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Recreational Drug User Asks Newt Gingrich if She Should Be Arrested

…And for like the first time ever, the most notorious blowhard in the GOP has very little to say.

Did I hear that right? It sounds to me like Newt Gingrich just endorsed not arresting recreational drug users (or at least this particular one), and where I come from we call that decriminalization. Too bad he beat it the hell out of there so fast. I wanna know more about this man's formula for determining who should and should not be arrested (and/or killed) for breaking our drug laws. Inquiring minds want to know!

*Thanks to our friends at Students for Sensible Drug Policy for hitting the ground in New Hampshire and making this happen.

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AWSOME! Cheers To Whoever did that, and Please everyone keep up doing all they can to expose the ignorance of these people and cannabis/drug laws alike.

Stop the Ignorance.

Think Responsibly.

Drew B's picture

No One Said What Drug Was Being Used

The thing that is so beautiful about this is:

1) she didn't say what drug(s) she used

2) he didn't ask

For all we know she was talking about drinking a beer or wine with friends at a BBQ!

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Professional Drug Use

I'd laugh hard to hear someone say s/he takes drugs professionally.  That would be a shock, when was the last time you heard that?! :-)  

In case you are not aware, caffeine is taken by athletes because it not only gives them a boost, but (based on what I've read two decades ago) it somehow tells a person's body to switch over from short-term sugars for energy to long-term fats, so therefore the athletes can endure longer.

For the moment I'm not sure of how to couch this as a question.  Consultation with professional drug users is needed. And I'm sure there are more than just athletes who are pro drug users. ;-)

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Another SSDP video I got from

Another SSDP video I got from the YouTube iframe (embed) was this:


Where is Newt wrong? Let me count the ways…

He says cocaine and heroin users are "not capable of participating as independent citizens."  Beep Beep beep … bull s$#@ alert. "They are not capable of exercising independent judgment." Beep beep bs alert.

Please let me encourage you to read the amazing, the awesome, the so good that the Drug Policy Alliance uses it as a title of one of their awards … a book … by the trusted source which does NOT accept advertising dollars … Consumer Union, publishers of Consumer Reports Magazine, the book titled Licit and Illicit Drugs.

Read online at

OR download to your iPad, iPhone, etc… the ePub version for eReaders:

Licit and Illicit Drugs, Edward M. Brecher and the Publishers of Consumer Reports

And I don't mean to sound self adulating but the latter version has an additional 2 months of editing devoted to it. (for now, I've since sent the "fixed" version back upstream to Cliff so he could republish it)


In any case, my point is that Newt is an ignoramous in saying that (at least) opioid users are incapable of participating as independent citizens as it's a time honored fact that even opioid addicts are not wild out of their mind people, that is not how opioids work. Please see Section 1 of the book I just referenced. 


Ok, I'll wait for Scott to publish that video before I write more. :-)

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Professional Meth Users

Where's Rita from the LEAP forums? I miss her. She doesn't visit me or comment at CAP.  But clearly she has knowledge of meth.

So how about a little set of promos like "Hi. I'm probably the most popular president of the United States, John F. Kenedy. I used meth. I was a professional meth user. It helped me stay awake for long hours to takle the tough problems our nation faced." and so forth. "I'm not advising you do any kind of amphetamines, but my job required it due to my responsibilities …" and fade out while overlapping to a fade in "… my responsibilities as an air force pilot meant I had to fly for X hours carrying X people and X pounds of cargo …" blah blah "… I was a professional meth user. Methamphetamines, supplied by the U.S. govt. to help me perform my job with honors …" etc…

Not to mention the 'legal' opioid users...

Don't forget all the people using legal and prescribed pain killers. I've been given stuff for a wisdom tooth extraction or post surgical that definitely made it impossible to drive a car, or even stay awake for days.   Multiply all the people with chronic pain, back problems, etc., and a large portion of the population is compromised. 

If, according to the bloviating jackass that is Newt Gingrich, all the people that are mentally, physically or morally compromised were jailed, there would be no one left to perform the day to day duties that a society requires to keep going. 

I cannot believe this creep is being given the time of day, much less running for President.  He should be sent home with his robot wife in utter disgrace at what he did back in the 90s.  Actually, he just narrowly missed being charged by the IRS with fraud and other issues. He's most definitely guilty of taking bribes.  How else to describe being a 'historian' and getting paid 1.8 million for 'advice'?

Interestingly (if anyone ever gets him on camera close up and can ask him this), his second wife said he had a tendency to go into major league depressive funks every time he wasn't being taking seriously and given press time.  He needs to be asked what psychoactive drugs he's on.  Should a depressive (his mother was bipolar and an alcoholic) be allowed to control the launch codes???

Lookie here, Newt the Historian has no clue:

Here Newt explains why he

Here Newt explains why he hates the Constitution.  Good for a few laughs.

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