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Law Enforcement: This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

Submitted by Phillip Smith on (Issue #469)
Drug War Issues

A relatively slow week this week. We've got a Garden State cop whose choice of boyfriends wasn't too wise, and the requisite pair of crooked jail guards. Let's get to it:

In Newark, New Jersey, a former Newark police officer was sentenced to seven years in prison last Friday for selling cocaine and helping her drug-dealing boyfriend elude police. Brandy Johnson, 30, a five-year veteran who was fired after she was arrested in July 2004, admitted that she sold 11 grams of cocaine for $400 dollars for her boyfriend and lied to police about the boyfriend's whereabouts after she was arrested. The boyfriend was found hiding in her attic the following month. Johnson pleaded guilty to cocaine distribution and official misconduct last September.

In Hernando, Mississippi, a a DeSoto County jail guard was fired Sunday after a Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics investigation into drug sales at the jail. Guard John Thomas, 29, had worked the night shift at the jail since September. Local officials said the results of the investigation would be turned over to the DEA, and that Thomas would be arrested once he is indicted.

In Chicago, a Cook County jail guard was arrested January 8 after authorities saw him buying two kilograms of cocaine from an informant. The value of the coke was set at $25,000. Guard Frederick Burton had been under surveillance for several months before being arrested, according to the Cook County State's Attorney's Office. Burton is in jail with bail set at $750,000 and a trial date set for January 31.

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Anonymous (not verified)

Corrupt cop stories are the truest example of why the WoD is a failure and always will be. When the very people you pay to stop something are the ones allowing it to get through or selling it whats the point of even trying to stop it. Add to that if people can get drugs in JAIL, locked up in a cell with no freedom and can get drugs anyway. What amount of ego and over inflated sense of purpose must someone have to think they can stop it on any street corner USA, much less in private homes?

My best friends brother in law was warden of the local city jail. I always wondered how he could walk away from his desk at night knowing people were locked up in his jail for doing nothing more than he was about to do when he got home, smoke a joint! Only difference he never got caught and if he did he was a COP so do you think the charges would stick?

I just could not in good conscience do that myself. My friend said it was just his job but I am sorry thats bad karma and it will come back on him eventually.

Free or Drug Free - Amercia needs to choose already because trying aimlessly and repeatedly failing to be drug free makes us less Free people daily.

Fri, 01/19/2007 - 5:45pm Permalink
Anonymous (not verified)

In reply to by Anonymous (not verified)

I say any cop that enforces bad laws is a bad cop. Who do they protect and serve these days? Us or the big money interest? I smoke b/c I wanna get high, no medical reasons. I don't bother anyone else when I do it, and I for one am sick of being persecuted b/c of my personal choice in Marajuana instead of drinking etc. I'm tired of having to buy overpriced schwag that supports some mexican drug lord and a crooked American politician. If we grow our own then we are subject to worse punishment than if we are caught supporting organized crime. Love how they just keep the cycle spinning that way. I'm tired of my personal choices being decided by a few rich politicians, and enforced by power hungry cops. I think there is a huge part of America that is awake, all we lack now is to stand up and take this country back!!!!!!!

Thu, 01/25/2007 - 5:18pm Permalink
Anonymous (not verified)

In reply to by Anonymous (not verified)

You have it right. Now, if we can just keep on spreading the word, the brains will eventually compute this information and revolt against bad laws, bad enforcement, bad examples and complete and obvious lies.
The one positive small item of intelligence I gained from jail is that I am not alone in my choices. There are millions of us and while we are too slow in our actions, too quiet in our protests, but that is the nature of the beast. There will be a tax-payers' revolt against the waste of time and money; when it comes, we'll be glad we were part of it.
Spread the word, politely and steadily.

Sat, 03/17/2007 - 3:03am Permalink
Anonymous (not verified)

I am not dying from a terminal disease. I am perscribed medical marijuana for a nervous disorder, and for neck and back pain! I cannot function without my medicine. Therefore, I cannot keep a job, pay taxes, or spend my money in a local economy without safe and local access to pot. The raids are proof we are not free! and also proof that our government is out of control. WAKE UP EVERYBODY!!!

Fri, 01/19/2007 - 10:40pm Permalink

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