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Medical Marijuana: Wisconsin Bill Dies as Session Ends

Medical marijuana advocates in Wisconsin have been working for a decade to get a bill passed there, and now they will have to wait at least one more year. The legislative session ended Thursday without the Assembly taking a vote on a bill that had already passed the Senate.
Gary Storck leading IMMLY march, October 2009, Madison
Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Madison), one of the main sponsors of the bill, issued a statement saying the bill would not go to the Assembly floor. "It is disappointing to many of us, myself included, that the legislature did not pass medical marijuana this session," he said. "But as I have assured the patient advocates, our efforts enjoyed many successes this year and we came closer to our goal than ever before. This fight is far from over because this issue is far too vital for too many people."

Medical marijuana patient and advocate Gary Storck of Is My Medicine Legal Yet?, the group leading the fight for the bill, told the University of Wisconsin independent daily The Badger Herald that while he was disappointed, he and others would be working through the summer to get referenda on local ballots in support of the issue and may even target specific legislators for defeat. "There's a lot of people in the legislature who just don't get it," Storck said. "We've come to the conclusion that if you can't change the law, maybe you have to change the legislature."

Storck speculated that many solons have errant perceptions of marijuana's harmfulness. "They've been so brainwashed that marijuana is some kind of dangerous, illegal drug, that it's hard for them to think outside the box," Storck said. "Cannabis won't kill you; it won't cause permanent damage. It's definitely something that should be out there."

Look for Storck and IMMLY to be back at again next year, and busy in the meantime laying the groundwork.

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Wisconsin is notorious for its alcohol abuse problem

Nice job making cannabis users the scapegoats for your alcohol problem, Wisconsin. Sure love your liberty and justice for all, don't you?

I'm from Wisconsin and I

I'm from Wisconsin and I have to agree with this comment. This state has a serious Alcohol problem and yet we can't pass a law to legalize POT which would obviously help this situation. If you don't understand that do some research, it wont be hard. Marijuana is SAFE and using it does not harm anyone. Prohibition of it is the culprit that gives the plant a bad rep. is 2010 people. Or should I say Sheeple? USE YOUR HEADS!!!!!!!!!

I'm moving because the thought of waiting another year for this state to move forward into the future is too much to handle. That is if I don't get killed by a drunk driver first.

Wisconsin is a backwards police state.

I almost got hit by a drunk driver a week ago, coming back from the Veterans hospital. I had to drive 90 miles to get a refill of pain medication. I was lucky in two ways. Lucky i was a defensive driver and lucky the V.A. is actually providing me with pain meds that somewhat work. I went for 6 yr
with inadequate pain management. It took several charges against me to open the V.A.s eyes. They are now actually taking me seriously. A little late guys.

There was a time when Wisconsin was a leader. Now its a follower. Congress is afraid to address a simple topic such as medicinal use of cannabis. Marc Pocan and Jon Erpenbach were on the right track. Still, our state got nowhere this year. If the jacki rickert act was voted on and failed, i would be more accepting of this scenereo. The last 3 days of the session, they were squabbling about the payday loans problem. Although this is a legitimate bill, they didnt have to spend 3 days on it. There were several topics that they kept harping on. They seemed to be stalling so they wouldnt have to vote on AB554. Wisconsin is a beautiful state but its run by idiots. I also plan on moving to a more compassionate state.


they need to legalize marijuana. at least for medical purposes! this is ridiculous! people actually need it!

when i was 11 i got hit by a

when i was 11 i got hit by a truck and was nearly blind. i was only able to see 8 ft away and was devastated n depressed.... later at15 my uncle gave me w some weed and i felt happier than ever... best of all i now have 14 15 vision and its getting better with every puff....... LEGALIZE MEDICAL MARIJUANA!!!!!!!

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