Drug War Chronicle #462 - November 24, 2006

1. Editorial: Things That Happen Over and Over

People are getting killed in reckless drug raids, and all the president can do is pardon some turkeys.

2. Feature: Students Lobby and Learn in DC as SSDP Comes to Town

Students for Sensible Drug Policy held its annual conference in Washington, DC, last weekend. Here's our report.

3. Canada: BC Business-Academic Panel Tells Government to Consider Legalizing Drugs

A blue ribbon panel says to either legalize drugs or really crack down with the goal of wiping them out.

4. Racial Profiling: It Never Went Away on the New Jersey Turnpike

As New Jersey's governor ponders whether to continue a consent decree designed to eliminate racial profiling by State Police, the ACLU says the problem is worse than ever.

5. Drug Raids: Atlanta Police Kill Woman, 92, Who Shot Invading Officers

Three undercover police officers serving a no-knock drug seach warrant in Atlanta were hit by gunfire from the 92-year old homeowner before they shot and killed her.

6. Law Enforcement: This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

A couple of unusual ones this week -- a coke-dealing former fire chief in Connecticut and a Texas cop whose wife has a bad passport and some very shady connections.

7. Sentencing: Veteran Houston Judge Calls for Shorter Sentences for Drug Possession

Houston (Harris County) accounts for nearly 40% of all Texas prisoners serving state jail time for drug possession offenses. Now, a conservative Houston jurist says enough is enough.

8. Marijuana: San Francisco Supervisors Approve Lowest Law Enforcement Priority Policy

San Francisco became the latest in a growing list of cities taking the lead in reforming marijuana policies.

9. Europe: Italian Government Loosens Marijuana Possession Limits

An administrative measure last week doubled the amount of marijuana people can possess without facing criminal charges.

10. Europe: Give Addicts Prescription Heroin, Says British Police Commander

As Britain's top cops meet to discuss drug policy, one police commander is saying the government should provide prescription heroin to addicts.

11. Harm Reduction: Yet Another Study Finds Vancouver's Safe Injection Site Benefits Users Without Harming Community

Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper doesn't like safe injection sites, but as yet another study shows, science is not on his side.

12. Europe: British Drug Expert Calls for Downgrade on LSD, Ecstasy

The head of the British Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs has called for ecstasy and LSD to be reclassified as less serious drugs, but the government has signalled it isn't listening.

13. Video Offer: Waiting to Inhale

This important new documentary about the medical marijuana movement is DRCNet's latest membership premium.

14. Web Scan

Too many this week to list...

15. Weekly: This Week in History

Events and quotes of note from this week's drug policy events of years past.

16. Announcement: New Format for the Reformer's Calendar

Visit our new web site each day to see a running countdown to the events coming up the soonest, and more.
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