APPEAL: Help Us Respond to the Opportunities and the Challenges of This Time

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Dear reader,

[inline:borden12.jpg align=right caption="David Borden"]This is a good time and a challenging time in drug policy:

  • Changes in society affecting crime rates, have led to pushback against sentencing and police reform and drug decrim.
  • The opioid crisis and its tragic toll have led to more official support for harm reduction than ever before, but also to some regressive policies.
  • Marijuana efforts have momentum at the state level, but continue to stall federally amidst national politics and contention within the reform movement over issues like banking and rescheduling.
  • The necessary debate on regulating drugs to reduce overdoses and other harm has yet to take off for most drugs.

We are a steady voice on these and other issues. But we need your help to stay on the move at this important time. Can you make a generous donation for our work at this time? Visit, and click on the tax-deductible donation link or the non-deductible donation link, whichever kind you wish to make. Our donation form accepts credit card, PayPal, and bank ACH.

We especially need help with non-deductible donations to our 501(c)(4) nonprofit. Because our newsletter reports on political candidates, at most times we cover the substantial cost of our web site server and email list service fully with non-deductible funds. This is to protect our tax-deductible 501(c)(3) nonprofit, which can't afford to be implicated, rightly or wrongly, in candidate advocacy. Most of our current funding is of the tax-deductible kind, especially the larger grants and gifts.

(Speaking of our web site, check out our new design!)

Can you make a non-deductible donation to sustain our newsletter through the campaign season? Or a tax-deductible donation for our educational writing and our efforts to address serious human rights abuses in the drug war? Visit our Candidates topic page and our Rule of Law campaign page to see why these are important. Our web site supports both one-time donations and recurring ones, on cycles including monthly, quarterly, annually, and other options. 

Donations can also be sent by mail. For a non-deductible donation, make your check payable to Drug Reform Coordination Network, and send to P.O. Box 9853, Washington, DC 20016. Tax-deductible donation checks should be payable to DRCNet Foundation, same address.

Visit for information on other donation options like stock shares, or to read more about our work. Also visit and of law for more about what we're doing.

Thank you for your support!


David Borden
Washington, DC
"US and UN Drug Policy Reform"

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