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Weekly: Blogging @ the Speakeasy

Submitted by David Borden on (Issue #533)

Along with our weekly in-depth Chronicle reporting, DRCNet has since late summer also been providing daily content in the way of blogging in the Stop the Drug War Speakeasy -- huge numbers of people have been reading it recently -- as well as Latest News links (upper right-hand corner of most web pages), event listings (lower right-hand corner) and other info. Check out DRCNet every day to stay on top of the drug reform game! Check out the Speakeasy main page at

prohibition-era beer raid, Washington, DC (Library of Congress)

Since last issue:

Scott Morgan offers: "Virginia v. Moore: Just Another Dumb Ruling, Not a Full-blown 4th Amendment Crisis," "The Heroin Addict President Can't Save Us From the Bombs of Xyzistan," "Drug Czar Creates Handy Guide For Teens on Where To Obtain Prescription Drugs," "Police Admit Humiliation After 4/20 Celebration at UC Santa Cruz," "4/20 Gets Bigger Every Year," "How Can We Debate Them if They Don't Even Know What Decriminalization Means?," "A Great 4th Amendment Ruling in Alaska."

Phil Smith writes from Mexico: "Mexico City: Goths and Rockeros and Jipis, Oh My!"

Intern Kalif Mathieu contributes "European Pressure: Turkey Must Fight Drug War, or Else" and intern Shane Trejo authors "Marijuana: Lead-Laced Pot Newest Prohibition-Related Disaster."

David Guard posts numerous press releases, action alerts and other organizational announcements in the In the Trenches blog.

Please join us in the Reader Blogs too.

Again, is the online place to stay in the loop for the fight to stop the war on drugs. Thanks for reading, and writing...

Permission to Reprint: This content is licensed under a modified Creative Commons Attribution license. Content of a purely educational nature in Drug War Chronicle appear courtesy of DRCNet Foundation, unless otherwise noted.


Anonymous (not verified)

this is a stupid war that the cops can't and will not ever win , the only reason it is still going on is cause they (the government) steal so much money from us harless pot smokers and they take great pride in distroying peoples lives over a harmless herb , it's called a "war on drugs" NOT herb , who is running this country anyway? hitler?? we the people need to take back our country from the boobs in the government if we all stand up together and say ENOUGH!!! we might have a chance. What are they going to do? throw us all in jaiul? there arn't enough jails in the country to do that

Sat, 04/26/2008 - 9:22am Permalink
Anonymous (not verified)

In reply to by Anonymous (not verified)

Yes, the purveyors of gods & gov'ts are truely delusional evil criminals & idiots.... they are your deadly enemy... wishing to kill or incarcerate you and me for daring to know more and speaking out!

Treating dogmatic people that wish to kill or incarcerate you like dogs is my rule of thumb... DO NOT tolerate the Intolerant & treat all COPS like Criminals on Patrol!

You state 'we the people need to take back our country... and stand up together'... I agree wholeheartedly!

That's why able bodied citizens are supposed to learn self-defense, join their local militia, and exercise their right of self-defense.

To protect yourself & loved ones from the army of criminal agents that the purveyors of gods & gov'ts employ inorder to make themselve more equal is your highest calling as a citizen.

Until these orwellian assholes, which have infected every aspect of society, are eradicated and put down like the infected rabid dogs they are, we are not safe in our own homes!

Go 'Green Panthers' and clean them out!

Fri, 05/02/2008 - 3:47pm Permalink

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