Drug War Chronicle #629 - April 23, 2010

Phillip S. Smith, Editor - David Borden, Executive Director

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Feature: 4/20 Events Bring Out Tens of Thousands Nationwide

It wasn't just the scent of pot smoke that hung in the air over 4/20 events around the country this week, it was the sense of imminent change. And even drug reform leaders who had been leery of such Cannabis Nation celebrations are coming to grips with their grassroots.

Latin America: Mexico Drug War Update

The Mexico Drug War Update was on vacation last week, but now it's back. Weirdly enough, 420 people were killed in prohibition-related violence there in the past two weeks. Nothing to celebrate about that.

Public Opinion: Battle of the Marijuana Polls

Two national polls on marijuana legalization came out this week. One lowballs support levels at 33%, while the other is in line with other recent polls at 44%. In either case, we're not over the top yet, except maybe out West.

Weekly: Blogging @ the Speakeasy

"Marijuana Will be Legal Soon (And if You Don't Like it, Move to Canada)," "Blogger Forces Drug Czar's Office to Correct False Information," "Happy 4/20," "Will the Economic Argument Help Legalize Marijuana? Yes," "Three Reasons to Legalize Marijuana Now."
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