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While this feature has taken a brief hiatus, cops corrupted by the drug war have not. And they've been particularly busy lately, so without any further ado:

Third prize this week goes to a so-far unnamed chemist employed until last week by the Missouri Highway Patrol. According to the Springfield News-Leader, the chemist resigned May 10th after being accused of stealing methamphetamine from the samples he was supposed to be testing. Prosecutors told the newspaper "several hundred" drug cases are jeopardized because "his credibility is gonna be shot."

The chemist, a civilian employee of the patrol for six years, worked at the state's crime lab at Southwest Missouri State University in Springfield. Springfield Police, the Greene County Sheriff's Office, and Troop D of the Highway Patrol are undertaking criminal investigations, they told the News-Leader.

In second place is former Georgia police officer Brandon McDonald, sentenced Monday to six years in prison after pleading guilty to selling drugs. McDonald, who had worked for law enforcement agencies in Rockdale, Newton, Walton, Jasper, and Morgan counties, repeatedly sold methamphetamine to undercover officers working for the Atlanta-area East Metro Drug Enforcement Team in 2002.

McDonald had another former cop, Greg Rogers, as an accomplice in his off-duty drug dealing business. Rogers, who has pleaded not guilty and faces 76 years in prison, has been jailed since October, when both men were denied bond after Rogers reportedly threatened agents involved in arresting them, Atlanta TV-station WSB-TV reported.

no more glory days for
Sheriff Gerald Hege
But this week's winner is a former corrupt cop of the week, Sheriff Gerald Hege of Davidson County, North Carolina (https://stopthedrugwar.org/chronicle-old/303/geraldhege.shtml). Hege, a self-promoting drug war macho who made humiliating prisoners part of his schtick. Hege last graced these pages in September, when he was indicted by a federal grand jury on 15 felony counts, including embezzling money from the department's "drug buy" fund to be used on his reelection campaigns.

Better make that "ex-Sheriff Hege," because as part of a plea agreement announced Monday, Hege resigned as sheriff. But while he lost his status as a tough, drug-fighting lawman, he gained the new status of convicted felon. He pled to two counts of obstruction of justice. Unlike the prisoners who formerly languished under his stewardship of the Davidson County jail, Hege will not wear a striped uniform nor reside in a jail painted pink. Instead, the man who used to sell posters of himself in paramilitary get-up saying "Do the crime scumbag, and you'll do the time," got two suspended six-month sentences and will do three years on probation, the first three months on house arrest with an electronic monitor wrapped around his ankle.

The 15 counts Hege had faced included charges of racial profiling, brutality toward inmates at the jail, and attempting to intimidate officers he suspected of cooperating with investigations into his affairs, as well as stealing $6,200.

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