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Drug War Chronicle #800 - September 12, 2013

1. Senate Holds Hearing on State Marijuana Legalization [FEATURE]

The times they are a-changing, if Tuesdays Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on marijuana policy is any indication. Only one senator suffered from Reefer Madness; the others wanted to figure out how to make things work.

2. Legal Marijuana States Move Forward With Rules

Colorado is first out of the gate with final rules for legal marijuana commerce, with the first shops expected to open around New Year's Day, but Washington state isn't far behind.

3. Drug War Chronicle Needs Your Support

Now more than ever, needs your financial support to continue to provide this crucial informational tool that builds and empowers the movement. We have a special new offer for those donating $50 or more, which this post provides some updated information about.

4. California Sentencing Reform Bill to Go to Governor

A bill that would turn felony drug possession cases into "wobblers," meaning they could be charged as either felonies or misdemeanors, is one housekeeping vote away from heading to the governor's desk.

5. Private Plane Pilots Face Warrantless Drug Searches

Private plane pilots across the country are reporting that they are being subjected to warrantless drug searches by Customs and local police, even when they haven't left the country. And especially if they've been flying in marijuana-friendly states.

6. Louisianians Favor Marijuana Legalization, Poll Finds

Buds on the bayou? Louisiana voters support marijuana legalization, according to a new poll.

7. Sen. McCain: "Maybe We Should Legalize" Marijuana

Arizona US Senator John McCain said Thursday night he was open to legalizing marijuana. It is "the will of the people," he said.

8. Medical Marijuana Update

Comments in the Senate Judiciary Committee provided hope that medical marijuana's banking problems may be ending, California communities continue to tussle over the issue, and a New Jersey bill is signed into law. There's more, too.

9. Broad Coalition Seeks Capitol Hill Hearings on DEA

A clamor is growing for congressional hearings on the DEA. Recent revelations of the DEA's use of NSA and AT&T spy data provided the catalyst, but concern has been festering for years.

10. California Cops Gun Down Unarmed Meth Dealer

An unarmed alleged meth dealer was gunned down by undercover California cops in a restaurant parking lot after they said he threatened them. The dead man's family would like some answers. Good luck with that.

11. Texas Trooper Cleared in Chopper Drug War Killings

A Texas trooper who shot and killed two Guatemalan immigrants from a helicopter as he pursued what he thought was a drug load has been cleared of any criminal misdoing. But at least Texas authorities have had to revise their policy on the use of deadly force from the air.

12. Texas Man Shot and Killed in Drug Raid

The year's 28th drug war killing occurred Monday night during a drug raid in Harbor Hills, Texas.

13. This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

More jail guards in trouble, and a Georgia cop gets nailed for helping meth dealers.

14. Global Student Paper Competition Taking on Drug Policy -- First Submissions Due 10/30

An annual student competition is taking on drug policy this year. The first of two papers for students entering is due October 30th.

15. Internships: Legislative, Writing/Research, Web, IT, Admin/Finance, Communications

Interns are making an important difference fighting the good fight with us at
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