Nevada Marijuana Initiative Probably Dead in the Water

A Nevada marijuana legalization initiative aimed at the 2012 ballot is on life-support after its primary funder, the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP), pulled its financial backing from the effort, both MPP and David Schwartz, head of its state affiliate, Nevadans for Sensible Marijuana Laws, told the Chronicle this week.

Nevada clergy press conference supporting the
2006 Nevada marijuana legalization initiative
Under the proposed initiative, people 21 and over could possess up to an ounce of marijuana, as well as pot paraphernalia, but they could not grow their own. Instead, consumers would purchase it from one of 120 authorized retail outlets, who would in turn purchase their supplies from one of 50 authorized wholesale growers. The proposal includes a $50 an ounce excise tax at the wholesale level, and sales tax would apply on retail transactions.

"It's no secret that ballot initiatives are an expensive proposition," said MPP spokesman Mike Meno. "We've had to cut back in a few places, and Nevada is one of them."

"The initiative is definitely in jeopardy," said Schwartz, "It wasn't about whether we could win, but it came down to a lack of funding."

Legalization initiatives in 2002 and 2006 lost with 39% and 44% of the vote, respectively, and just two weeks ago, the current initiative was polled at 42%. Should the initiative find a way to move forward, proponents will have their work cut out trying to shift that percentage between now and November 2012.

MPP had backed the two previous legalization initiatives and signature-gathering campaigns with millions of dollars in support, largely to pay petitioners. Without paid signature-gatherers, proponents of the ongoing effort will have a very difficult time getting the 97,000 valid signatures they need to make the November 2012 ballot.

Nevadans for Sensible Marijuana Laws is closing up shop, but the fight will continue, said Schwartz. "I'm in the process of starting up a new organization, Sensible Nevada, and we will see where to go from here."

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I live in Navada and would be

I live in Navada and would be voteing yes on this. Please don't give up on this bill. The funding is there. Just have to find it.

Why don't you people go to

Why don't you people go to the fucking casinos and ask those big wigs for money?  Legalized pot could give Nevada a big boost in tourism.  They no longer have a monopoly on gambling casinos, as they are everywhere now.  They need something like legalized pot to draw more tourists.  If these casino owners and investors can't see this they deserve to go broke.  Go after the big fish in Nevada.  This is where the money is.




           I was working for MPP this summer when our funds were cut.  It sux cuz that's was our goal to execute signatures getting us on the map so that the people for the state of Nevada could vote on legalization rights for Marijauna cannabis sativa.  There are other means to appropriate funds in order to fight and get us on the ballot but Our time is nil and we might not get that chance to vote on the 2012 ballot which is rediculous.  Knowing full on the Nevada's economy is a disaster zone, we are the highest unemployed state in the valley and in the country right now.  Our council has to see that if and when we could recognize this sanction by getting these important signatures together so that it can and be voted on the 2012.  With out any of that working right now and we sit here dead in the water blogging on something that's looking like it won't happen we need these people to be on their toes in the streets in our neighborhoods at our libraries and dmv's collecting signatures so that we can vote on what's right and that being LEGALIZATION of Marijuana.



Move towards Decriminalization

Maybe you would have had better success if you had moved forward with a strict decriminalization model -- NOT TAX AND REGULATE.


It makes absolutely no sense to me why cannabis is still illegal in the world wide capitol of fun, sun and sin (to borrow a quote from a favorite radio announcer) that is the state of Nevada. Why should a relatively benign plant be illegal in a land where every other vice is enthusiastically endorsed? The only conclussion I can arrive at: it's an alien conspiracy. Come on Nevada, Legalize It!

Sounds like a good move to

Sounds like a good move to me... Putting numbers on licensing seems like something that would be ripe for back room deals. It certainly would not help the low income entrepreneurs like my self. The big dogs would most likely set up shop and stop any further corrections to the policy that would result in them having to actually compete with truly high minded people. The market need not be limited to a certain set of folks but rather the market need only be regulated through age limits, quality standards, zoning regulations, and be appropriately taxed. Is there a limit on how many breweries there can be, how about how many pharmaceutical producers there can be? Limits on the number of production and distribution licences will keep prices high and facilitate improper political configurations.

Too many cops are employed as

Too many cops are employed as a result of the "war on drugs". Too many corrections officers have jobs due to the inmates being locked up due to the "war on drugs". Too many politicians cow-tow to the aforementioned thugs because of the sheer quantity of votes they represent. When we elect people of conscience, this BS will end. Until then, we'll continue to keep up this charade while politicians like Harry Reid and the drug lords in Mexico continue to prosper from the "war on drugs". 

McD's picture


Well, if it doesn't have homegrow, then it's not such a bad thing that this initiative is on life support. It needs to be re-written before being rejuvenated.


HERE WE GO AGAIN. It sounds like a few people want to control the medicinal marijuana for the money, not for the benefit of the patient. Patients should be allowed to grow their own. The initiative needs to be re-written to include patient collectives and to allow patients to grow their own. PATIENTS NEED TO WAKE UP. THIS IS NOT A GOOD BILL.

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