wisely while you still can. The next step for these one worlders is to stop the voting and arrest those that resist...might want to think this through real well. And if I end up being full of shit - I apologise...we'll see November or before Obama is replaced. 

Ron Paul

He's actually got some very good views about many subjects, but please, read his views sometime. The problem is, other than insurance policies and drug policies, he is incredibly one-sided. Stating this is not "talking shit" about Ron Paul, it's actually fucking observing him.




by Duane Olson (not verified), February 02, 2012, 01:45pm

Without any constructive implications or conclusions of law by me, and supported SOLELY by the language in the statutes of the alleged federal drug laws themselves, I am able to prove to any reasonable thinking person who can tie his or her own shoe, and any guru of Constitution Law; THERE IS NO CONGRESSIONAL ENACTED FEDERAL CRIMINAL STATUE that would PROHIBIT, FORBID, or make it UNLAWFUL for any person at random to buy, sell, use, or abuse, melons, marijuana, cabbage, cocaine, tobacco, alcohol, orcontrolled substances, whatever the are now or ever will be!

To be precise; for over 35-years, the executive and judicial branch of the government of the United States have operated America's luciferian and moralistic "WAR on DRUGS" under color of  F R A U D !  That is to say, hundreds of thousands of men and women from nearly ever nation on this planet have been arrested, prosecuted, convicted and denied their liberty and freedom for a combined millions of years under color of the most repugnant FRAUD ever perpetrated and conducted by a government against its OWN PEOPLE in the History of the World!  

Can I prove the above statement?  You bet your sweet ass I can, but because I'm 83-years old and a high school drop-out from a little country school (10-class mates) of some 65-years ago without further or formal education, nobody will listen to me!


It is not necessary for us to agree on everything.  It is necessary that we all agree that we should all be free.

RON PAUL 2012!

Has anybody ever asked themselves why drugs are illegal? Why? Because "THEY" say they are? Or because they can potentially kill you? So why are CORPERATION chain resturaunts aloud to sell fatty potentially killing food? So in 10 years from now if I am in my car eating a double cheeseburger will I get pulled over? RON PAULS WAR ON DRUG ENDING THOUGHTS ARE AS REAL AS IT GETS!! RONPAUL2012

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