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Job Listing: Executive Director, Access Works!

Access Works! is a nonprofit organization providing harm reduction services including a syringe exchange. AW's mission is to improve the health and reduce the harm to people impacted by the use of drugs through support, intervention, education, and disease prevention. Access Works! provides services to individuals in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Metropolitan Area and is based in an inner city Minneapolis neighborhood. The organization is comprised of five staff plus volunteers. The executive director is responsible for the overall direction and leadership of the staff and agency, and for the planning and implementation of all programs.

Job responsibilities include supervising staff, writing grants, identifying and recommending new sources of funding, managing funding relationships, leading the development and implementation of a strategic plan, overseeing storefront programs and services, evaluating and recommending revisions to programs, coordinating and providing direction to the accountant on financial matters, and overseeing an annual organizational budget of approximately $300,000. In addition, the executive director is responsible for promoting and advocating harm reduction programming through participating in community planning boards; developing collaborations with other organizations; providing a visible community presence by networking, belonging to community planning groups and providing ongoing education regarding harm reduction principles to those who provide services to drug users; tracking and responding to legislative issues regarding drug use and paraphernalia, syringe access, HIV/AIDS, and Hepatitis; and maintaining relations with community police officers and responding to community concerns regarding the storefront.

A candidate must have a Bachelor's degree or equivalent, at least five years experience supervising staff and managing multi-source budgets, and experience in grant writing and sources of funding; be a strong communicator who is highly organized and well versed in Microsoft Office software; possess a harm reduction philosophy that includes a non-judgmental attitude, a comfort with and understanding of users, and a professional demeanor and leadership style that supports an open door policy, consistent rule setting, good client boundaries, and the ability to make the tough decisions; and own or be eligible for a valid Minnesota driver's license. No physical demands are required.

Please send resumes and inquires to: Access Works!, c/o Kathleen Starr, 2636 29th Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55406, or [email protected].

Permission to Reprint: This article is licensed under a modified Creative Commons Attribution license.
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