Drug War Chronicle #767 - January 17, 2013

1. Can the DEA Hide a Surveillance Camera on Your Land? [FEATURE]

Acting on a tip, DEA agents went on rural property without a warrant, set up surveillance cameras, and used the evidence obtained to get a search warrant and convict the property owners for growing marijuana. And a US district court judge said that was okay. Is it?

2. Chronicle Review Essay: Opium Dreams

Opium -- boon, bane, or both? We review three recent books on various aspects of the poppy and its derivatives.

3. StoptheDrugWar.org Internships: Legislative, Writing/Research, Web, IT, Admin/Finance, Communications

Apply for an internship at StoptheDrugWar.org and you could spend a semester fighting the good fight!

4. Bolivia Rejoins UN Drug Treaty, Sans Coca Ban

Bolivia has successfully rejoined the UN Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs with the reservation that the treaty's ban on coca leaf will not apply there.

5. Did You Know? "Ranking 20 Drugs and Alcohol Based on Overall Harm," on ProCon.org

MedicalMarijuana.ProCon.org, part of the ProCon.org family, is an in-depth web site presenting information and views from a variety of perspectives on the medical marijuana issue. The Chronicle is running a six-part series of info items from ProCon.org, of which this week's is the second.

6. Hawaii Poll Shows Majority Supports Marijuana Legalization

A new poll finds that Hawaii is well-positioned to undertake a marijuana legalization campaign.

7. Medical Marijuana Update

New state medical marijuana bills are starting to roll out as the legislative season gets underway, progress comes in Arizona, and San Diego's mayor steps up for medical marijuana.

8. Naloxone Anti-Overdose Bill Moving in New Jersey

The New Jersey legislature has taken a step toward passing a bill that would expand access to the anti-overdose drug naloxone. The bill now heads for a Senate floor vote, but awaits action in the House.

9. Utah Cops Interrupt Husband's Last Goodbyes to Grab Dead Woman's Pain Pills

Your elderly wife dies of cancer at home with you at her side, and before her body is even cold, the cops are there demanding her pain pills. What do you do? A Utah man is suing the police who did it and the city they work for.

10. British MPs Call for Drug Decriminalization

For the third time in recent months, a high profile report has called British drug laws a failure and recommended fundamental reforms.

11. First Drug War Death of the Year

Ten days into the new year, and we have our first drug war death of 2013. And another death that didn't make the list, but appears drug prohibition-related.

12. This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

Corrupt cops are headed to prison in Honolulu, Chicago, and Bridgeport, Connecticut, and one in Houston will be joining them soon.
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