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Mitt Romney Doesn't Know What Industrial Hemp Is

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This is…I mean, what can I even…oh whatever, just watch.

Um, it's what the Constitution was written on. But it's illegal now, and we're trying to get to the bottom of the situation. Our best guess presently is that there's been a big misunderstanding of some sort. The DEA seems to think hemp is drugs. It's not, though. Could you look into it for us?

*Thanks to our friends at Students for Sensible Drug Policy for hitting the ground in New Hampshire and making this happen.

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Tell him there is a factory

Tell him there is a factory on the Boston Harbor that stands empty and unused that was once a great industrial hemp facility that was shuttered!

I don't know all the details, but I saw it on an episode of This Old House or Ask This Old House, the new version with the red haired guy.  He walked through an old rope making facility and quite clearly said it was a hemp rope making factory.

So someone will have to do a bit of homework to find out how many it employed, when it was shut down, etc…

This can be phrased as a question too, "a factory on prime real estate on Boston harbor was shuttered due to short-sighted heavy-handed over-reaching government actions. Some of the equipment to operate it is still inside and doesn't need to be ordered from foreign lands. Would you support ending the prohibition of industrial hemp so it could reopen and employ X; and in fact the industrial hemp industry is a world wide $X dollar industry we are missing out on! Are you in favor of us staying in a competitive disadvantage or would you work, from day 1, to help farmers, construction workers, factory workers, business people, and investors to create industrial hemp jobs in America."

Mitt Romney Flunks Business 101

Ask Romney if he’s in favor of rope, canvas, strong fabrics, and the paper the Constitution is written on, and he’d probably answer ‘yes’.  ‘Hemp’ is missing from Romney’s vocabulary  the same way ‘legalization’ is missing from Obama’s.

It’s too bad that Romney—billing himself always as an über-business expert—failed to acknowledge hemp as a world commodity.  If he really didn’t know, and if he had any natural curiosity about things, he would have asked what industrialized hemp is; but he’s obviously content with his ignorance.  Bad news for someone wanting to be president.


Hemp movement Email blitz.

The Hemp movement has failed.


Should we start emailing PDFs, and text copies of Jack Herrer's the emperor wears no clothes to Romney's email?

Can someone get the Governor a kindle with a copy on it?

What gets me is that Massachusetts is a state well known for revolutionary war naval battles, and the former governor of Massachusetts Romney has never heard of Hemp.


This is absolutely insane.

This is absolutely insane. Hemp is probably the world's most useful plant, and the current "most electable, frontrunner" Mitt Romney doesn't even know what it is! Check out to learn why Ron Paul is the only candidate to stand up to this great resource, hemp.


Here's a video showing Ron Paul quotes on hemp:

Mormon Knock and Talks

It's shocking that a man who believes that God lives on a planet named Kolob is actually leading in some polls. President Mitt Romney's Mormon Knock And Talks coming to your neighborhood? What's next? A Scientologist presidential candidate with quiet knowledge about Xenu?

The Fix for the US Economy

 Just do a Google and YouTube search on industrial hemp, industrial hemp for ethanol, bio diesel from industrial hemp, industrial hemp products, etc. Then wonder why we are killing our farming, manufacturing,and not reducing our dependence on foreign oil. Answer,big oil companies, big pharma, and big chemical companies. Time to repeal the prohibition on industrial hemp and legalize pot all together. Wasted money on law enforcement and prison. Also a trade deal for industrial hemp can be made with Mexico so their citizens could remain in their country with their families and work there.

Last chance for Romney

Disappointed though we may be at the dismissive attitude, there is a possible Romney saving grace, hinted at by Denver (above): Mormonism.  

1.  Look at tobacckgo $igarette addiction statistics and you see that Mormons know something: Utah is near the bottom-- somewhere near 10% compared with a national average near 20%.

2.  This means that Utah-- and probably Mormons in general-- know how to keep their hard-earned $$ money out of the hands of $igarette corporate oligarchs, who

3.  then have that much less $$ profit money available to feed to anti-pot esp. Republican candidates (base constituency is 20 %-points more opposed to cannabis legalization than Dems) and to the corresponding super-PACks attacking whatever Democrat candidates dare run; and

4.  electing FEWER Republicans to Congress this November is key to retiring "Low Tar Brand" continuing "smoker" Johnny Boehner from the Speakership (2 gunsmokes from the White House, 2 tobacckgo lobbyists on his Advisory Council) and putting in someone like Pelosi who spoke out against the anti-dispensary crackdown.

In other words,campaign to punish any political party which supports the tobacckgo "industry" stranglegrip on US federal/military/prison etc. "policy" including cannabis illegality.

We don't know what after some more months of the most ferocious Presidential election campaign in 223 years Romney will be saying about cannabis, but if he follows church instead of govt. and cracks down on sin-carrot addiction, youth recruitment advertising and so forth, it will break the $$ power of Big 2WackGo to buy continued hemp prohibition.  (But I'm not so sure that will happen, so my preference remains Hold Nose, Vote Barry.)

Mitt Romney Learns About Hemp In Pennsylvania

I did my best to educate Mitt Romney. On June 16, 2012, I went to a campaign rally in Lebanon County, Pa and gave Romney a copy of my book, Hempstone Heritage, a book about the history of the hemp industry in Pennsylvania and its potential for the future and asked him to support industrial hemp. Now, he can never legitimately claim to not know what hemp is. Here is a video of me giving Governor Romney the book...

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