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Drug War Chronicle #636 - June 11, 2010

Phillip S. Smith, Editor - David Borden, Executive Director

Editorial: DEA's "Project Deliverance" Will Undoubtedly Fail to Deliver

The DEA has announced another massive anti-drug operation, this one involving thousands of agents, hundreds of law enforcement agencies, thousands of arrestees, millions of dollars and tons of drugs. In law enforcement terms, it's big. But it's tiny compared with the scale of drug use and the drug trade in the US, and it won't reduce the use or availability of drugs in the US.

Feature: Medical Marijuana Madness in Montana

Fire bombs. Graffiti attacks. Anonymous anti-medical marijuana flyers handed out to school children. Whether medical marijuana has gone too far is a hot issue in Billings, Montana, and it's simmering all over Big Sky Country as "ganja-preneurs" push the envelope.

Law Enforcement: This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

It was judgment day for two crooked cops and a jail guard this week, and another jail guard just found out his judgment day is coming. Meanwhile, new corrupt cop cases showed up at a rate of one a day this week.

Drugged Driving: Michigan Supreme Overturns Itself on Marijuana Metabolites Issue

In 2006, the Michigan Supreme Court ruled that people could be prosecuted as drugged drivers based solely on the presence of marijuana metabolites in their bodily fluids. Now, a more liberal Supreme Court has overturned that decision, holding that marijuana metabolites are not controlled substances and the states drugged driving law can thus not be applied to them.

Appeal: 2010 is Important in Drug Policy -- And So Are You

2010 is a critical year in the effort to end prohibition and the war on drugs. The (DRCNet) "Changing Minds, Changing Laws, Changing Lives" campaign is asking for you to pitch in -- your support is more important now than it has ever been before!

Weekly: Blogging @ the Speakeasy

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