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Latin America: US Plans to Supersize Mexico Drug War Aid -- $1.4 Billion Package in Works

Move over, Plan Colombia -- here comes Plan Mexico. Tucked into the Pentagon's massive budget request is at least $1.4 billion in anti-drug aid for Mexico, the Dallas Morning News reported Tuesday. The aid package, which would be spread over two-years according to the report, represents a nearly twenty-fold increase over current anti-drug aid levels, which are estimated at about $40 million this year.
cash carefully stacked for camera following bust last March by DEA and Mexican authorities
US and Mexican officials speaking off the record told the Morning News the two countries have agreed on the aid package, which will reportedly include better training and high-tech tools to combat the drug trafficking organizations that are engaged in bloody wars among themselves and with the Mexican government, but will not involve US troops.

According to the latest reports, some 2,000 people have been killed in drug prohibition-related violence in Mexico this year, eclipsing last year's toll of 1,900. Mexican President Felipe Calderon has responded vigorously, deploying more than 20,000 Mexican army troops in drug producing states and cities plagued by cartel violence. That move has been harshly criticized by the government's own human rights office, but welcomed in Washington as a sign of strength and commitment.

Officials from both sides of the Rio Grande told the Morning News the power of the drug traffickers posed a threat to both countries. "We either win together or we lose together," said Attorney General Eduardo Medina Mora in interviews last month.

The legislative process is weeks from completion, and officials said there will be hearings on the proposed massive aid increase in coming days or weeks. It will undoubtedly be challenged on the Hill, both by those skeptical of investing money in "corrupt" Mexico and by those skeptical of massive foreign anti-drugs programs. Still, it could well pass, given broader congressional concern about the border.

Some skepticism is coming from unexpected quarters. Phil Jordan, former head of the DEA's Dallas office, told the newspaper the aid could end up as money being poured down a rat hole. "Until you reduce US demand for drugs and weed out the immense corruption among Mexico's law enforcement, pouring more US money into Mexico won't necessarily solve the problem," he said.

Mexican Attorney General Medina Mora agreed in part with Jordan, but also raised another issue. "The US government needs to do more in reducing the drug consumption, and it needs to do its part in the equation of stopping the flow of cash and weapons," he said. "The US law is too flexible, too permissive when it comes to gun possession, and unfortunately many of those guns, particularly high-power assault weapons, too often end up in the hands of ruthless drug cartels."

Look for a coming battle in Congress as the defense appropriation bill moves forward.

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Too True

Some of our own government officials are getting kick-backs and perks for turning their backs on the mess mexico is causing us also. They seem to have been learning from mexican officials and the people coming here to take over our country. How long before America is just like Iraq? The Iraqis said the corruption is plunging them into further chaos. Corruption in America is doing the same.

Who foots the bill?

That's really a stupid question,more US tax payer dollars ,because we're sooooo!!! rich, Mexico of course has no money....that they'd contribute! ,this is becomming a laugh riot ,so much that i'm almost in tears,the more I listen ,watch or read the news the worse I see this country becomming,someday I fear like in the1700's its going to resort to violance,..perhaps that is what we need,this is the UNITED POLICE STATE of AMERIKA,do you believe that right now on my background noise fox news they're in a heated discussion of why Obama is /or isn't wearing a freakin lapel pin,this of course will be followed by fox's usual warmongering talk! There is something seriously wrong w/this country!..I think I'll moveto mexico,so i can do some laughing,cheaper anyway!

1.4 Million to Mexican DEA Rapists?

1.4 Million to Mexican DEA Rapists?

I'm truly beginning to wonder what drugs are being used on Capitol Hill these days. The troweling for men in roadside bathrooms was at least humorous. But this is absurd. Just the other week allegations surfaced about how the Mexican DEA -- or whatever label they actually go by -- were implicated in mass rapings during their raids. I guess this would be called a "Raid and Rape" enforcement measure.

Listen to me. Mexico has been a Narcocracy for decades. Any money going for Mexican drug enforcement makes as much sense as paying the fox to watch the chicken coup. None!

The better idea is to Re-Legalize INTERNATIONALLY using the MERP model. We will all sleep a little better knowing we no longer have to fear some copy soliciting sex from your daughter after getting caught with a roach in the back seat of her car, after being stopped for having a deoderizer hanging from her mirror.

The MERP Project
The Marijuana Re-Legalization Policy (MRP) Project

Yep, it is happening right here in the US of A. And it is up to us to stop it. GET IT?

Yours in Freedom,

Bruce W. Cain

Plan Mexico

What a frigging ridiculous joke! Build the fence. Stop the trafficers from coming here (border control). Use the money here in the US to reduce drug use... Enforce our laws. Mexico can figureout their own economic issues without relying on extorting billions of dollars for a "war on drugs" and agressively exporting illegal immigrants to send money back.

The U.S. won't be "happier"

The U.S. won't be "happier" (not happy) until it pushes it's policies into the arse of each and every country that does not fall into line with it's thinking.

It's mutually assured

MutualLegalAgreementTreaties anyone? What the US wants the US gets, internationally.It will take every worthless piece of paper in that photo, times twenty, to continue the Mexican surge on drugs. Maybe they could build "the wall" with money bricks. Last time I saw that much $$$, was a photo from Baghdad. War IS war ,I guess. Got drug war? war crime/criminals .


a wall wouldnt help with the drugs. with the amount of coke / grass / whatever, coming into our country from the south, unless every mexican coming across had a bundle on their back... the real problem is the people that get 'elected'.

and posting anonymously is weak.

[email protected]

No wall

Calling the weak," weak" ,is weak. Sarcasm... strong. The wall will never be built. The drug war will end. Mr.Anonymous

drug war

i think if people want to do drugs then they should do it . i wouldn't let people get in there way so they couldn't do drugs

love allyson marie dean 15

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