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Newt Gingrich Wants to Kill Dealers, Drug Test Everybody Else
Newt Gingrich (photo courtesy Gage Skidmore via
Ever since Newt Gingrich became the latest front-runner for the republican presidential nomination, a lot of people have been reminding us how horrible he is on drug policy issues. Heck, even Next Gingrich has been reminding us how horrible Newt Gingrich is on drug policy issues:

“I think the California experience is that medical marijuana becomes a joke.”

“My general belief is that we ought to be much more aggressive about drug policy.”

“In my mind it means having steeper economic penalties and it means having a willingness to do more drug testing.”

“I think if you are, for example, the leader of a cartel, sure.” (When asked if he supports killing drug smugglers)

“Places like Singapore have been the most successful at doing that. They've been very draconian. And they have communicated with great intention that they intend to stop drugs from coming into their country.” [Yahoo News]

Well yeah, by hanging people. They’ve been killing people for marijuana, which can’t even kill you by itself. And Newt Gingrich thinks that’s cool, even though he himself has smoked marijuana. It makes you wonder why Newt Gingrich doesn’t go track down the people who gave him marijuana in college…and kill them.

Seriously, this guy is such a screwball he should be hosting a show on AM radio, not polling in first place among republican presidential candidates. I mean, Singapore? Really? I’ve been following the drug war debate for a long time, and I’ve seen a lot of the worst drug warriors in the world perform live: John Walters, Bill Bennett, Nora Volkow, David Murray, Kevin Sabet, to name a few, but I’ve never heard anyone come along saying that we need to be more like Singapore.

It’s an idea so violently ignorant, so recklessly unhinged, that only a lone fool acting alone would propose it, perhaps months after the resignation of the people whose job it is to stop you from saying such things.

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Singapore really???? You know

Singapore really???? You know Singapore is a fucking police state. Sure we might be save but at what cost. Our fucking freedoms!!!! This is why you don't give the government power. Some fucking moron will come along  and want to install a police state. I can't believe this idiot is leading in the polls. Ron Paul is the only sane person and that media won't even talk about him. So fuck you America you get what you asked for if Newt becomes president and we have police cameras in every house!!!!

Fuck America

I live in America and I completely agree with you. I hope the rest of the world has a heart and knows that not all of us here are completely retarded. Some of us were spared from being crippled by our poisoness infant shots.

Does Newt Gingrich support killing cops who help smugglers?

There are quite a few news articles every month of cops being busted for accepting pay offs from smugglers and knowingly allowing large quantities to pass through our borders while on duty.  Does he believe in the death penalty for cops too?  



  Just who is he trying to cultivate as his base, with such outrageous statement.

I suppose if we they can intimidate a Presidential candidate out of running, by opening his closet-"They" can certainly get another HITLER in there.



Each day I read ever more disturbing news about how unfair the "War on Cannabis" has been. Not to mention how deadly and expensive, also.

   Here comes Newt. Now, what did we all expect from a grown man named "Newt"? It obviously was a self-fulfilling prophecy kind of name.

This man is INSANE. Singapore hey? Yeah.

I never thought I'd say this, but "W" is seeming not so retarded... or is it just me?

I think even Hitler was

I think even Hitler was popular and liked by the people before he actually came into the power he had.  I see the same thing happening all over again with Newt Gingrich.

That man knows how to talk, but he is EXTREMELY evil.

The lame stream media won't question Newt's get-tough pitch



Assuming Newt wins the Republican nomination, he will be scrutinized like never before, however when comes to his past and present Draconian policies on drugs, he will undoubtedly get a pass from the media covering the 2012 campaign. Don't expect Gingrich to have to explain the details of expanding drug testing or the ramifications of getting tougher on drugs. The media coverage has proven that they can't chew gum and walk at the same time. Most of their focus will be centered on economic issues. When Gingrich put forth his get tough slogans and pat answers on complex drug policy questions, that will suit the media just fine.

Gingrich was the point man in defeating President Clinton's efforts to fund Clean Needles Exchange. He is more than anyone politician responsible for the spreading HIV among drug users in 1990s  with the moralization of the issue. So he thinks medical marijuana is a joke but what would he do about the will of Californians who voted for that policy? Would he increase raids on dispensaries? Use the military to assist helping the DEA enforce federal law? How would his typical get-tough on drugs mantra translate into drug policy? These are all legitimate questions that won't be asked by the media. It's up to us, who deeply care about this issue to write letters to the editor, blogs and opinion pieces to counter the media's self imposed censorship on the drug policy of this truly dangerous candidate for President. 


What a Shame!

For being such a smart man Newt is a total idiot when it comes to drug policy because he can't control his own drug use so he wants to keep it as far away from himself as possible. When half the country is ok with legalization and an even greater number is for medical use how can he justify his Ideologies and completely ignore Science?

rclark231's picture

Newt is a insane hypocrite

I don't get these wacko right wing conservative republicans - They are always screaming they want government out of our lives - BUT when it comes to the unconstitutional criminalization of drugs - Boy they want government(in the form of a police state like Singapore) in our lives up to our ass (or should i say up our urine) They can't have it BOTH ways - The F----king hypocrites

he's not even conservative

Newt is NOT a conservative. Try neo-con, a very different animal. Plus he's Establishmentarian, authoritarian, and arrogant. He whines, he lies, he thinks he's profound -- and has VERY high "negatives" in polling. People do not like him. His perceived bounce in the polls will, I guarantee you, be as lasting as Cain's and Bachmann's before him. It's likely that Mitt will be the only one left standing when all the dust has settled -- you know, after the media blacked out Gary Johnson almost completely, blacked out Ron Paul about 3/4 of the time, and ran he-said-she-said stories for weeks.

Gingrich is embarrassing. I'm a libertarian, and would vote for a reasonable GOP candidate (see how radical I am? Johnson and Paul are reasonable candidates to me), but I would NEVER vote for Gingrich. Never. If the GOP wanted to lose, they'd nominate the nutball. But they really don't want to lose -- and by "they" I mean the party operatives, smoke-filled-room guys, state/local party leaders, informed political pros, and so on. They all know, quite well, that Newt is completely unelectable. For him to run as an "outsider" is downright hypocritical, too. He's just an awful, awful human being and needs to be shunned by thinking people everywhere.

Newt Gingrich is Political Poison

PAC swindler Jack Abramoff said of presidential candidate and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich that he is one of those "people who came to Washington, who had public service, and they cash in on it. They use their public service and access to make money."

The real Gingrich would never criticize a cash cow like prohibition, unless he thought it gave him some kind of political wedge to make more money in some other way.   Even if Gingrich claimed to believe in drug law reform, as he once did in the 90s, there is no reason to think he would act on his position statement.  Peace and normal prosperity just don’t add up for Newt.  

Gingrich’s support for prohibition is a major PR negative for drug enforcement, and a plus for reform.  Just having a picture taken with Newt is enough to cause a Republican candidate to lose an election.


If newt gets the nomination

If newt gets the nomination it gives a free pass to re-elect Obama... No more neo-cons..... Ron Paul 2012, if you want freedom!

Surprise! Newt has really

Surprise! Newt has really been a huge douchebag all along!

Who would have guessed?


Newt has all ways been like this. I follow him during the 1990 he and rush are good friends Newt if not him but another right wing republicans will declare a stat of emergency so the D.E.A can enter your home with out a warrant And call it a must to win the war on drugs . And the gov is doing this to help protect our children. Get ready for a all out war on us Americans. And as soon as some one who is a real man and a real American will kill a D.E.A thug when they enter there home with there guns  blasting will say we told yall if pot was not dangers this man would not have kill one of our offcers


Newt Gingrich Says: Drug Use Is "Antithetical to Being an American,"  

Really? What would the Founding Father's say about Newt?

1. "Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves, and, under a Just God, cannot long retain it." --Abraham Lincoln, letter to H.L. Pierce, April 6, 1859.  

And who denies freedom to others, and so are Anti American Treasoners, who should NEVER LEAD Free Americans?

The U.S. Declaration of Independence clearly identifies the deniers of freedom:  

2. “A prince whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a TYRANT, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people." —U.S. Declaration of Independence July 4th 1776  

Time to wake up America and use our Reason: the Conservative Newt is a Tyrant unfit to lead free Americans. You remember freedom don't you? Shut Newt down for the sake of American Freedom.  

Newt for AM radio

Good points by Scott, and since you mention radio star Bill Bennett, I remember September 1989 when GHW Bush appointed him Drug Czar and-- oh yes, he had to hurriedly get rid of his pack-a-day $igarette habit!!  

(Credit where due-- Obama quit an 8-per-day habit when he announced candidacy for Pres.  No practicing $igarette tobackgo drug addict has been elected since 1944, and that one lasted barely 5 months).

Newt or not, no Republican once elected could override the constituency base which polls say is 20% more anti-cannabis-legalization than Democratic voters.

Newt supports organized crime

Sure, we all know that the most beneficial plant on the planet, Cannabis, is illegal so that the police, drug companies, tree farmers/paper companies, prison industry, and lawyers can make more money. But also consider that prohibition also keeps the drug cartels in business making many times what they could make if the drugs were legal. This is part of the same problem that caused the economic market collapse, that no one has been arrested for either - the 1%ers like Newt who need to control everything. The prohibition is the crime, since it creates an unregulated and uncontrolled market, much like the financial sector.

You might think that by saying he'd like to kill the druggies some crime lord would be aiming for Newt, but the opposite is more likely the case. The last thing any organized criminal wants is legalization. The cartels are probably among the biggest campaign supporters for the far right. Does anyone really think the Group of 400 would allow any policy to end that gives them that much profit?

We are going to have to decide if we want to live in a world that tells us true facts and lets us have freedom, or is a prison for every person everywhere that is not of the 400's top officers. I believe we know where Newt stands on this.


Everyone here needs to register Republican and vote for Ron Paul (unless you have an open primary). This pumpkin head fascist shouldn't be allowed anywhere near the White House.

If the repubs nominate gingrich or romney

If they nominate gingrich or romney I will vote for obama again.  The social issues TRUMP the financial ones. I'd rather be free and broke than living by someone else's evil book of rules.

Tax Marijuana?

This is why I want to puke every time I see someone promoting marijuana as a great source of tax revenue. Why would any sane person want to enrich the same institution that came up with this lunacy in the first place? I'll make the same offer that Michael Corleone offered the corrupt senator in the Godfather. Nothing, I offer you nothing senator.

I am an adult. I am a threat to no one. I'm not willing to pay one red cent to these silk suited shakedown artists to do something I already have the right to do anyway. For 80 years, these cheap hustlers have pointed a gun at our heads and threatened our lives and our freedom. Now, if by some miracle, they suddenly and magnanimously lower their weapon and permit us to live like free people, IF we pay them tribute. Nothing senator, I offer nothing. Be grateful that we are not as arrogant and bloodthirsty as you, or your head would be on a pike.

Who asked him?

Honestly, if I want crap out of Newt, I'll squeeze his head.

That said, if you want to affect any kind of positive change on drug policy, here's a few suggestions:

1. Stop throwing end users in jail.

2. Decriminalize possession and use by individuals. It's not a crime. It's (perhaps) a health question.

3. Toss any banker who has laundered drug cartel money into the clink. Immediately.

4. Drug screen (regularly and randomly) every last member of the House and Senate.

5. Mind your own damn business.


Those are my quick and dirty suggestions. Feel free to add your own.

Government and their ensuant

Government and their ensuant armed forces have been protecting producers, distributors and dealers for far too long. Let the people who have been emburdened and or have lost a member of their family do what they want to producers, distributors and dealers, unto killing them if they see fit, with impunity. Low cost, a few bullets. Painless if done right. And sends a straightforward message. And why not? Dealers intimidate and threaten people every day claiming their "right" to fuck up people's lives for money. Most of them think it's funny. And when they go to prison who toils the fields for them to eat? Them? Their family members? Who supports the prison guards and their family members lifestyles? I believe any working person should have the right to kill them. Period. I live in Canada and I'll do my part to see it happen here even it means bringing back the death penalty. Human rights are for humans, not animals and a tree is known by it's fruit. Be nice if ALL the damage producers, distributors and dealers caused and still cause were made public so that that fruit be seen CLEARLY.

Ummmm Suicide.

Long story short, Newt should kill himself.

Freedom in America? Wake up!

Wake up people! How much "freedom" do you have when you're too frightened to go to certain parts of your own city due to sprawling drug related violence. I was raised as a child around drug addicts and dealers i know first hand the chaos and destruction they leave around them, pot smokers included. Heroin and meth addicts have screwed up their minds to the point of doing anything at any cost to those around them, steeling, even murder. Habitual drug users should be scene as a threat to national security. They are like a cancer, they need to be removed. Many liberals and those who are pro-drug use...typically lived sheltered lives and who have no concept of the realities of the devastation drug addicts have on our culture. These pro-drug idiots are typically from middle class families who "still" find drug use an extension of adolescent rebellion. They live their self involved lives without any regard to those actually affected. Tougher penalties are needed to restore our freedom, so kids can be kids and so that people can walk their neighborhoods in peace. I'm with Newt...death penalty to drug users.

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