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Fox News Poll: Prop 19 Marijuana Initiative in Dead Heat

Submitted by Phillip Smith on (Issue #654)
Drug War Issues

California's Proposition 19 tax and regulate marijuana legalization initiative is in a statistical dead heat, according to a Fox News Poll released Tuesday. The poll, taken last Friday, had the electorate split 47-46 against the measure, well within the poll's three-point margin of error.

Fox released no cross-tabs, so there are no breakdowns by race, age, gender, political party, ideology, or location.

The poll showed both Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown and Democratic US senate candidate Barbara Boxer pulling ahead of Republican challengers Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina. Other polls have shown strong support for Prop 19 among Democratic voters, even though Brown, Boxer, and most Democratic elected officials oppose the initiative. If a Brown/Boxer surge reflects improved prospects for Democratic turnout, that would be good news for Prop 19, which is favored 2-1 among Democratic voters but opposed by the same margin by Republicans.

Even with the Fox News Poll showing Prop 19 trailing by one and a Reuters/Ipsos poll two weeks ago showing it trailing by 10, the Talking Points Memo Polltracker average of all polls this year still shows Prop 19 leading by 46.8% to 44.5%. Of all the polls conducted since the beginning of September, only the Reuters/Ipsos poll showed it losing. All the other polls showed Prop 19 in the lead, although only one of them had it over 50%.

Get out the vote efforts will be critical between now and November 2, just two weeks from now. To get involved, visit  our latest action alert and follow the links. You don't need to be in California to volunteer for Prop 19; all you need is a phone.

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VOTE!  Whether Prop 19 passes or fails will depend on how many people actually get out and vote.  Go to and make some phone calls.  Whichever side can get out the vote will win... it's that simple.  Vote and get your friends and neighbors to vote as well.  It will take every vote possible to pass Prop 19.

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My whole life I've heard people say "their vote doesn't count" but the close polls could be decided by only a few hundred votes!  Imagine election night its too close to call, a recount ensues and it passes by one vote. it only takes one more vote to pass.  That one vote could be you, it could be all of us.

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gmk (not verified)

In reply to by Adam Eidinger (not verified)

Just remember back to the 2000 election.  It was a matter of a couple hundred votes that made the difference between whether we had Gore or Bush as president.   Every vote matters.  And when this is over, don't miss voting again.  These jerks are imposing some bad things on us.  Voting is the only gesture you can make that does make SOME difference. 

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Anon (not verified)

I find this hard to believe!  It seems all the stories I see in the news about marijuana that allows for reader comments are filled with participants all eager for legalization.  It is very common to see people from other states urging, "vote yes on Prop 19."  Sure a few greedy, know-it-all medical people are going against it.  And of course the hard core prohibitionists in law enforcement, industrial complex, lawyers, judges who will vote NO.

But from my observation it seems there is overwhelming support, as long as people are registered and vote.  And when you consider how unpopular Obama and the US government are today, many people might create their own change when they get to the ballot and vote YES just out of spite.  After all, everybody knows marijuana is harmless.  So my humble guess would be Prop 19 wins 57% based on what I see going on with the public with regard to marijuana legalization.

But something is wrong here.  S.  Morgan wonders why Obama has been relatively quiet about Prop 19?  Maybe Obama does not expect it to pass in the first place?  So there was no need to beat the anti-marijuana drum from his administration.  When you consider the Holder memo on Prop 19, and their intention to go against the will of the California voters, how sinister might these people go to prevent this thing from becoming an "issue."  If this thing passes it becomes big news, if it does not nothing happens.  And this Boca CA sheriff who plans to break the law and go against the will of CA voters as well?  How much do people trust the government today?

I would bet that Prop 19 is highly susceptible to voter fraud.  I bet that this thing is rigged already and we will see an outcome of Prop 19  losing  47%.  It will be a very close race to keep everybody happy.  But I seriously doubt the Obama administration wants to deal with legal cannabis.  The Republicans will point that Obama has lost even more control.  It is the Reuters/Ipsos poll that is preparing the mainstream for the outcome.  Their poll would be the most accurate when you consider that they are a mouthpiece for the government.

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FromRoofTop (not verified)

In reply to by Anon (not verified)

Ha! Marijuana harmless! What ignorance. Just the fact that smoking anything is detrimental to good health is all you really need to hear, but there are also numerous scientific studies revealing the added dangers to smoking dope. Unfortunately, there are a lot of dopes out there who purposely keep their heads in the sand in the interest of making getting high a little easier. What a pity.   

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Anon (not verified)

In reply to by FromRoofTop (not verified)

I swear if pot is not legal seen I am going to crusade to ban sugar and trans fats.  Obesity is a serious threat in this country and needs to addressed.  Also, with this new Obama health care I say that it should also be illegal to be fat.  I think that in the future, to save health costs and save people from themselves, we should lock up fat people until they are rehabilitated.

Also given the dangers of automobiles I plan to crusade to make any and all big engine/muscle/sports cars illegal as well.  Given the # of auto deaths each year anyone who drives or restores a Corvette for example should be locked away until they are rehabilitated toward cleaner and safer transportation.

Should I go on "ignorance?"  Or do you get my point?  Marijuana, compared to many other legal products and services, is relatively safe.  Happy A-hole?

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DGray (not verified)

In reply to by FromRoofTop (not verified)


Finally a person that thinks with common sense. You see, between you and I it is almost impossible to educate a high doped up mind. All people see is that they will be able to get high legally, but fail to see the negative impact that it will have on our society as if there is already not enough negative things going on. The United States is ranked somewhere about 25th on a list of Applied Technology and Education Standards in comparison with all the rest of the nations and countries of the world and all people can worry about is smoking weed for recreational purposes. You know we used to be number one on that list just eight years ago ROOF TOP!!! Why do you suppose we slipped down so low on that list so fast? My guess is because people got to wound up into smoking dope and not just weed either I'm talking all kinds of drugs. America forgot all about how important it is to feed the youth a balanced diet first, and educate them secondly, and last or third some type of excersise regimate. Now we got a whole lot of dope heads running around with a future generation thats Obese and Under Educated. So I guess that my question is how will legalizing weed help this at all? My belief is that it only add to an already sad situation. The even sadder thing is that no one wants to see America for what it's become and try to help out in any positive type of way. Don't people get it at all, that even so weed is not more harmful than alcohol that it's still poisonous to a humans system. PEOPLE FORGET ABOUT THE LEGAL TAX DOPE THING AND GO FIND A BETTER WAY TO MAKE MONEY.   

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mark_b74 (not verified)

In reply to by Anon (not verified)

Wow, another person who thinks the US used to be the best place to live!! Who cares about tech scales and how we rank with regards to education. Happiness and freedom should be the goal! If it makes me happy to sit around a couple of hours a week stoned, laughing, eating doritoes and dont hurt anyone else, whats the big deal!!! I dont do any of those as I am in the Military, Drugs are a social issue and should be treated as such, drugs are not criminal in and of themselves, legalise, educate and treat, don't imprisson the sickness of addiction!

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JkBiermann (not verified)

In reply to by DGray (not verified)

so Dgray anyone that doesn't share the same conservative ideas as you, liberals are all persons with a high "doped" mind??

perhaps you should do a little research on FACTS and not your thoughts and personal conclusions, that way you can post believable ideas and not CRAP.

by the way "DOPE" is a classical conservative word, why not use "reefer" while you're at it? moron

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123456 (not verified)

In reply to by FromRoofTop (not verified)

you want to see ignorance... you need to do nothing more than to take a look in the mirror. your petty argument that marijuana is harmful cause of smoke is more ignorant than you could ever imagine. have you ever heard of a VAPORIZER?  it makes it so you do not have to smoke the marijuana to get the desired outcome. you can also have marijuana baked into goods for its effects. next time dont be so ignorant when you make posts that everyone reads. you watch too much fox news.

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Anonymous23473 (not verified)

In reply to by FromRoofTop (not verified)

From - "The Drug Awareness Warning Network Annual Report, published by the US federal government contains a statistical compilation of all drug deaths which occur in the United States. According to this report, there has never been a death recorded from the use of marijuana by natural causes. "

Studies show that Marijuana stimulates the body's immune system, does nothing to the reproductive system, posses less of a hazzard than alcohol in relation to vehicle related accidents. When smoked, marijuana can cause throat cancer or lung cancer... the same as smoking a cigarette.  It contains the same carcinogens as cigarettes but usually is smoked in smaller amounts.

From -

"Studies of human populations of marijuana users have shown no evidence of brain damage. For example, two studies from 1977, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) showed no evidence of brain damage in heavy users of marijuana."

"That same year, the American Medical Association (AMA) officially came out in favor of decriminalizing marijuana. That's not the sort of thing you'd expect if the AMA thought marijuana damaged the brain."

"Scientists have conclude that the ratio of the amount of cannabinoids necessary to get a person intoxicated (i.e., stoned) relative to the amount necessary to kill them is 1 to 40,000. You would have to consume 40,000 times as much marijuana as you needed to get stoned.

In contrast, the ratio for alcohol varies between 1 to 4 and 1 to 10. It is easy to see how upwards of 5,000 people die from alcohol overdoses every year, and no one ever dies of marijuana overdoses."





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dontcry (not verified)

In reply to by FromRoofTop (not verified)

you're pathetic. Stop crying about what other people say or do. If you're so interested in the issue, get up, make a committee and gather a bunch of other closed minded individuals like you. Both you and I know how most of the world feels for marijuana, let's see what California can do to change it.

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JohnL (not verified)

In reply to by Anon (not verified)

With Democrats favoring legalization 2:1 and Republicans opposed 2:1, why would Obama want to get involved with Prop 19? Opposing it would alienate Democrats across the country, I certainly don't think he wants that.

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ET (not verified)

It's just to try to shift the voting one way or another. Polls truly don't count for much. They only ask around 200 people. So get out there and vote you lazy hippies!

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gmk (not verified)

Reuters has consistently, always shown Prop. 19 as losing in the polls, going back several months.  We all know that it has been ahead.  Fox News is, well, Fox News - the propaganda dispensing outlet for right wing schills. 

Has anybody else noticed that the opposition is deliberately generating bad headlines designed to discourage voters from voting for Prop. 19?   There was the story in LA where the sheriff claimed that a group of collectives were "making cocaine and meth" in the headlines, but when they gave a list of items seized, only cannabis related items were on the list.  Then they backed off of those claims completely.  But the headlines were printed and posted, and their false message got transmitted.

Keep your eyes open, people.  More "events" have been planned.   YES on 19!

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TechnoPagan (not verified)

I was shocked to see that a recent poll had Prop 19 in a near dead heat. This made no sense based on people I talk to and comments I see here and elsewhere.

Then I saw that the poll was conducted by Fox news! I feel a lot better. This means the real numbers are closer to 50-40.

Tue, 10/19/2010 - 11:02pm Permalink
M. Bowman (not verified)

SurveyUSA shows a decline in support as well.

A new poll is out from a news station in California:

This poll is "a new exclusive Eyewitness News SurveyUSA poll." We have prior numbers from SurveyUSA, though not with Pulse Opinion Research (FOX's chosen company, a spinoff of Rasmussen) nor have we with Ipsos.

Their prior poll from the third of October- 1 day before the Ipsos outlier was conducted- showed the 'yes' vote at 48 percent certain, and 'no' at 41 percent certain: a lead of 7 points.

Now Proposition 19 leads by 4 points, 48-44.

I earnestly hope all the best for the proposition, and even if its lead is down, at least it is heartening to know that probably all is not as bad as Pulse Opinion Research tells us. Still, it is now clear that Proposition 19 is facing a mounting challenge.

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AfraidinCt. (not verified)

From a humble man in Ct. I ask when you Vote on Nov 2 to remember us that are still in Prohibition, We who are with you now ask that you be Brave and Courageous in the face of adversity. We ask to you Lead us to Freedom of Oppression from our Government, Danger from Gangs, Compassion for Mexican citizens, and Deliverance from the Financial burden of the War on Drugs. Our Hopes and our Hearts go with you.


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DamianN (not verified)

In reply to by AfraidinCt. (not verified)

As a spectator in a state with a MMJ law that has languished in Nowhereland for 10 years, I thank all the Freedom Fighters in California. Onward Stoney Soldiers!

Wed, 10/20/2010 - 4:24am Permalink
stevie d (not verified)

hey doc, you have to be a complete idiot.. No one uses the word dope unless they have an ax to grind......cannabis does not, in any way, cause cancer.,nor fact science shows just the opposite....smoke damages your lungs....there are many ways to ingest cannabis besides smoking it....what a GIGANTIC are..people are not waiting to smoke on nov 2nd.....we already are....

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Time Warp (not verified)

Wake up people! This is going to happen across the country one by one.  You can hate and be wrong in the end just like our longest serving senator, Robert Byrd  was about racism. Or you can pick the correct viewpoint and make it a positive change.  It's ok to be wrong, just make sure you change your mind early.  In 50 years from now people will look back on the way narrow minded people and government resisted this change and wonder why they were so stupid.  It's Just like how I feel about all the people who hated on the African American civil rights movement in the 60's.  It's just how people will feel about gay rights in 50 years from now as well. There is nothing you can do about young people becoming 18 and old people going to the grave.  We are a smart generation that will not just, "go with our parents on this one."  There is no logical reason for this prohibition and in time it will pass.   I wonder how many people that vote no will have a cocktail when they get home?  I am 35 and live in Colorado.  It will pass here in 2012.  We can be the 1st state of 50 or the or 2nd, it's up to you CA.   

Wed, 10/20/2010 - 12:56pm Permalink
newageblues (not verified)

to everyone who uses it, some of the real issues are how harmful is it compared to killer alcohol, and how harmful is it compared to the various costs of trying to suppress its use, and whether you have the moral right to use alcohol and beat up on your fellow citizens for preferring SAFER cannabis. In case you're a Christian, Jesus HATED hypocrisy.

Actually there is a LOT to debate about over whether cannabis causes emphysema and cancer. Google Donald Tashkin and get back to me on that. And whatcha gonna do if you need chemotherapy and your doctor says cannabis is the best way to treat the nausea/lost of appetite that is making you waste away? 

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bareyb (not verified)


That "poll" is only one out of TEN and it's the only one that shows Prop 19 losing. It's obviously an outlier, and that is exactly how it's being seen by most of the reputable new agencies. Also, IPSOS largest customer is... wait for it... Big Pharma. Not exactly impartial.. Way to be "fair and unbiased". It's obvious the author of this article is pushing his own agenda and clearly is in favor on continuing the failed war on Marijuana. 
Prop 19 is going to win on November 2nd. People know the truth now and once the truth is out there it's hard to stop it. Marijuana is a far safer drug than Alcohol and adults should have a legal option to that poison. We are wasting tax dollars in the trillions, and our Police are putting their lives at risk enforcing a law most people never wanted. Prohibition is a racist lie put in place by corrupt Politicians and opportunists. Read the history of  Marijuana and you will be disgusted that we ever bought into the obvious propaganda. 
The Author needs to removee his head from the sand and wake up to the reality that millions of people already use Cannabis to relax and for medical purposes. Making if officially legal (let's face it, it's almost legal now) will not cause any more problems than Cannabis users cause now. Which is to say, almost none. 
Yes on Prop 19. 
Wed, 10/20/2010 - 3:24pm Permalink
MATTPROP19 (not verified)

To the person that said the thing about high school drop out rates and all that bull its going to be for people 21 and up so there not going to get any more access to it then they have right now. It will take a lot of power away from the drug cartels it will be regulated and taxed. It helps cancer patiences eat when they are unable and people with aids to eat makes them healthier. Its not going to make anyone more of a pot head then they are now. Its not like its going to be all of a sudden up in ur face people that smoke weed just hangout and do a lot more active things then a lot of people think it doesn't make you more dumb it can help you concentrate. This will make us more free by eliminating the goverment trying to control what we in our own times as long as ur not hurting other people like physically not just people mad about it. Open ur minds there's nothing wrong with canabis.
Wed, 10/20/2010 - 3:39pm Permalink
Ernst (not verified)

We have a ways to go.


What is very important is for all of us to be sure we have the right and the ability to breed Cannabis as private Citizens.


Prop 19 removed the Public from Breeding and proper Horticulture by limiting the area you can grow plants in.


 Be alert!  We could find in 25 years time only Government approved genetics in the Stores and that it is a crime to properly practice Horticulture like it will be under Prop 19.

Wed, 10/20/2010 - 8:07pm Permalink
Being7 (not verified)

Great! While I contribute my last penny to excessive health care insurance fees. Now the Feds are going to Witch-Hunt harmless legal citizens who have a small piece of a natural plant with healing properties dating back thousands of years with tax potentials for our economy. It was even grown by George Washington (fact). Yes, the General on your depreciating dollar bill!


Great idea Obama and Holder: let's make the murdering Mexican cartels even wealthier with our hard earned money that belongs in the US, instead sending it to Mexico, while prosecuting and criminalizing legal citizens in CA at the cost of taxpayers from all 50 states including military members, while it is "just fine" for college students to die from alcohol poisoning, water poisoning and prescription pills once in a while, even though there has never been a confirmed overdose death from marijuana in the history of the world. Aren't there more important issues to focus our manpower on, like violent criminals, rapists, child molesters, terrorists, possible smuggled WMD, hard drugs, gangs and such into our country? Wow! I will be voting yes on 19 and see what happens in a supposed "free country" with "rights" by a "democracy" that has "borders". Lets pursue our happiness and peace. It's our God given right.

Yes on 19.

Thu, 10/21/2010 - 2:55pm Permalink
bareyb (not verified)

Every Poll that shows Prop 19 losing has been a "Telephone Poll" with live operators. In Robo Polls where it is more anonymous the results have had Prop 19 winning by a small margin. So Polls can be manipulated like anything else. We are more likely to see support in the privacy of the Polling booth.  If Prop 19 passes, it will be because of grass roots support. 

I personally have no real dog in this fight, but I have already voted YES On Prop 19 and am asking my family and friends to do the same. I believe it should be taxed like Alcohol and my hope is that some people may switch from Booze to Cannabis. Cannabis is a far safer way to relax and I see no reason why folks shouldn't be allowed to have some in the privacy of their own home. I do not believe it will cause "mayhem on the roads" as nearly every single study has shown that it has little effect on driving as compared to Alcohol where someone can literally be "blind drunk".

I have read all the "warnings" from the establishment on this issue with an open mind, and have decided that most of it rings pretty hollow and most of it comes from special interest groups who profit from prohibition. I think it's time for a change and I believe that Prop 19 will solve many more ills than it would create. 

Thu, 10/21/2010 - 4:15pm Permalink
JkBiermann (not verified)

i wanna see the hateful conservative's faces when they pass the proposition... calling us lazy hippies and doped minded people??

perhaps you wouldn't have your macbook if steve jobs had not been high when he came up with apple

Thu, 10/21/2010 - 7:19pm Permalink
YO MAMMA (not verified)


Thu, 10/21/2010 - 11:55pm Permalink
Ukedude (not verified)

I am a conservative and a Californian and I am going to vote YES on prop 19.  The issue isn't about smoking pot, it's about personal liberty and government intrusion.  I can decide wether or not I want to smoke -- currently I am not a smoker of anything -- I don't want the government to make a decision for me that I can make for myself.  Everyday we have more and more state and federal laws that tell us how we are supposed live our lives, enough is enough.  I want prop 19 to pass then, hopefully, other states will pass similar laws, and we can put an end to an unjust prohibition on marijuana. 

Fri, 10/22/2010 - 1:50am Permalink
Anonymous55 (not verified)

I will be voting NO. There are two mainstream arguments for 19.  1) It isn't any worse than (fill in the blank) and 2) I don't want the gov't telling me what I can do. 

To the first argument, this argument is being made by those who are using Marijuana.  Consider the times when you have told someone they were too drunk to drive and you worried about the impact that their driving may have.  The reply you probably heard was "No... No... I'm OK".  Those who are impaired never see themselves that way - they argue they are "fine".  I have seen families, marriages and careers ruined by people who were "fine" - but to those of us who weren't "impaired" they were not in control. 

To the second argument, I would agree on the face of the face of it that I don't want the government telling me what to do either.  However, when the things that we do impact others, then it is the right of the community, represented by the government, to step in.

Vote No on 19.

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Joe Joe (not verified)

Hi all,


I'm a supporter in Ohio who is hoping that Prop 19 passes.  However, I have heard that it actually hinders growers that are currently supplying the dispensaries and that there are a lot of folks in the current psuedo industry who have qualms with Prop 19.  I'm trying to find information on the current CA laws regarding prescriptions, dispensaries, and suppliers along with info on the changes that will be made if Prop 19 passes.  If anyone has links I would appreciate it.



Tue, 10/26/2010 - 11:11pm Permalink
Rev. Unruh (not verified)

In reply to by Joe Joe (not verified)

I just read this story and thought it sounded like your topic,


As California Votes to Legalize, Pot Is Quickly Turning into Big Business


I have always found Americans for Safe Access to be a good source for legal information,


ASA: Legal Info


Suppliers is the gray part of the law, a lot of them end up as jail fodder for our for profit prison growth industry. (See linked historical story above.) I was shocked to hear a girl (18, 19?) fresh from New York tell me at a pot event that smoking pot in public was legal in California.


Sure, I thought, in the park in San Francisco. Go try that in MY neighborhood and see how much trouble you get into. She seemed quite clueless and I started wondering how much the big growers running the thing were in with the police to lure a constant stream of young fools to California to fill their for profit prison cells. They LOVE busting potheads, especially small time dealers like this girl. What would she be in for? 10, 20 years? 


That is a lot of guaranteed tax dollars to be spent on a for profit prison system. Not all of these people are as nice as they seem. 

Sat, 10/30/2010 - 7:40am Permalink
Rev. Unruh (not verified)

In reply to by Joe Joe (not verified)

NORML has good coverage of the issue on their website,


I recommend searching it out for gems like this,


Annual Marijuana Arrests in the US


Yes on Prop 19 has it's own website that looks completely awesome, don't miss the list of endorsements,



MPP is a must join organization if you are interested in ending marijuana prohibition nationally, they also have a terrific website,  is another excellent group you will be interested in. They website is endless so I expect you will find what you are looking for. 


I liked this video because it is a lawyer I know (and trust - how rare is that?!) explaining it. Like lots of people, I prefer to listen to him explain it to me, rather than just reading the same information,


YouTube - Chris Conrad on Prop


Good luck!

Sat, 10/30/2010 - 8:17am Permalink
miguelryno (not verified)

I'm just wondering why people on both sides of the issue would post comments that are woefully edited. It just makes you look ignorant. This is a form of publishing. Would you want to read a book that wasn't proofread? The last person standing will be the one who can be communicate with some degree of literacy. Please support the future of the English language.

Wed, 10/27/2010 - 7:05am Permalink

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