Drug War Chronicle #504 - October 5, 2007

1. Editorial: Yes, the Drug War Really is Still Failing, DEA and ONDCP

One small uptick in cocaine prices after decades of decline has the government bragging for weeks on end. A look at the big picture shows that it doesn't really mean anything.

2. Feature: Supreme Court Weighs Arguments on Limits of Judicial Discretion in Sentencing

The Supreme Court Tuesday heard oral arguments in a pair of cases that will further refine just what discretion federal judges have when it comes to sentencing outside the now advisory sentencing guidelines.

3. Drug War Chronicle Book Review: "Addiction-Proof Your Child: A Realistic Approach to Preventing Drug, Alcohol, and Other Dependencies," by Stanton Peele (2007, Seven Rivers Press, 258 pp., $14.95 PB)

Dr. Stanton Peele has written an excellent, level-headed handbook for parents, educators, and anyone else worried about teen drug use. Read it now!

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5. Weekly: Blogging @ the Speakeasy

John McCain is Sick of Being Asked About Medical Marijuana," "Obama Comes Out Against Mandatory Minimums," "Does Partnership for a Drug Free America Oppose Random Student Drug Testing?," "Record Marijuana Seizures Mean There's More Pot, Not Less," "Harvard Scientists Build Very Cool Bong," "Drug War to Figure Prominently in Sen. Webb's Incarceration Hearing Tomorrow -- Available by Webcast," "Video of Ron Paul Debate Comments Opposing Drug War," "The Drug War Costs Each Taxpayer $530 a Year."

6. Students: Intern at DRCNet and Help Stop the Drug War!

Apply for an internship at DRCNet for this fall (or spring), and you could spend the semester fighting the good fight!

7. Law Enforcement: This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

Scheming cops, greedy cops, rogue cops ripping off dealers, and, of course, yet another jail guard falls prey to temptation.

8. Marijuana: Pot Prohibition Costs $41 Billion a Year in Enforcement Costs, Lost Tax Revenues, Study Finds

Marijuana prohibition costs governments in the US more than $10 billion a year in law enforcement and more than $30 billion a year in lost revenues, a new study finds.

9. Marijuana: Hawaii Supreme Court Rejects Religious Use Defense

A religious challenge to Hawaii's marijuana law was rejected by the state Supreme Court late last month.

10. Latin America: US Plans to Supersize Mexico Drug War Aid -- $1.4 Billion Package in Works

With the Pentagon sticking $1.4 billion in anti-drug aid for Mexico into its 2008 budget, Washington is preparing to radically ramp up its involvement in the drug war south of the border.

11. Asia: Nine National Red Cross/Red Crescent Groups Endorse Humanitarian Drug Policies

The national Red Cross/Red Crescent organizations in nine Asian countries have joined a growing number of such groups that have signed onto a consensus statement calling for humanitarian drug policies.

12. Europe: Dutch Marijuana Trade Under Pressure

Holland's cannabis coffee shops have been operating openly for more than 30 years, but now it looks like the slow squeeze is on.

13. Canada: Vancouver Safe Injection Site Granted Six-Month Extension, Again

Vancouver's safe injection site has won another six-month reprieve from the Canadian government, but supporters are getting tired of jumping through hoops.

14. Europe: New Agency Created to Battle Booming Cocaine Trade

Faced with a booming trans-Atlantic cocaine trade aimed at insatiable European markets, some European countries have formed an organization to coordinate efforts to block it.

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16. Weekly: This Week in History

Events and quotes of note from this week's drug policy events of years past.

17. Job Listing: Executive Director, Access Works!

Access Works!, a non-profit organization that provides harm reduction services in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, is seeking a new executive director.

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