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Drug War Chronicle #645 - August 19, 2010

1. Texas Now Prosecuting TWO Medical Marijuana Patients [FEATURE]

Two extreme cases from Texas demonstrate why legislation to protect medical marijuana patients there is badly needed.

2. Coroner Probing Marijuana Raid Killing of Unarmed Man [FEATURE]

Just over two months ago, a Las Vegas narc killed Trevon Cole in a drug raid in his own apartment. The official story grows smellier and smellier, and the cop has shot people controversially before. But observers are still predicting the police shooter will be cleared this week.

3. Atlanta Pays $4.9 Million for Kathryn Johnston Botched Drug Raid Killing

When you gun down an old lady on a bogus warrant, then plant pot at the scene to cover your misdeeds, you're a bad cop indeed. Now, Atlanta is paying for some of its bad cops.

4. This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

Hey, cops: Don't give crack to hookers' boyfriends, don't rip people off and traffic dope, don't seize dope without turning it in, and don't get wasted on meth you stole and crash your cruiser. If only this week's crew had followed those simple instructions.

5. Mexico Drug War Update

The death toll in Ciudad Juarez this year is over 1,800 so far, meaning 2010 is on pace to be another record year for murder there. And that's just Juarez.

6. Survey USA Poll Gives California Marijuana Initiative Ten Point Lead

The latest California poll shows Prop 19 with a ten point lead and 50%. If the proposition can keep its current supporters and win even a small fraction of the undecided, marijuana could be legal in California next year.

7. California Appeals Court in Split Decision on Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

A California appeals court Wednesday held that federal law did not preempt California laws allowing medical marijuana dispensaries, but did not decide the bottom line issue: Can cities or counties ban dispensaries?

8. Detroit Marijuana Legalization Backers Appeal Ballot Rejection

Will Detroiters be able to vote in November on legalizing marijuana? Petitioners gathered the required number of signatures to put the question onto the ballot, but an unexpected roadblock thrown up by a city commission has sent them to the courts.

9. Nevada Marijuana Initiative Probably Dead in the Water

A Nevada pot legalization initiative aimed at 2012 is in serious trouble after its main backer pulled its funding.

10. Swiss Pol Who Probed Secret CIA Prison System Says Legalize Drugs

A respected Swiss politician who rose to international prominence for unraveling Europe's role in the CIA's secret prison program is now calling for an end to global drug prohibition.

11. Top British Doctor and Lawyer Join Drug Decrim Chorus

The just-retired head of the Royal College of Physicians has joined a growing decriminalization chorus in Britain.

12. This Week in History

Events and quotes of note from this week's drug policy events of years past.
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