Breaking News:Dangerous Delays: What Washington State (Re)Teaches Us About Cash and Cannabis Store Robberies [REPORT]

Medical Marijuana: Washington State Group Raided

Washington state drug enforcement agents raided the headquarters of CannaCare, an Everett-based medical marijuana advocacy and support group Wednesday. Agents with the federally-funded West Sound Narcotics Enforcement Team seized what they said was more than a thousand marijuana plants, as well as computers containing medical records and other personal information on about 200 people authorized to use the herb under state law. No one has yet been arrested or charged with a crime.

It is the second raid in a week at addresses linked to CannaCare. Last week, agents raided the Renton home of John Worthington, an associate of CannaCare head Steve Sarich, a prominent Washington medical marijuana advocate who, according to the Seattle Times, provoked police by "aannouncing that CannaCare will provide pot plants to patients."

In the Renton raid, police seized six marijuana plants, and Worthington screamed foul. "They went after me because I'm an activist, and I've been terrorized out of growing," Worthington told the Post-Intelligencer. "I can't have my kids frisked like they're criminals. That was disgusting. I'm not Al Capone -- I'm a dad."

Sarich, too, remains unrepentant. "Since they don't like medical marijuana, this is an attack on the people that support it," Sarich told the Seattle paper while insisting he is no drug dealer. According to Sarich, only a few ounces of marijuana were found in the raid, and most of the seized plants were unrooted clones and starter plants. The slightly more than $1,000 cash police seized was to pay his utility bill, he claimed.

But the network of patients around CannaCare and local privacy watchdogs are concerned about patient records falling into the hands of police. "Who knows what they're doing with our information?" said Steve Newman, who has multiple sclerosis and has been using marijuana, obtained through CannaCare, for two years. "It makes me concerned -- really, really concerned. But we're pretty helpless. Nobody can say much about it," he told the Post-Intelligencer.

"CannaCare had a lot of records related to patients they were providing cuttings for," said Alison Chin Holcomb, director of the Washington ACLU's Marijuana Education Project. "We are not real comfortable with law enforcement having the ability to disseminate information from people's medical records," she told Drug War Chronicle.

The group may move to restrict police access to those records, Holcomb said. "We're investigating what legal grounds we might have for requesting that a judge issue a protective order, or maybe even an order sealing those records," she said. "We want to minimize patient exposure."

But if CannaCare and Sarich were providing marijuana to more than one patient, there could be a tough legal battle ahead of them, Holcomb said. "Under Washington law, a designated caregiver can provide for only one patient. If it turns out he is providing to large numbers of people, that could be a real problem for him."

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Looking for the easiest way to join the anti-drug war movement? You've found it!

The Self serving State and Civil War

Washington State is of the opinion that it has no allegiance to the demands of the People. The Democratic process is in danger of extinction as bills are proposed to do away with certain sections of the state constitution, the initiative process. No matter what we vote for it is either ignored or overturned by the courts, especially if there is money involved. We voted several times to limit car tabs to a flat $30, each time we have been slapped in the face by the State and certain Counties, the same for attempting to limit property taxes. And it's the same for medical marijuana, of course the root of that is the Feds but there are just too many in law enforcement in this state willing to comply with any request the Feds make; it's the 1930's Reefer Madness mentality so many in government and law enforcement are still infected with, along with the Anti-truth injections [a serum to block the truth from entering the brain matter] that they must be getting.
The State Constitution has been shredded, the US Constitution ignored, and it appears that We the People have no where to turn for relief. The State is self protecting and We the People are treated as surfs, things to be used, pockets to be picked, and worse.
Even though the US Constitution [Article 1 section 9] specifically prohibits taxing any article exported from any state, which is why you don't pay sales tax on mail-order or online purchases, and yet Washington State is conspiring with several other states to start collecting sales tax from all online purchases. That conspiracy is in direct violation of Federal Law, USC title 18 sec. 241 & 242.
But then we are not alone this is happening all across the country. We are being forced into a corner which may turn out to be a good thing if the powers that be persist for once cornered there is only one way out. And when eventually cornered anyone and everyone will seek to escape.
Either those in Government will wake up and begin to abide by their oath and learn to live within the limits of our Constitutions or we could face a civil war far worse than the last one. It's their choice because once cornered we have only one way out and out we will come.
The founding Fathers recognized and gave us protection to our right to use Marijuana, it's even printed right there in the Bible [Genesis 1:29-30] it is a direct gift, perhaps the only one in the whole book, thus it is our inalienable right to make use of that gift, we are endowed with it at birth, just like it says in the Declaration of Independence.
Perhaps we should all write to Olympia and ask for a copy of their excuse from the US Constitution, which by the way is the Supreme Law of the Land [Article 4 section 4], also recognized as such in Article 1 of the Washington State Constitution by the way, so I guess we need to ask for copies of both excuses in writing.
So stand up and demand your rights be recognized before we are forced into the corner.

Fight for Freedom... While Taking Liberties!

Eloquently put and unfortunately true... the government and it's stooges routinely engage in criminal activity... right before our eyes and under our noses...all with legal impunity... adding insult to injury!

I believe we need to introduce legislation requiring all lawmakers, state & federal, house & senate, to explain their voting decisions in writing as the U.S. Supreme Court must.

The 'Liarticians' (Political Liars) explanations/excuses must then be reviewed by the 'Facts or Fiction' committee to determine whether facts, history, reason, rational, and critical thinking was used in the decision making process or whether fear, revelation, dogma, circular arguements, general whoredom, and ignorance ruled the day... as usual?

Billy B. Blunt

DEA bullies patients...again!

Uzz Baldrin...

Is Washington state a mmj state? Yes.

Is arguably the largest HempFest in the world held in Seattle? Yes.

Does the city of Seattle have an ordinance that makes small amounts of mj the police depts lowest priority? Yes

Wasn't Norm Stamper a founding member of LEAP, and also a former Seattle Police Chief who now speaks out against this type of nonsense? Yes.

Why does the WA DEA and the Federal DEA put so much time and money into these raids? I don't know.

I do know this, the state of WA has some of the finest professional and civilian activists regarding mj reform in the nation, they won't stand for this and I know they'll fight back with every thing they've got.


I've posted this elsewhere, and I plan to post it to as many locations as I am able because the broader this message is spread the better. Everyone who recognizes what our governments (federal, state and even local) have become (tyrannical) and what our politicians have become (bought and sometimes buyer) needs to write something similar to the below to their "elected" "representatives" in government.

"END THE DRUG WAR NOW!!!! The police, the DEA, and the federal and state governments have become the major domestic enemies of We the People. At the beginning of each term of office you swore an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution from all enemies, domestic and foreign. In supporting the drug war (as in so MUCH else you have done since taking office) you have violated that oath every single legislative day you have held your elected office. Because of that you do not, any longer, deserve to hold that office. I will be looking into how to go about recalling you -- I'm quite sure violating your oath of office (even just once, let alone every legislative day of all your terms) qualifies as a legitimate reason for recall. I am, also, quite sure that other "constituents" of yours will agree with me, enough to be successful at getting you out of office."

The next step would be to find others in your district who feel the same way, and join together in attempting to legally recall those office-holders.

If nothing else, it would get their attention and make them realize that the People are done with their shenanigans and they'd better "straighten up and fly right"!

If it works on the WoD, it'll work in other areas like excessive taxation, rolling back the web of unconstitutional laws they've woven about us, returning our foreign policy to "peaceful commerce with all nations, entangling alliances with none", and restoring the federal government to its Constitutional limits, too.

What's a person to do?

We have rights, so they say. Yet they are ignored or over-ridin' by higher ups and money it seems.
I'm not the smartest person by any means but I'm a patient that relies on my medication. If I can even find it that is.
I take chances every month just to get half of the supply I need but it's all I can afford. I suffer through weeks of unbearable pain and spasms due to multiple sclersois.
I realize I'm not alone on this and there are many out there who suffer along with me daily.
I was put in contact with a group that might help me out, just before the police came and decided to raid them and shut them down. Is there anywhere or anyone that helps people like me out there anymore??
Not only do I put myself at risk every month but I put my friends at risk by asking them to get my supply for me. Everyone is in danger anymore it seems yet the law is supposedly in place.
Exactly who is this law for and who is it really working for at the moment? Certainly not myself or anyone else in my shoes.
Sorry to vent and it's understandable if I get no replies but I sure could use some help on who to contact if there's help anymore.

Thanks for the ear and the help, God help us all!


The Crime of the Century


I, too, have unbearable pain and muscle spasms due to a rare form of MS called HSMN. Marijuana helps enough to make it a valid resource. The reefer madness crowd would have me believe that oxycontin is a better choice, and that our pharmaceutical giants actually care about us. I am very angry that those who do not know the pain, would imprison us for attempting to bring our quality of life just a little closer to theirs, and I will never, never stop using it as a result of their intimidation. Our ancient medicine has been hijacked by wealthy drug companies. We have the constitutional right to consume anything we choose. My suffering, and yours, is something they simply don't want to acknowledge, and that is just plain MEAN.

I feel your pain.


Have your needs been met?
Sorry to hear about your pain, my tooth hurts if that makes you feel any better!
I would love to help!
Let me know any way I can.
Tell me more about yourself!


[email protected]

pot heads and druggies

First of all, pot isn't natural as it was even 80 yrs or so ago. it has more chems in it then it did. and if your gonna cry to have it legal, make it so for everyone like ciggarettes, which isn't good for you either.
A comment abt a person who has MS not wanting to take Oxycotin but rather pot, niether is any good.
It sounds like a bunch of drug addicts, and there is a person I know who gets it, and sure enough, they get the street stuff too because as long as they can have med. pot it opens the door for them to use it as an excuse to get more then they should have.
Plus this person sells theirs and shares it. You all KNOW you do this same thing! it should be illgeal. There are other medications that you can use but you all come up with excuses saying 'No this is the only thing that works!' You know very well that everytime you come down from the stuff you become violent and agressive. And oh, remember, you can't get any higher then you have when you first started. And you have to keep taking it to stay high and PAIN free.

Have'nt any of you learned to live and deal with some pain? Your gonna have to learn pretty soon because if your going to be costing the gov. and tax payers and are a burden society, you'll be DEPOSED.
Anyone who goes along with or wants or requests this drug, is obviously someone who has always gotten high and was excited when the Dr. said they could have it.
Instead of crying about this, you should be concerned for what is going on on this planet to us all. this is petty compared to what is about to happen.
Wake up!


anyone who says marijuana shouldnt be legal is an ignorant person. honestly i would really want to know what you would do if you had cancer? just live with the pain and have no quality of life at all? i dont think so. you would do your "medical heroin". honestly people need to wake up, i dont even use cannabis and i cannot believe how ignorant and mean a lot of people are to people who just want a life without pain and dont want to be addicted to opiates... i am christian and many of the christians i see preach one thing about compassion and love thy neighbor and if your neighbor is doing oxycontin than thats fine, but god forbid a person smoke a plant that harms nobody at all. IF WE LEGALIZE MARIJUANA THE DRUG DEALERS WHO ARE VIOLENT WILL HAVE TO REASON TO SELL MARIJUANA. MARIJUANA DOESNT MAKE YOU VIOLENT!!!! MONEY AND GREED MAKE PEOPLE VIOLENT. AND EVEN ALCOHOL.... I KNOW YOU DRINK SO STOP BEING AN IGNORANT PERSON AND WAKE UP.


ban the republican party from wa st

pot busts and legality

   It seems people have forgotten that our most sacred document in this nation is penned upon paper made from the very plant the government has been demonizing since 1937. Both our Declaration Of Independence and our Bill Of Rights is penned on this same paper. I am amazed that people take no pride in understanding our own history anymore. Our founding fathers all grew hemp and cannabis. I remember as a child reading in a history book in grade school that George Washington grew hundreds of hectares of the plant and had both seed and plant cataloged as well as properties of said plants. I did not understand what that all meant those years ago but I certainly do now.

  We have had an unholy war brought down on us since the 30's because some suits in Washington were about to lose their positions when prohibition ended. In fact the man responsible was against it before they convinced him to be for it (banning of cannabis) because it grew wildly everywhere, thus the plant is known as weed besides its proper name. The paper industry does not like it as you can make paper from it cheaper and with less chemicals. The tobacco industry would rather sell you some cigarettes than have you grow your own smoke. Bio fuel can be made from it that is far better and more per liter of ingredient than that made of corn. It cleans more gunk out of the air and produces more usable oxygen than just about any other plant known to man. It has medicinal qualities that big pharmacy hates, because they are a MULTI HUNDRED BILLION DOLLAR A YEAR racket and want to force their latest creation down our throats. Amazing that we are ok with the TV pushing drugs on us and our doctors becoming nothing more than paid pill pushers but don't you dare smoke that joint. Drink that bottle of whiskey (known as spirits for a good reason alcohol is) but don't you dare smoke that refer. Forget that canvas, clothing, rope, twine, burlap and even food products and lamp oils can be made from the plant besides bio diesel. Forget that the ropes on our military vessels were made from it all the way to the Korean conflict. Forget that our very Washington DC. government made farmers grow hemp on a percentage of their land along with their crops till the late 40's. And forget that people like Thomas Jefferson said that it was not only vital but necessary to the survival of America. Forget all that because Liberty isn't important now. No only security counts now.

Our founding fathers said in absolute certainty that those who trade liberty for security deserve neither. Maybe we should all read the words of our founders and think long and hard about that. Perhaps we should think long and hard about what freedom truly means, and ask ourselves if the thousands of men that died that day and held that flag high with their very lifeless bodies so it could not fall, if liberty and freedom for all means anything anymore.


Think about that before you spew off about pot is bad and evil and all your programmed nonsense.

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