Drug War Chronicle #469 - January 19, 2007

1. Feature: DEA Makes Major Move Against Los Angeles Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

The DEA was at it again Wednesday, raiding 11 medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles County, including five in West Hollywood. City council members there had only the night before introduced an ordinance to permanently regulate the dispensaries, and they aren't happy.

2. Feature: New Study Rips Canadian "Tough on Drugs" Policy, Funding

Even as Canada's Conservative government works on a tough, law enforcement-heavy new national drug strategy, a study released Monday says such approaches have failed.

3. In Memoriam: A Tribute to Aaron David Wilson, 1971-2006

An activist's short but noteworthy life sets an example for others to follow...

4. Law Enforcement: This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

It's been relatively quiet on the corrupt cop front this week, but we've still got a Newark police officer who made a bad choice of boyfriends, and the requisite pair of crooked jail guards.

5. Law Enforcement: Florida County Will Pay for Manhandling Men in Errant Drug Bust Caught on Videotape

A video camera captured the brutality of a pair of wrongful arrests in a case of mistaken identity in Pinellas County, Florida. Now the county gets to pay up.

6. Medical Marijuana: Bills Introduced in Michigan, South Carolina, Massachusetts, Vermont and Soon in New Mexico

Medical marijuana is currently legal in 10 states, but that number could nearly double with bills already introduced in a handful of states this year.

7. Medical Marijuana: Washington State Group Raided

Local drug enforcement agents raided the offices of CannaCare, an Everett, Washington, medical marijuana support and advocacy group this week, accusing of it providing marijuana to patients.

8. Marijuana: Decriminalization Bills Filed in Massachusetts, New Hampshire

No marijuana decriminalization bill has passed since the 1970s, but legislators in Massachusetts and New Hampshire are ready to try this year.

9. Treatment Not Jail: California Governor Proposes Cutting Proposition 36 Drug Treatment Funds

In his new state budget, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has under-funded for the popular and successful treatment-not-jail program Proposition 36. He's in for a fight.

10. Europe: Scottish Labor Politician Fights for Harm Reduction as Party Turns Hard-Line on Drugs

The Scottish drug debate heated up this week as a Labor Party MSP attacked her party for heading in the wrong direction, and more than 250 senior police, health officials, academics, and others interested in drug policy pondered the future.

11. Weekly: This Week in History

Events and quotes of note from this week's drug policy events of years past.

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