Drug War Chronicle #650 - September 23, 2010

1. Alabama Patient Facing 10 Years for a Gram of Medical Marijuana [FEATURE]

Michael Lapihuska went back home to Alabama for a holiday visit in December. He's still there, caught in a nightmare because of his doctor-recommended medical marijuana. Heart of Dixie? More like Heart of Darkness.

2. New Jersey Patients Fume Over Medical Marijuana Law Delays [FEATURE]

New Jersey's medical marijuana bill was signed into law in January, but maneuvering by the Republican governor is holding up implementation, and patients and advocates are growing frustrated.

3. Drug Arrests Top 1.6 Million Last Year Despite Small Drop

Despite more than a decade of reformist pressures, the drug war juggernaut continues to roll along, as the FBI's most recent arrest numbers show.

4. Family Sues in Missouri Dog-Shooting SWAT Raid

The Columbia, Missouri, family traumatized by a dog-shooting SWAT team on a pot raid made famous via a viral video on the Internet has filed a federal civil lawsuit against the city and the cops involved.

5. California Marijuana Legalization Measure Has Nine-Point Lead in Latest Poll

There's good, but not great, news on the polling front for Prop 19. It has a nine-point lead, but the lead is shrinking and it's still under 50%.

6. Mexico Drug War Update

This year's death toll has surpassed 8,000, and a Ciudad Juarez newspaper asks the cartels to tell them what they can safely print.

7. This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

More law enforcement pervs this week, as well as your run of the mill greedy narcs. But prison and jail guards must have been on good behavior.

8. Rockefeller Repeal Leader Wins NY Democratic AG Nomination

A state senator with progressive drug policy stances has won the Democratic nomination for attorney general in New York.

9. Montana Meth Project Didn't Reduce Use, Study Finds

The Montana Meth Project's images of gaunt, scarred speed freaks have been widely credited with cutting meth use in the state. Not so fast, says some new research.

10. More Marijuana Law Reform Talk in Britain

As Britain's controvery over cannabis continues, a top police official and a key Liberal Democrat join the ranks of those seeking reform.

11. Cambodia Opens First Methadone Clinic

Cambodia has been criticized for its inhumane drug treatment centers, but is winning praise for opening its first methadone clinic.

12. This Week in History

Events and quotes of note from this week's drug policy events of years past.
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